Live each day


"Live each day"
Written By Daz for MJJCommunity

"Nation to nation, all the world must come together, Face the problems that we see, Then maybe somehow we can work it out. I asked my neighbor for a favor, she said, later. What has come of all the people, have we lost love of what it's about? " Guess what song these lyrics are from and celebrate this Epic Album released #OnThisDay #AnniversaryD25

"I have to find my peace cause no one seems to let me be. False prophets cry of doom, what are the possibilities? I told my brother there'll be problems, times and tears for fears, But we must live each day like it's the last. Go with it, go with it. "
Yeash, you guessed it right if the answer was "Jam" , the opening number of "Dangerous" that celebrates its 25th Anniversary #OnThisDay. The 'to the point ' lyrics even refer to Today's problems and 'state of the world' sadly enough. So, it's a #HiepHiepHoorayLOL #TopicOfToday is #AnniversaryD25.

The year 2016 slipped into the month November and dragged an Anniversary with it. Yeash, The album "Dangerous" is 25 this month, did you know? Released November 26th in 1991, "Dangerous" is the 8th studio album by MJ and produced by MJ- Teddy Riley- Bill Bottrell- Bruce Swedien. The Urban style album plunged us in the New sound of 'New Jack Swing'.

I honestly have to admit that my 'memories' of this album have become quite vague as yeash, I did live through Dangerous. I have felt the hype and huge impact that this album made on the world but 25 years feels like a lifetime away though I still remember 'flashes' of how golden this era was bathed in MJ's shine. Aside from the personal struggles in life, this album pulled me through it. I remember going to the store in the pouring rain just to have MJ's voice warm me up in these dark and gloomy days.

It was my first CD as the Compact Disc was 'on the rise' and proudly I popped it into our stereo system and there would be Bliss and Magic. A view into the World of MJ that he created for us to sustain the dark days of Autumn. I do clearly remember all the controverse of 'Black or White' and it being on N° 1 for months on end that I simply was 'bereaved' when it suddenly got bumped off the first place. Every Saturday, I would just watch 'Black or white' on my fave Music program and I loved 'the Panther Dance' indeed.

I didn't quite get what all the fuss was about as I simply viewed it as 'a form of art' and expressing the emotions that evoke from the Music. I just knew that MJ could 'pull off' such 'stunt' like this as he was Michael Jackson after all and it worked perfectly as PR for the New album. See, even after 25 years people still talk about it and give their own 'interpretations' on it and I'm sure that was MJ's aim 'to get people talking about it'.

I mean every song and every video was so keen so well thought out to last a lifetime and even beyond too. It's soothing to exactly remember all these events that I feel blessed to have lived through it really! Another song I really remember and still value today is 'Who is it'. Especially the 'IHS Mix' pulled me through some tough times and that is the beauty of Music really! It can heal you when all is lost somehow! I even cherish the video of 'Who is it' I always find it 'mysterious' and somehow 'heartbreaking' too of how people are treated when it comes to 'love'.

One funny anekdote was during "Remember the time" when MJ kissed his queen. I was so 'gobsmacked' about it as I was only quite young too then lol and my Mum kept pointing out the lovely pyramids in the back. Yeash, I searched for that picture and did find one with the 'infamous' pyramids in the background lol. When nowadays, I watch the video I still giggle as if she hadn't pointed out those buildings I would have never spotted them what MJ was doing was more 'thrilling' I would say!

I could go on and just jot down all the facts and statistics on "Dangerous" but I won't do that as I want this Blog to have a 'personal touch' of how I lived through it. I remember watching "Heal The world" during my lunch break when I was studying. It gave me the courage to pursue my 'nursing' dream and I quite liked watching "Jam" in our local Burger shop. Michael was so funny and goofy with Michael Jordan. He cheated like crazy in that game 'one on one' and the next minute he crawled on the floor to move 'his boats'. I mean watching TV was cool back then as MJ always popped up and made your day even better.

To end the trip down 'memory lane' lol the final thing I remember, is having the "Dangerous Remixes" on CD when the year 1992 hit us. It kept me sweet for awhile till the next album 'blew you away' again. "Dangerous" will always be part of the 'treasured' memories you obtain in life. #HappyBDayD25
So, let's ponder and celebrate the genius of "Dangerous", one that still makes a huge impact today on Music Lovers. Pop in through the link to share your memories and thoughts of this 'memorable' Album.

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