Today we get a sample of whats to come. One 42 second clip of a song from our beloved King Of Pop. And all we can do is have some people come in and say its fake. We all know Michael Over recorded on all his albums. I am completely shocked at some of the fans here for how they act and i shouldn't be that way. So many years has went by from the time Michael had his fall out with Tommy Motolla yet we cant forgive and forget. Michael obviously did so why cant we?

As for the song clip we just got. IMO it sounds GREAT and i cant wait to hear the rest of it.... But... There is the some here that cant resist a good fight and bait people. This song is 100% MJ regardless who puts it on a CD. I have said this so many times yet no one gets the point. This gift is not owed to us. When Michael died they could have said No to any further albums, but no... They are giving his music to us and we should be grateful for it but some of us are ripping it apart instead. I have had enough of this. I cant believe fans are acting this way its unbelievable.

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