My 3 Best & Worst Moments of 2021

Top 3 Worst Moments

3. NHL pulls players from Olympics
The NHL recently pulled their players from participating the Olympics and that move killed my Olympic hype. No NHL players in the Olympics, then no Olympics at all. I rather the Olympics be postponed for next winter than have amateur and minor league players go for it like last time. Forget it!

2. Worst Christmas shopping EVER!
I was angry at Wal-Mart and still am at them, I asked specifically for Loud House DVDs, they keep giving me the same response “Check the Entertainment section“, I did check numerous times, but the DVDs were like scattered in different shelves and most in bins, the way it was organized was absolutely chaotic, confusing and a complete mess and I was fuming I ranted at them behind their backs “You know what YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING USELESS!!!“ I was so mad I lost my focus all day. Those employees these days are just fricking useless for not giving a direct response, if this keeps up, I’m not shopping there anymore.

I hate lockdowns and everytime it goes in affect, my stress gets even more worse than ever and I blame it all on Ontario Premier Doug Ford. #NoMoreLockdowns

Top 3 Best Moments

3. Better Summer
That summer was a ray of sunshine compared to last summer when I suffered so much stress, but I had a far better summer that time.

2. Loud House Movie
That was the highlight of my year watching Loud House Movie (not on Netflix just so you know), I gotta say it was an awesome movie and I loved it 9.5/10.

1. Aphmau & Ryguyrocky
I was never a fan of Minecraft, but in February I came across watching Aphmau’s Minecraft videos on YouTube and it was so HA-Larious. Then over a month later I started watching Ryguyrocky’s Daycare videos along with a few others from the same content. Aphmau’s videos gave me so much joy and hilarity I needed and as for Ryguyrocky’s videos eases my stress and made the lockdown more bearable and I thank both of them for giving me a stress free time I needed by watching their videos, which is why I’m currently working on a crossover story of Aphmau and Ryguyrocky called “The Dimensional Vacation“ which is coming soon.

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