MP3 Player Updated!

See, it didn't take long, did it? I had a free afternoon, so I decided to update my playlist, because there were lots of songs I didn't listen to anymore and I felt like new ones should be added.

I started with Lil' Kim and Notorious B.I.G. I used to be a big Lil' Kim's fan, but then my interest blew away. (Thankfully, I wanna add.) Biggie is a respected and talented artist despite being dead for the last twenty years, we know that, so he's there as well although I have reservations about his relationship to women. (Misogyny in lyrics ftw.)

The songs by MJ that I put there were, if I'm not mistaken, Hollywood Tonight, HIStory, Ain't No Sunshine, BOTDF, Leave Me Alone, Speed Demon and Slave to the Rythm. Maybe a few more, I haven't listened to the whole updated thing yet.

What I love about my player is that it makes a random order of tracks. This means that once a track finishes, you don't know what's going on next for the first time.

As I was leaving an evening class, I let the player play. The melody of HIStory flew through my cochlea. It was a beautiful evening with a clear sunset. I headed to the uni's cafeteria to buy myself something sweet and then I went for public transport to get home.

Ain't No Sunshine was playing while I was waiting. I felt the world around me simply turned even more beautiful.

When I got on the vehicle, Leave Me Alone started playing. This, combined with the sunset and attic streets of the city, made me excited. I swear! Well, not that much, I wasn't moaning at all.

BOTDF was fine, but Speed Demon got the full speed. I was dreaming. I was thinking of what on Earth would make me even happier right now. Oh yeah, making love to someone I love and burning under the sun. I'll have to wait a few more months to make the latter happen. But what about the former?

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