My Thoughts On Day One

I worked from 9-4 today and saw testimony from Kenny Ortega and Paul Gongaware.

Before that, however, I read that one of the pictures was shown and I listened to the audio tape of Michael from 5/10/09.

I am eternally grateful that I did not happen to be watching the feed while the picture was shown. I was shocked that it was shown on the cameras inside the courtroom. Completely shocked. I had naturally assumed that the cameras would be cut when that time came, and that the photos would be sealed by the Judge afterwards.

Now, I am afraid. Very afraid, that when I return to work on Thursday, it may be possibly staring me in the face on the cover of some trash newspaper or magazine. Is that possible? I can't deal with that.

The audio was hard enough to listen to. If I hadn't known beforehand that it was a recording of Michael, I would never have guessed that it was. I agree with a poster who commented in the discussion thread, saying that it sounded like a combination of Joe and Michael's voices. It upset and disturbed me greatly to hear him like that. I want to know what he was under the influence of on that recording, and whether or not it could possibly have been him coming out of a propofol-induced "sleep," or if it was that combined with other sedatives, etc. If I remember correctly, Murray claimed that he had been giving Michael propofol for about six weeks prior to 6/25 (and if I am wrong, please correct me), and that would put the date on or about 5/10.

The cross-examination by Chernoff... :wtf:

He reminds me almost of this guy:


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