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If you would like to do just something... ----------------------------------------------------- Together with BeGodsGlow from the Major Love Prayer we figured we needed to do something. The goal is to support at least one relief effort- and I settled on "Doctors Without Borders/Médecins...
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January 25th is coming up- a rather interesting date this year. It's not only the date for court appearances- no, it's also a date at which the next Major Love Prayer takes places. I'm one of many, many participants worldwide. I cherish this mass meditation and/or prayer as a cherished...
Sometimes you just feel like life is a story. Or you suddenly find yourself being in a story that you want to retell. "Hold My Hand" is such a story. What are the odds of the first single of a posthumous album to carry such a message? And what are the odds that is would be fans who would be...
Somehow my heart hurts. I even cried tears feeling the disrespect with which Michael's fans treat another. I'm that melodramatic. "And with your pen you torture men, you'd crucify the Lord." Yes, indeed. Because we are all too willing to crucify one another with never ending loads that are...

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