Change the world


"Change the world" 

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#OnThisDay in #MJHIStory
"We're on a mission
In the everlasting light that shines, a revelation
Of the truth in chapters of our minds"
Can you guess the #HIStoricEvent.

"... So long, bad times... We're gonna shake it up and break it up. We're sharing light brighter than the sun... Hello , good times... We're here to simulate, eliminate... An' congregate, illuminate... We are here to change the world... Gonna change the world, Hee... "
Yeah, #OnThisDay in 1986, "Captain EO" -- a 17 minute 3D Musical fantasy-- is premiered at Disneyland (California) where MJ plays the role of Captain Eo off to complete an important mission. The meaning of "EO" or 'EOS" is greek for 'Goddess of the dawn'. The name was inspired by Francis Coppola, the Director of the shortfilm.
"Captain EO" is regarded as one of the first "4D" films - 4D being the name given to a 3D film that incorporates 'in theater effects' such as lasers and smoke all synchronised. The Executive Producer was George Lucas and the choreography was in the 'skillfull feet' of Jeffrey Hornaday and Michael Jackson.

The plot was written by Lemorande (Lucas and Coppola) and inspired from a story idea by the artists of Walt Disney Imagineering. The Music score was written by James Horner featuring two songs in the spectacular shortfilm -- "We Are Here to Change the World" and "Another Part of Me"-- both written and performed by Michael Jackson.
"... We are here to change the world... Gonna change the world, Ooo... So do surrender... 'Cause the power's deep inside my soul... Sing it... "... We are here to change the world... Hee, Deep down in my body... Deep down in my soul, Baby... We are here to change the world... Hee, We're gonna change the world... "

Sadly, I have never seen it LIVE in 3D. I was way too young to travel all the way to the States but I did manage to see it on an video made by a friend and I love it to bits really and nowadays you simply can watch it on YouTube. It's a 'true' MJ style story that exactly bring forth MJ's message quite 'gold wrapped' into a Fantasy story of a ragtag crew on a spaceship. Captain EO's mission is simply to deliver a gift to "The Supreme Leader" beautifully played by Anjelica Huston.
Like every Disney animated shortfilm, it also carries a 'lesson in life' and a guide to 'change the world' if you're willing the accept the gift that you can't see but you have to simply feel. The gift of changing one's attitude to life and become one with the healing Music.

My favourite line is: "Captain, there is something weird out there." lol. My fave scenes are first when the Captain 'appears' and I tend to say 'Good morning Captain' too and then when Captain EO 'accepts' his fate given by the 'estranged' Supreme leader. "We do? " says Hooter. "Of course we do. He's our Captain" answers Idy and Odey.
Come to think of it, MJ - Captain EO- really does have 'the key' to unlock the 'hidden' you that is somehow 'trapped'. When you are 'touched' by his gift, the world does become a brighter and better place. We, of course, thank MJ for bringing that gift here to earth to unlock all those beautiful souls that now 'shine' because of MJ.

In research of this blog, I had to watch it and it's funny that I exactly remember every line that MJ says since it's been ages that I watched it but sigh, it got me sad at the end though when MJ leaves. I wish he would simply come back but maybe he's just out on another mission to heal the ones over there.
"We're takin' over... We have the truth... This is the mission... To see it through... Don't point your finger... Not dangerous... This is our planet... You're one of us... We're sendin' out... A major love... And this is our... Message to you... (Message to you) ... The planets are linin' up... We're bringin' brighter days... They're all in line... Waitin' for you... Can't you see? .... You're just another part of me... "

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