Murray & MJ Fan's

I will start with the wonderful fans that Michael Jackson has. We are a force to be dealt with. We are for one man what he was to us. We are his army of Love. Over the past few weeks really the fans have come together to stop a documentary. Now we have the primary hearing for "The Good Doctor" going on and we are all of one mind. Through out all the tabloid "News" and the updates we are getting we must all remember the man that we are supporting. Michael is a man who can not be replaced and one who will never be forgotten. Where as Murray has only got supporters because he is an asshole. We fans make changes where Michael is involved. We can do so much for Michael now and we did so much for him when he was with us. Now..... On to Murray.

Murray is someone with only one thing on his mind and cant function properly if he multi-tasks. Saying Murray is a doctor is simply wrong. The man was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He pulled the wool over our eyes and pretended to be competent. Murray has fans because of what he did. For some reason a mans death is something to commemorate the man for not incarcerate. We all know the facts now and it seems to lean more towards Murder than Manslaughter. But Will Murray get what he deserves? Sadly i think not. In the eyes of the world and for a very long time we were told and taught to trust our doctor's. But this one man has thrown a wrench into the works. He has single handedly told me that when you meet a person who claims to be a doctor things may not always be what they seem. The facts are being laid out for us and we see what happened the night Michael died. And they are not looking well for the Doc. It proves that he had other things taking up his mind.
After all the changes he has made during the past year and a half since Michaels death seem to point to the fact he had no clue what he was doing and shouldn't have been Michael's doctor at all.

In closing i want to thank the fans who have posted and given us updates from inside the court house.

To Michael: I know its impossible for you to read this now but i have to say it anyway. I Love you with all my heart and you will always have place in my heart. your absence is felt all over the world and there is no one who can fill the massive void you have left behind. Many will try but they will fail. There is no way you can ever be replaced, replicated, duplicated or other. There is only one you and we love you.

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