I Discovered My Old MP3 Player

Ten years ago, I got an mp3 player as a birthday present. For the next four years, it would become my companion on my everyday way to school and back or for longer trips. It was definitely more convenient that disc player, cassette player or even gramophone (God, I'm so old!).

At some point in 2010, I would stop carrying the player with me. I can't tell the exact reason; I suppose I just had enough music and decided to do something else on my journeys, like reading.

Nevertheless, when i visited my parents recently, I found the player in one of my drawers. I turned it on - I was curious about my musical preferences six years ago.

Here we go:
Mary Jane Blige - I love her old stuff although Therapy is amazing, too.
Michael Jackson - Sort of obvious, but I was surprised to find there were only DSTYGE, Billie Jean, Black or White, RTT, Break of Dawn, Butterflies, Satisfy You and Whatever Happens tracks. I actually used to have a couple of more, but I had to delete them as I wanted to add new tracks by other artists. Oops!
Janet Jackson - Same like with Michael. There were only Control, Rythm Nation 1814, The Velvet Rope, All for You (I don't really like this one now) and Damita Jo (including bonus tracks, yay). Why not 20 YO and Discipline? Well, honestly, she has made greater albums, including Unbreakable. The Velvet Rope tracks were disproportionately represented and I suppose it reflected my mood at that time.
Missy Elliott - Just Old School Joint.
Lil' Kim - Only Came Back for You. I used to listen to her a lot, but then I got wiser.
TLC - I have almost forgotten about this jewel. Lisa Lopes gone too soon.
Vanessa Mae - Only one track, with Janet.
Grand Puba - Only one track, with Mary J Blige.
Erykah Badu - The whole New Amerykah album. This album still impresses me.
Ofra Haza - A deceased Israeli singer. Only Shaday album. I was surprised how much I listened to this even though part of the lyrics were in Hebrew, a language I don't understand.
Aaliyah - Gone too soon. I still love her though.
Jean Grae - Jean Greasy entered my life in 2010 and hasn't left since. Although I listen to her newer material these days, it was still very pleasant to turn on those old songs that I put into my player.
Method Man - Bring the Pain, Missy Elliott version. I only learnt about Method Man's original song last year!
Amy Winehouse - Another great artist that left us too soon. I haven't listened to her since the summer as I had a mental breakdown and have been afraid of triggers. I'm alright now, thankfully.
Mya - OK, I have to admit I'm not her fan although I own some of her albums. Some songs are incredibly cool, but just for relaxation, nothing taxing. I prefer deeper topics.
an interview with my mother - Well, we had to interview our parents for a History project, so I went recording my Mum and asked her some questions about certain historical turning points she has witnessed. I still remember how I was recording her, carelessly leaving a player in an armchair. Listening to this interview feels like a time-back machine.

In fact, the whole player feels so. I'm going to adjust it to my current preferences and see how long I'll leave it untouched. For the moment, I'll be enjoying talking to my teenage self.

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