Fit for a King

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"Fit for a King"

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity

Today, #August29th marks the Birthday of our Hero, our Sweetheart, The Boy from Gary, Indiana who changed the world simply cause he believed in his hopes and dreams. Therefor, I dedicate this Blog to the ONE and ONLY King of POP or simply MICHAEL JACKSON. We love and still miss you, Michael.

"I You We"
I said you had to do it. You said you didn't want to. We talked about it and we agreed that maybe I could help. I said you were wrong. You insisted you were right. We held each other's hand and right and wrong disappeared. I began crying. You began crying too. We embraced and between us grew a flower of peace. How I love this mystery called We! Where does it come from, out of thin air? I thought about this mystery and I realized something: We must be Love's favorite child because until I reach out for you, We is not even there. It arrives on the wings of tenderness. It speaks through our silent understanding. 

When I laugh at myself, it smiles. When I forgive you, it dances in jubilation. So, We is not a choice anymore, not if you and I want to grow with one another. We unites us, increases our strength. It picks up our burden when you and I are ready to let it fall. The truth is that you and I would have given up long ago but We won't let us. It is too wise! "Look into your hearts" it says. "What do you see? Not You and I but only We". 

I'd like to dedicate this 'fitting' poem to the 'creator' of this heartfelt poem as it 'perfectly' sums up my 'feeling' for today since it's the day that we were 'graced' with this 'humble soul' about 58 years ago.
Yeash, I totally 'get' those feelings written above here as the mystery of We simply didn't want to let You go as there is no You and I between us, Michael but only We that holds on tight and gives us strength to stand today on this 'special day' !

I know, this day is one of 'mixed' feelings! Not of joy as we remember when and why we lost You too soon on that 'horrible' day but certainly one of being 'Blessed' to have known this person 'fit for a King' that changed million of lives across the globe and that is why we 'celebrate' the KING of POP's Birthday today! May he live long and prosper in our hearts! HIP HIP HOORAY! Long live the KING of POP, Michael Jackson!

If you'd like to wish Michael a 'virtual' Happy Birthday! Please pop into this thread on #MJJCommunity to leave your wishes on this Special day #Fit for a King called #MichaelJackson :

"What do you see? Not You and I but only We".
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