The true side of "Peter Midani".

Dear members of MJJCommunity.

I'll like to address and comment on the recent official statement I just read regarding the fiddle of "Peter Midani" aka Bobby Anderson. It wasn't to my astonishment he'd be caught with his tail under his legs. I have been quiet and reserved for some time regarding this dilemma but not long ago felt it was necessary to let the truth finally come out.

Many of you may know I've been an active and supportive member of MJJC since it first started years ago. By then chatrooms and forums were exclusive and even more to say chatrooms dominated the internet. It's at the chatrooms you meet your friends and gain trust in so many people.

Back in 2001 "Peter" was a lurking and mysterious character walking around in different forums with alias as KingTut777 and PeterPanPYT, at first he never and let me address this correctly with no perplexity, NEVER claimed to be Michael Jackson or know Michael Jackson personally. BUT ones someone addressed him instantly he never gave a word out to who he actually was. In late 2001 there was a very popular unofficial chatroom called "Neverland" something chatroom I don't quite remember the name of it but it doesn't really matter for now but he'd be on late at nights, early in the mornings and almost every single hour of the time. Which I felt it was a bit strange since who has time to spend almost his entire day at a chatroom. Sometimes there were maybe only three people online for the whole day but everytime there was a new person coming on he was fast with sending voice messages to that person speaking as Michael. I found it fascinated and he started talking more and more to me ones I was online.

Everytime I went online on that chatroom I knew he'd be there and I was a young and naive person back then and I believed in stories so easily. I remember one incident back in 2003 I believe when he started to be more active on Myspace, I had recently started my own profile on Myspace and I wrote in my livejournal about my aunt being sick in cancer. There wasn't many people I gain any trust in and I knew he'd listen cause just talking to "Peter" back then and the fact he sounded JUST like Michael agitated me. So after telling him my sorrow regarding my aunt he hit me on private and sent his condolences to me in a way that thrilled me. He always used the word "Darling" and "Sweetie pie" when he talked to me and many of the female fans. After a few months the chatroom died off and it was like he simply disappeared from the face of the earth. Many of his so called "followers" started to suspect he was Michael cause sometimes when he did post something on Myspace he used the words "I've been busy working with new materials" or poems that he read up in voice messages. Also sometimes around 2003-2004 there was this voice call system you could do to talk to your friends and followers. It was a free call system and you could from anywhere in the world call in a message which in later you had it posted automatically on your profile.

Bobby took this chance to the extreme and had so many people asking questions whether he was Michael and stuff. He rarely replied to any of these but there was one thing that bothered me is when those kind of questions were addressed he giggled everytime and said "you believe what you want to believe". There was also one time a fan from Holland who had cling onto Bobby in a obsession thinking he was the real deal. She had followed his profile for a few months and always added on her statusbar "I talked to PYT again and I imagine Michael in front of me everytime." He KNEW how to turn innocent and helpless girls into liking him and thinking he was the real deal. I did in the beginning as well but there's another side of the story as well unfortunately.

Observe: I know I might hurt this person now for telling this story but the truth has to come out and there's no need for me to blank out any names!

In late 2004 around Michael's going on trial I befriended a person named Dominic, he usually went under a nickname called Dom or ThrillerMJ I believe, he was a person from the UK and I ended up talking to him via an MJ related forum. He had said he could manipulate his voice into Michael's and was also very good in singing like him. I called him via MSN a few times also over a period of 1 year and he even sent me a message for me to use as a voice message on my phone. I told Dominic about Bobby Anderson and he was fast to address the hatred Bobby had towards him and called him a fraud and even said he was a reliable and trustworthy source. What that was I don't know but Dominic had also a few times fooled fans especially female fans into thinking he was Michael. I confronted him about it at one point and he denied in having any wrong doing in this. Anyhow Dominic was this kind of person who later on knew his mistakes and came clean in a opening letter on a official forum saying it wasn't his intention in hurting anyone and those he talked to even PERSONALLY asked him to talk like Michael and twisted the truth around.

During the end of Michael's trial, Bobby simply started be social active on Myspace again saying he's been hurt and mislead by demons and persons in his life hurting his soul. He wrote a long statement on his Myspace page telling people he couldn't trust people anymore because they had hurt him. A lot of people started to get suspicious whether he was the real deal and at one point he started to post both images and lyrics to things that only Michael's family and Michael himself knew about. When he was asked where he got those information from he always giggled off and replied with lines as "The world is big, there are many fishes to catch in the sea"? Really? How is that NOT confusing. Of course he knew how to confuse the fans about his nonsense. Anyhow I continued to follow PeterPanPYT a few more months and even told him ones I had sent Michael a letter and I trusted him with my deepest heart so I sent him the letter I sent to Michael cause in my mind I really believed he knew Michael or had association with him.

I got a mysterious call on my cellphone ones when I was travelling around Sweden with a friend of mine, this person never named himself or told me where he got my number from, the only thing he said "There's a very special person that wants to talk to you, are you free now?" I wasn't so I told this person to call me back later on phone, but that never happened. I believe now it might have been Bobby Anderson posing as someone working with Michael.

It wasn't until recently I started to learn the truth about Bobbys behavior and I tried so many times talking sense into him and telling him to come clean but he never addressed me back and when he first started his previous website called "Neverland Kingdom" and gained a few followers his behavior was changing. I befriended him on Facebook and to my surprise he said many times he had up to 3000 friend requests? if he had up to 3000 friend requests why is that he only had up to 500 friends on his friendlist? One thing that bothered me as well was the intensity he had when he posted something on his wall and at one point his incredibly BAD English.

Yes I can be honest with you, I am not good everytime in writing English since it's not my mother language but I am honest enough to tell you that. if he is a legitimate american citizen then he would KNOW how to write a simple correct grammar English phrase and do it GOOD.

What I also noticed is how incredibly dextrous he is when he writes a statement to his followers, poems or news on his website, if he wants to try to imply he's Michael Jackson he'd KNOW Michael would NEVER be careless in writing what's so ever! I hope in time Bobby will admit his flaws and come clean with the truth. I hope this helps a bit to support the statement that was written on MJJCommunity.

Thank you!

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