2016 Another Bad Year

I'll be very happy that 2016 will be over since it's another horrible year for me. I've already explained numerous times that I quit with hockey. After the season ended ready for the Free Agent Frenzy, I heard that Milan Lucic got out of Los Angeles Kings knowing a great chance for the Boston Bruins to sign him back which I wanted. On Canada Day which the free agency took place, the hockey gods defied me once again and for the last time as Looch signed to Edmonton Oilers instead of returning to Boston, which angered me severely and put me thru emotional trauma for 2 weeks, because of that I severed ties with the Bruins and quit being a fan of the team and Looch is no longer my favourite player anymore, that backstabbing traitor.

Other things have gone horribly wrong during year like the Fort McMurray Fire, Orlando Night Massacre, the police killing black people and the celebrity deaths which is like reliving 2009 all over again. Prince is gone , so as David Bowie, Chyna, Alan Young, Nancy Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Gene Wilder and Florence Henderson.

I originally thought 2016 would be better, but no it's just as horrible as last year of 2015.

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