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Dear members of MJJCommunity. I'll like to address and comment on the recent official statement I just read regarding the fiddle of "Peter Midani" aka Bobby Anderson. It wasn't to my astonishment he'd be caught with his tail under his legs. I have been quiet and reserved for some time...
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I've been surfing around and around on the internet at various websites outside the Michaelmania and I've come to realize there are few websites out there that attracts my appetite, I mean everytime I log onto MJJC it brings me back home, home to a place where love is over the top, more than the...
I've been thinking and thinking about this, but I decided to be 100% clean with you. (Before you're able to read or comment on this entry I'll observe every comment and person that like to read it). But I just go ahead... I will try to be as informative as possible about this matter and...

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