So many exciting things are seemingly coming together. I love this community and almost all its members. But some need to realize that even if Michael isn't here to promote the album he is still with us through his music. He always said that he put his heart and soul into his music. And through that he lives on.

We have members giving us information on the upcoming album and other adventures. Some seem to think that is not possible.

The other thing we all need to realize is that these endeavors and projects are not owed to us. Michael spoiled us with the gifts he gave us and now some feel the need to demand things be done or given.

I am not foaming at the mouth for information nor am i begging. Things come when they come. We cant control whats going on and i wouldn't want to be the person stringing this all together. I also wouldn't want to be the insider/informant. To be attacked on this board is something no one wants and also no one deserves. I know a thing or 2 about being attacked for my opinions. Which is why I have a huge list in my ignore box.

With the passing of our king i would have thought we could ALL bend to his rules and way of thinking. Some members think that they are god and above all others and their opinion is golden. Lol I have learned that if you dont go with the majority you are cast aside and forgotten. Obviously i dont care what others think or say. I say what i feel and if you agree thats fine if you dont and i feel its needed i will argue my point.

I have come to realize that a community is made up of all kinds of people and of all ages. The opinions i see in some threads are well thought out and lovely to read. Though there are some that should be kept to themselves. Some i must admit are my own. I do hope forgiveness is divine in here.... Ok... This has turned into the longest blog ever but if you want to comment or whatever feel free to... Bye.

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