Best & Worst Moments Of 2017


NaruHina Wedding (Shippuden Finale)- Best moment since NaruHina was official 3 years prior and this year officially married which is the happiest moment as a NaruHina fan/shipper for 10+ years.

MJ Won/Robson Lost- After 4 hellish long years of lies and deceit from Wade Robson with his sex abuse case against Michael Jackson, the judge recently dismissed the case. Dead. Early Christmas present to us fans.

Anime Mania once again- So many new Anime and some classic ones I got to see were awesome. New ones like Boruto, KonoSuba, My Hero Academia, Love Tyrant were just too great and so funny. Even classics like the Saber Marionette J series and Grisaia series were really good. Despite how very sad Grisaia turned out.

Canada 150- Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday was a great event and I was able to celebrate the country respectfully with pride wearing my Brad Marchand Canada hockey jersey and Hockey Canada hat.


Manchester Attack- The terroistic bombing attack took place after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killing 22 attendants and over 100 others injured by the hands of Salman Ramadan Abedi. Ariana Grande returns to Manchester to host One Love Manchester benefit concert in early June 4 more than a week after the horrific event of the attack.

FCC kills Net Neutrality- The FCC killed the internet after a 3-2 vote of repealing Net Neutrality in favour of Ajit Pai responsible for ruining and killing the internet leaving the majority of Americans angry against Pai and the FCC in support of Net Neutrality. Canada is about to be next. I don’t want that to happen, because I’ll go on a full scale riot.

Anxiety Autumn- I went thru a couple of anxiety attacks thinking my mom is gonna help me clean my house, which I don’t want and I don’t trust her for it. My independence was threatened in the process, I rather do it myself than having help. Though that never happened I was relieved, my independent peace and privacy was safe.

Hollywood Sex Scandals- Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer and more possibly to come were under scrutiny over sex abuse, sexual harassment and such. Meanwhile, Corey Feldman is on a mission to expose more Hollywood scandals involving young kids being abused the same way he and his friend late Corey Haim have been thru in their young years and even exposed their abuser John Grissom. 2017 was a pretty whack year because of the scandals going on in Hollywood.

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