Many reasons why I hate and quit NHL- Part 2

Again here's my list.

-Salary caps
-Montreal Canadiens fans
-Gary Bettman
-Rogers owning Hockey Night In Canada
-Fighting debates (Banning fights NO!)
-Conspiracies against the Boston Bruins
-More rules added
-NHL not taken Don Cherry's suggestions
-Enforcers being called goons
-Fan favourites traded away
-Instigator rule
-Diving/faking injuries
-New formats in hockey
-Hits debates
-Bruins haters

When I learned in late 2013 that Rogers owned the NHL Canadian broadcasting rights for 12 years which will start in the 2014-15 seaon, including they'll own the production of Hockey Night In Canada over CBC and TSN will broadcast regional games of Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets. I thought to myself I had a bad feeling and much later my feeling was right. After the LA Kings won the Cup 2014, that was the final HNIC production by CBC, and the very next year more than a thousand employees for CBC Sports has been laid off because Rogers owned HNIC, to me it sounded like CBC committed suicide. HNIC has been airing on CBC for +60 years and Rogers had the nerve to own the production? HNIC has never been the same since Rogers own it, I hated most of the change of it, the only plus side is "Coach's Corner" remains and CBC will still air HNIC as part of the sub-license agreement with Rogers for 4 years is good, but I learned the ratings of Rogers HNIC wasn't as good as when CBC HNIC, the West coast rating is by far the worst. If Rogers hadn't touched HNIC, they wouldn't have such bad ratings. I don't care if they had broadcasting rights having the games broadcast on Sportsnet channels, but Rogers should've left HNIC alone to CBC. Rogers killed the hockey tradition. HNIC BELONGS TO CBC NOT ROGERS!!! Go check this about the decline of HNIC

I hated when the NHL add more rules and I hated more when they don't take Don Cherry's suggestions to make hockey better and safer, like he wanted them to go back to old school hockey equipment like the shoulder pads, knee pads and elbow pads softer containing foam or sponge like they have back then and not use ones that had plastic on them which causes concussions among player, it's hard plastic that hurts the players and gave them concussions, but the NHL didn't do that not taking Grape's suggestions well, the new rule regarding concussions is no help at all, just makes it worse, since Bettman's take over the numbers of concussions increased more over the years, to me all he does is killing players careers when they suffered concussion and didn't help prevent it all. People didn't take the fact at all and they just pissed me off even more. When are they gonna listen to Grapes? Go back to old school soft equipment ya dumb dumbs!

The one I'm gonna express why is very personal. Since the moments I started watching hockey, my dad told me about Montreal Canadiens, the Boston Bruins mortal enemy in the NHL. For many years I loved hating Montreal, but after when I promised myself not watch anymore of their rivalry games anymore when they scored 4-0 over Bruins, same game when Chara KO's Pacioretty as I mentioned earlier and many days went by Bruins vs Habs again and I saw on TSN when Montreal fans have hating t-shirts on them saying "Chara Sucks" and "Lucic is a B****", I changed from loving to hating the Habs to really hating them for real. I personally hated them Habs fan, I guess it's because I learned that the city of Montreal were threatening Chara by pressing charges against him over that phony lil' faker Pacioretty, they have the police dragged into this? They have no fricking business. Well the charges didn't go anywhere, so their actions are pointless anyways, but I can never forgive them for threatening to crucify Chara like that which is why I also vowed never to set my foot in the city of Montreal ever again. Those Habs fans are most classless bunch of whiny babies anyways, they'll whine to the NHL to be on their side and they even boo the US Anthem which is beyond classless, they should learn to smarten up at least. The Bruins-Habs hatred is althought mutural, but for me it's down right personal.

I really wish Gary Bettman is gone either way, step down, impeached I really don't care, I just wanted him gone. He's been killing hockey which is why I hated, he made it more of an American sport than a Canadian sport, they need a Canadian commissioner and they go get Quebec back in the NHL ASAP and another Canadian team added in. No more Amercian teams.

Despite I have nothing to do with NHL now, but I still have tapes and DVDs of the classic games I can still watch and I'm still continuing checking out recaps, watch Coach's Corner and express my thoughts. I still have my knowledge of hockey and I watch very little of Junior hockey or World hockey.

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