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"One hour of Bliss" - Written by Daz for MJJCommunity.

Inspired by the MJJCFam. #TopicOfToday is #OneHourOfBliss. Imagine that Michael Jackson agrees to do a concert where you can choose the setlist. The venue would be an 'intimate' theatre. The only 'strict' rule is that he will just 'perform' a maximum of 12 songs. How would your #OneHourOfBliss look like? Share your thoughts on #MJJCommunityForum.

This thread mentioned below, sparked a whole 'vision' that I would like to share here with you. This would be my #OneHourOfBliss. The venue is a theatre with the Best acoustics worth for our King. There would be an orchestra playing in the pit before the stage so that MJ would have all the space to dance and soar and 'backup' dancers will only appear according to the song to 'blend in'.
Okay now, I think of a hydraulic stage lol. I know, it's something 'designed' for 'nightclubs' but to me that would be the way for MJ to appear. Lots of smoke and then when the mist clears up, there is our "Angel of light" dressed in his Gold pants outfit of course. He would just stand still for a couple of minutes to 'soak' in the atmosphere and create a 'frenzy' among the fans and with a swipe of his head, the magic would start with a Medley of "Scream/TDCAU/ITC". What a blast opener, hey!

Then, the light will tone down and the rain would fall... Well, the sound anyway and the soothing beats of "Stranger in Moscow" will calm down the crowd and make MJ soar and make this stage his Bliss for the moment. "How does it feel, How does it feel, How does it feel, When you're alone and you're cold inside, Like stranger in Moscow... "
With MJ gone in a slow motion space walk, other dancers would appear and set the stage for "Smooth Criminal" while a white curtain would unveil on stage and a silhouette of MJ would appear. Meanwhile, it would give MJ some 'breathing time' to 'refuel' on fluid lol and get ready for the Iconic Song. The pulsating beats would fill the place and the curtain would drop but as a 'special effect' I would not have MJ appear but rather have him disappear and 'appear' again moments later dancing with a lady of streets with a red 'come and get me thighs' dress on lol.

Yeah, here I would allow the back up dancers cause they beautifully 'blend' into the whole 'nightclub' scene. It would just be like in "Moonwalker" but then of course LIVE. At the end of the song, the red lady would dance with MJ again and be 'dragged' off by her 'lover' lol so that MJ 'rolls' into the next song that would be "Speechless". Completely unplugged and heart stopping to say the least!
When MJ 'disappears' in smoke again, another act would take place. Two gangs in full streetwear will challenge each other in a fight till MJ breaks them up and the powerful beat of "Beat it" will emerge. In the end, he would even run away with them only to appear again in a different costume singing 'unplugged' "Human nature". So soulful and sweet!

In the middle of the song, a lady would appear and just linger around the curtains like she's unsure to 'have a go' on him or not! After he hits the last line of "Human Nature", MJ would however 'drag' her on stage and 'belt' the first line of "The way you make me feel" while she runs off and he chases her lol. I love that part, can you tell! Through the whole song she would 'play hard to get' and he would chase her till he just runs off stage to catch her.

Next up would be one of my fave songs that I would have loved to see LIVE. First the 'vignette' of "Thriller"! Yeah, a theatre should have a BIG screen where you can see this awesome feature and just like in "This is it" the HUGE spider would crawl on stage. Major creepy and then MJ would crawl out of it and do his 'rendition' of "Threatened". Mesmerising really even for a 'vision'.

Then of course, you would need to 'plan in' a slow soothing song after the horror, right. If you scare people, you should always reassure them with a beautiful song as in "You are not alone" MJ wearing his gold pants and his black lace shirt fluttering open so you can just see his 'cake', yummy! A 'YANA' girl would be chosen again and have her 'moment of Bliss' dancing with her Prince charming. Of course, Wayne.... Security... will be on hand to lead the fan 'off stage' again and back to her seat where she would sit there trembling and mesmerised by his touch and smell.

Though, she would not have much time to 'collect' herself as "Billie Jean" would erupt and put the theatre 'on fire' complete with 'extended' soar moment. This has to be part of the show as MJ really soars there till he would 'disappear' into smoke again. The stage would then be filled with kids and a huge rumbling tank. I know, it's theatre lol but whenever I think of "Earth song" I think of the scene with the tank rolling on stage that made such a huge impression on me. I loved the 'roar' of protest when the tank has MJ 'under fire' and it's one of those 'iconic' moments that I truly remember from the HIStory tour.

So when the mist clears up for the last time, a choir of 'blue angels' would appear and the perfect closer would be "Man in the mirror". Complete with the 'aouch falling down on his knees' scene lol. Yeah even when I'm typing this, this scene is flashing through my brain as MJ totally 'drained' Awww, just lays there on stage like he's falling asleep somehow. Two angels would help him to his feet while he sings the last line 'Make that change' and then the 'dream' would 'switch off' and a waving, drenched in sweat, MJ would be 'gobbled up' by the stage lol. Always a tough moment for me as I never knew when I was gonna see my 'angel' again.

So, I hope you enjoyed my 'ramble' vision of #OneHourOfBliss.

If you want to share your 'vision' or just your 'perfect' setlist? Then, pop in here: http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/threads/131108-MJ-accepts-your-offer-for-a-private-concert-What-s-your-setlist

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