"I've Lived My Life By The Fans & I’ll Die By The Fans"

"I really love my fans. If I could meet everyone of them I would. I've lived my life by the fans & I’ll die by the fans.”

Somebody tweeted this yesterday.
I never knew this quote from Michael, I don't know when he said that but even if it wouldn't have been specified I would have recognized he said this.I have always felt this way about him and I've always believed that's only a matter of thousands miles, otherwise I could meet him, talk to him and hug him.

I've always believed him when he said he loved us and most of all, I felt it.He gave us so much proofs of his love.I still feel it now when I listen to his music, when I watch his performances, when I hear him speaking, when I look at his pictures.I constantly feel and need his love.

What I wouldn't have wanted is him to prove that he didn't lie when he said "I’ll die by the fans".:sad2:

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