A New Home

So, I recently completed one of the hardest and confusing tasks that I have ever faced. I moved into my own place. Out from my fathers and into my own apartment with my long-term girlfriend, Somalia.

This was hard, not only practically but also emotionally. My father is my best-friend and it was hard knowing that I was going to be without him. It took me a few days, with the incredible love, support, and patience of Somalia. After those few days I started to get settled. Yesterday, in fact, was the day, I think I started to feel good and happy again.

As soon as I finally felt comfortable in my new home, I was released from job due to COVID-19 cut backs. It seems that life will keep getting scarier and scarier as I get older! Though, I am focusing on the bright side of things. I may not have my job anymore, I may be panicking trying to find work in order to pay rent, bills and food, but I now have much more time on my hands. Time to create, time to make, write and record music, time to spend with Somalia, time for movies, time to write scripts and get projects done!

I am scared and excited for the future.

I am happy to update this blog with this momentous update as it will allow the record to show just how long this site has been in my life. I have grown up with this site and no matter where I am in the world, this site will always feel like and be, my home.


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