Luck on my side

It was 10 years ago at this very late month of April, I got something that has been my good luck charm watching the NHL Playoffs and not long after the Boston Bruins kicked Montreal Canadiens out of the playoffs in the 1st round when Nathan Horton scored an overtime winning goal in Game 7 (never watched that series). I got “Shuffle” DVD which is one of those anime I loved, that DVD was indeed a good luck charm I tell ya, I was watching the first 2 discs after I gotten it, then I took a break from it and I watched Game 1 of Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers in Round 2 on Hockey Night In Canada that afternoon and the Bruins knocked the Flyers good 7-3 and the series progressed with the Bruins sweeping Flyers off winning 3 next games.

After watching “Shuffle” more, the Bruins were doing pretty well in the playoffs, they faced Tampa Bay Lightning in the 3 round and the winner faces the who from the Western Conference for the Stanley Cup. That series against the Bolts was tough, but in Game 7 was one of the best hockey games I watched, not a single penalty was called and Nathan Horton was the hero again scoring the only goal Bruins and knocked Tampa Bay out and on their way to face the Vancouver Canucks for the Stanley Cup.

I was hoping my luck will continue for the Final and I thought luck had turned against me, the Canucks got the Bruins in the first two games and I was kinda livid that Canucks Alex Burrows didn’t get a suspension for biting Patrice Bergeron, boy I hate that guy and still am today and also at the fact the Bruins are gonna lose, but still hoping the sweep won’t happen. Game 3, it was Cam Neely night, it was also his birthday that night, but turned into angry frustration that Nathan Horton was concussed thanx to Aaron Rome, we Bruins fans were furious, but Hortons injury became a huge turnaround when the Bruins dismantled the Canucks 8-1 winning Game 3 and won again in Game 4 the score of 4-0, lost Game 5, but came back in Game 6 which leads to Game 7.

Game 7 was anxiety inducing yet exciting at the same time. Luck was still on my side and the turn around finally pulled off, both Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand each scored 2 goals giving the Boston Bruins the ultimate victory winning the Stanley Cup in nearly 40 years since 1972. That’s the playoffs I’ll never forget and I thank my “Shuffle” DVD as my good luck charm for the Boston Bruins.

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