Always in our hearts

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"Always in our hearts"  - Written by Daz for MJJCommunity

#OnThisDay in #MJHIStory #YANA hit the N°1 spot both in the US and the UK. It also holds a Guinness World Record. This #MJJCBlog is dedicated to the wonderful song and the gorgeous video.

"Another day has gone... I'm still all alone ... How could this be... You're not here with me... You never said goodbye... Someone tell me why... Did you have to go... And leave my world so cold... "
This song is one of my favorites as it holds so much emotion and although it was written in 1995 by R. Kelly and produced by MJ and R.Kelly. It's one of those 'typical' MJ vibe songs. So 'true' to MJ's style as it never goes out of fashion or becomes 'old hat', you know.

It's one of those ballads that is not too 'syrupy' lol but still touches your heart and soul either through the melody - as its one of MJ's 'slowest' songs with only 60 beats per minute- or the 'poem like' lyrics you can singalong with when you need a 'cry out' for the loved one you miss.
To me, its like one of those 'anthem' songs like you have with 'earth song' or 'Man in the mirror' and so can be used for several 'life' occasions as weddings and funerals. Seriously though as it fits 'perfectly' in the service when we laid Grandma to rest. Everyone had gone quiet to the slow melody and the soothing voice of MJ 'whispering' through the Aula.

"Everyday I sit and ask myself... How did love slip away... Something whispers in my ear and says... That you are not alone... I am here with you...Though you're far away... I am here to stay... "
The music video was directed by Wayne Isham on July 12, 1995 and features MJ in 'different' locations. A temple, a desert and a theatre. The extended version that appears on "HIStory on Film, Volume II" is my favorite as it shows MJ with white Angelic wings and yeash lots of 'cake' is visible to the naked eye too lol. It surely was one of those 'daring' video shots way ahead of its time as we can only expect from the pioneer called MJ.The temple scenes, shot with his ten wife LMP, were a homage to Maxfield Parrish's 1922 painting "Daybreak". The theater scenes were filmed at the Pantages Theatre, in Los Angeles. See, that is what I love about MJ's videos. They are not just 'Music videos' but they always have that 'touch' more where you learn something about Art or HiStory. 

"Just the other night... I thought I heard you cry... Asking me to come... And hold you in my arms... I can hear your prayers... Your burdens I will bear... But first I need your hand... Then forever can begin... "
MJ first performed "YANA" at the Soul Train Music Awards in 1995 and then at the MTV VMA's 1995 (without the 2nd verse! ) The last performance occurred in 1999 during the two 'MJ & Friends' concerts in Seoul and Munich.

Although MORE notable are the LIVE performances of "YANA" on the HIStory world tour where one lucky girl- also known as the YANA girl- is allowed to dance and yeash even hug MJ on stage! What an awesome experience really!
Commercially, MJ's single "You Are Not Alone" holds a Guinness World Record as the first song in the 37-year history of the Billboard Hot 100 to debut at No#1 in the US. It was later also certified platinum by the RIAA and the song also hit #1 in the U.K. What a difference ONE song can make, hey! Well, an MJ song always makes HIStory!
"You are not alone... I am here with you... Though you're far away... I am here to stay... you are not alone... I am here with you... Though we're far apart... You're always in my heart... "

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