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I got a nasty bruise on my elbow. I slipped and fall off the icy sidewalk on my way to work, because it was freezing rain throughtout the other to early morning yesterday. It's gonna be a mild week so all the ice turned soft and becoming slush.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones that were affected by the attacks in London yesterday. #StayWithLondon We hope this #MJSmile will brighten your day somehow #BeSafe

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#InLovingMemory #22maart
"When all you can do is be strong and embrace the 2nd chance you got in life" #RememberMassacre #BrusselsAirport

I have got some exciting good news!!! Gosh!! It's so exciting!!! You need to know this! Everybody! Well, click onto this link and then you'll see!! Scroll down and up un til you come across Earnest Valentino who posted a video movie of him playing the part of MJ in this and a young woman who plays Lisa Marie! Just click it!;

Earnest Valentino | Facebook

Earnest Valentino is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Earnest Valentino and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and...

JhasM You should see this when you scroll down a bit: Here is the trailer for the MJ Biopic "Man in the Mirror" with Earnest Valentino. Sunday, March 26th, at 9pm on UK channel 5.
It will be shown in America, but the date and time has yet to be confirmed. And then scroll down a bit more then you'll see the Trailer of the video. Then scroll down a few more spaces, then you'll see a picture of Earnest Valentino MJ impersonator with a young woman who will play Lisa Marie. This is going to be so good! Can't wait to see it! I'll have my popcorn and soda ready and a tissue box right beside me. lol!!
7 days ago
Daryll478 Valentino is indeed a GOOD choice! I once saw him LIVE and he's 'scary real' too. ♥ 7 days ago
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Daryll478 shared a photo. 1 week ago

Time to put on that #MondayFace lol

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Daryll478 shared a photo. 1 week ago
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#MJHiStoryFacts March 19th 1988
#MichaelJackson buys #SycamoreRanch in the Santa Ynez Valley for a mere $28m. It will become world-famed as #Neverland with its 2,800-acre ranch/private amusement park in California.

JhasM added a video. 1 week ago

There is a part in this video where he's reading a story book out loud to his children. It's so cute.

Michael Jackson rare LIFE AND DEAD OF MJ...

Направио/ла сам овај видео у YouTube уређивачу видео снимака (

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#CuteNotes from #MichaelJackson ♥ Only On #MJJCommunity
Don't you just love his #GorgeousHandwriting So #GentlemanLike

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What to do on a Saturday? #HangAround with #OurMichael at #MJJCommunity

JhasM added a video. 2 weeks ago

I couldn't believe his father's actions on the red carpet, when the media asked about his son, Michael's death! I was appalled and wanted to reach into this video and bust him in his face! And some of it is so sad, have your tissues ready, and some of it was to say, oh my god! lol!! Yeah, it's like that! This is my first time seeing this documentary of MJ.

Michael Jackson Documentary, The Last Days of...

FULL LENGTH VIDEO: Documentary charting the days of Michael Jackson's final days. Interesting insight into the celebrity. Interesting insight with good foota...

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"Study the greats and become greater" #MJWisdom brought to you by #MJJCommunity