Democracy vs. Ideology

It's been 8 days since brazilian truck drivers went on strike.

90% of gas stations in town have run out of fuel.

People who became Uber drivers because the unemployment rate is 13% can't earn money.

Supermarkets are running out of food.

Hospitals are running out of food, medicine and stuff like oxygen. And some of them are full. Surgeries have been canceled.

Public transportation and waste collection are still operating. Until the companies run out of fuel.

Seems like previous news on Venezuela. And all I see is some bike activists boasting how smart they are because they don't depend on fossil fuels. Or do they?
Do they do photosynthesis? Probably not. So they need food, which is running low.
Where will they go if an accident happens? To the hospital. There's a medicine shortage.
What they will probably think if his colleague gets some days off because his car hasn't enough fuel? Injustice. Probably the biker would say something like "why do I need to come? There will be nobody here". Deep inside he wants to get rid of this obbligation even if not facing the same problems regarding commuting.

One biker, a collegue of mine, was making fun of all the people who were sleeping in lines at gas stations saying that they're dumb because they don't think about using a bicycle. That's how you get from activism to pure lack of empathy.

What about Uber drivers who aren't able to work and pay for the scarce food (the price has risen) or their kid's school?

What about private teachers, sellers, metalworkers and other people who need a car to work?

I told him that riding a bike doesn't make him special. And apparently he has been working his quads much more than his brains. Making fun of other people trapped in this situation and telling them they should use a bike without any knowledge of their daily routine or needs is where his bike activism becomes a stupid ideology and shows a great deal of lack of empathy.

He should be speaking against gov decisions from the 50s.
In the 50s we had a president that came up with a gov program that had "50 years in 5" as its motto. Why? Because he had to secure his position. What was the main transportation model? Trucks. So they've concentrated the efforts not in a mix between railways + roads but only roads. And the auto industry too.
Foreign companies were allowed to send their profits to their country instead of "giving back some to the community".
Some say the transport industry received 29% of all the money, while education got 4%.
Brazilian debt began to grow since then.
There was no concern about social equality.
The industrialization process was concentrated only on Central-South part of the country.

Worse: some people who are "pro truck drivers" want a military government as a solution. It will be 1964 all over again. Especially if one of our presidential candidates win (he's from the Army, says that you should beat up your son in order to keep him from becoming a homossexual, said in a jewish conference that the Holocaust didn't exist, was condemned because he said to a congresswoman she didn't deserve to be raped and, mind you, was thrown out of the Army because he sketched a plan to plant bombs in some quarters in 1986)

How to keep sanity when talking about democracy in Facebook? :no:

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