Brad Marchand Haters similar to MJ Haters

Michael Jackson hater and Brad Marchand haters are very much alike, but mainly similar.

MJ haters have been hating him for many years still believing all the child m********** allegations which are NOT true and they still believe in all that poison full of crap lies which really angers me so much like everyone else here. Brad Marchand haters however started hating for I don't about the time after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011 which by known as "Little Ball Of Hate", but they took it very seriously and I began to suspect their serious hatred towards him right around the time I quit watching and supporting hockey in 2015.

In 2005 the haters were salivating to him in prison for their satisfaction as well as the media which didn't happen because he's found INNOCENT! "HA! TAKE THAT IDIOTS!" Yet after proven innocent, the lies and the hatred still continues which they're still stupid for. They wanted more than see him in prison, they wanted him dead. Well in June 25th, 2009 which is the worst day of our lives he was gone, the haters were satisfied and it wasn't enough, they wanted more to spread hatred and to make us more miserable, well we were miserable alright, but we refuse to go down without a FIGHT. We are stronger than these moronic haters out there, if they don't get the truth straight into their heads well then they're stupid forever. We know the truth and the lies full of poison will never effect on us.

As for the other haters on Marchand's case, they were satisfied to see him injured on ice or getting a suspension for which I know he doesn't deserve. Recently I found a comment on YouTube stating that Marchand's family should be ashamed and wish his son would never exist. Well his statement made me so angry well I wish he and all the other Marchand haters never exist and same goes to MJ hater too. These idiots are just a bunch of morons on this planet and I always say Marchad haters are just as worse as MJ haters and I believe that I was right.

Well here's to that I hate them 100x more than they hate them (MJ & Marchand)

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