A gift to my piano teacher [1]

It's been 3 years since I started taking classes on drawing. Those of you who already saw my posts on facebook may be wondering why I did this because it looks like it wasn't necessary at all, but I can't tell you how much I've improved after these 3 years. My only problem is that I don't draw every day... Shame on me... I should be doing daily sketches but Will Gompertz scratched my itch on modern art and now I feel like devoting some time to get away from what Paris Academy of Art deemed as "the only recognized form of art" and experiment with a more modern approach (though I still find Seurat's work very classical).

During these 3 years my piano teacher (who's also my friend on FB, so he knows what I've been up to lately) asked my a few times for one of my works because he wants to hang something on his walls. We have a goofy sense of humour so I though about the doge meme with some sentences that might also sound sarcastic, like "such notes", "much play", "dem hands", "so keyboard"...

Problem is: except for "such notes" and "much play" I'm not so sure about the others (or what should I put as text in a popart+manga mix drawing)

I'll be posting the WIP here because he knows I have a Pinterest account with my drawings and this should be a surprise. Ok, it might take a full year to finish and I have to hide it from him until his birthday but then... my standards...

1st decision: doggo will be somewhat realistic.
Sketch img:

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