What I need to do to move on

Hi, For 2 years now I have been different,crushed amongst other things.

This is what I feel will help me move on. To get all of my feelings out.

I always wear MJ things when I am out. It keeps me safe when MJ's with me. no one or thing can get me down. It's quite amazing.

You are correct. I thank you for saying this, I thought at one stage I would never get over it, It is the biggest pain of my life and biggest drain of my energy,thoughts and concentration. It completely crushed me. Michael is the very reason I am here today, with my parents meeting at a Michael concert, I am forever thankful to him.

I have to dare to dream. Michael was all about that. We are here together and it makes me feel so happy to talk to others who are here in my situation and understand the pain and anguish. I don't understand at times and it is completely made me a completely different person. There is no getting over this fully. I appreciate that and there is a way of getting over it partially which is what we all have to do, Michael will forever be in my heart and everyone else's. With this I feel I can move on, which I never believed I could do.

Now I truly understand my goal in life. Never give in and Keep The Faith

Thank you for reading :give_heart:

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