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  1. Michael Jackson TV Alerts Thread
  2. The Truth About MJ as a Humanitarian!!
  3. Major Love Prayer - Worldwide Monthly Prayer Every 25th
  4. Your Opinion - Could MJ Have Done All Fifty Shows?
  5. How Does Michael Jackson Inspire You?
  6. Reflections on Michael Jackson : Articles, Blogs & Stories Thread
  7. MJJCommunity Announcements And Service Updates Thread
  8. Whats YOUR Top 5 MICHAEL JACKSON songs?
  9. My Next Book: Michael Jackson, Inc. Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Forbes Staff
  10. Thriller Live - Celebrates Selling 1,000,000 Tickets in West End
  11. Hot topic Cirque du Soleil "Michael Jackson ONE" permanent Las Vegas show
  12. Hot topic Brad Sundberg Seminars: Making Music With Michael Jackson
  13. List of Michael's Unreleased Material
  14. Say Goodnight to Michael
  15. MJ accepts your offer for a private concert. What's your setlist??
  16. The Will.i.am tracks [Discussion]
  17. Ron Weisner's chapter on MJ
  18. New musical on Robert Burns written by King of Pop Michael Jackson is set to be launched
  19. Madonna - Posting on Social Media About Michael
  20. Rethinking Invincible
  21. Covers, Covers....Demi, Justin and others
  22. Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoot documentary film 2014
  23. Michael references in songs [MERGED]
  24. The Michael Jackson Chart Watch
  25. Dieter Wiesner-Channel on YouTube
  26. Eddie Murphy talks about Whatzupwitu and Remember the Time
  27. Michael Jackson Toy Figures
  28. Your top 10 short films
  29. Donations to MJJCommunity
  30. Songs that inspired Michael
  31. Has Michael ever appeared in your dreams?
  32. All The Smiles
  33. Wesley Snipes On The Tonight Show - September 17, 2015
  34. Songs from the J5 era you wish Michael sung with the full-adult voice
  35. Making Michael: Inside the Career of Michael Jackson (Excerpts on page 19)
  36. Greg Gorman's semi-nude photo of Michael?
  37. Joseph Fiennes To Play MJ In 9/11 Programme
  38. Present Day MJ "Feel Goods"...
  39. Make Your Own Michael Jackson Setlist/Show
  40. Michael and Lisa Marie Discussion (Positive Thread)
  41. How MJ's Public Appearances Influenced His Career
  42. Did lack of B-sides hinder MJ's charts success?
  43. The Dance Appreciation Thread.
  44. Michael And Bubbles
  45. ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ (MSG, 2001): Which of the two performances do you prefer?
  46. 2016 Vinyl Reissues of OTW, Thriller and Bad
  47. Parts of Michael jackson videos that you just HAVE to rewind.
  48. What is your favourite MJ interview?
  49. Ghosts appreciation/discussion thread.
  50. MJ's user in MJJC
  51. New French book "Let's Make HIStory"
  52. What did Michael smell like/what perfume or cologne did he wear?
  53. Michael never used auto tune, right?
  54. Michaels later body of work
  55. Christine and the Queens cover of 'Who Is It'
  56. Michael Jackson the vocalist
  57. Roles you wish Michael would have played.
  58. NEW BOOK: Michael Jackson: Rewind: The Life and Legacy of Pop Music's King
  59. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?
  60. Photographer Hamid Moslehi to make MJ documentary with unseen footage.
  61. Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D
  62. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran
  63. MEGA article: Rating Michael Jackson’s Albums
  64. The small moments you love
  65. Michael is 3rd on this Most Famous People list.
  66. New UK MJ TV Documentary coming in 2017 with Earnest Valentino? Airs Sunday 26/03 9pm Channel 5 (UK)
  67. Awsome video! Dancer goes around the world to tribute MJ's Black or White.
  68. MJ glove, £2m Bugatti and £100m mansion used as evidence of playboy 'looting his own country'
  69. Michael - Cute in THriller? =)
  70. You Rock My World is now Vevo certified!
  71. MJ- the innovator
  72. Behind The Scenes: An Oral History of Morphing in Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’
  73. Celeb's who supported Michael in 93 =) ?.
  74. Michael Jackson was robbed.
  75. Impersonators
  76. Favorite Teddy Riley produced song from Dangerous
  77. Which album sound more dated, Bad or Dangerous?
  78. What other jobs do you think Michael would have been good at?
  79. Ben in Sing.
  80. Ghosts film sad moment :(
  81. Man In The Mirror - Live 1988 Montage [Moonwalker + Grammy]
  82. New MJ material
  83. Michael Jackson visits Children's Hospital. Washington 1993 | RARE
  84. Money- song question ? =)
  85. The MJ Vevo Certified Thread
  86. 10 years from now, how popular do you think MJ will be?
  87. Really good Earth Song cover.
  88. Thriller is on its way to having 400M views on YouTube, a modern music streaming platform.
  89. Michael -Drinking.? =)
  90. Vote for Michael NME Awards
  91. New dangerous 25 photobook/infobook
  92. Was Michael Jackson a singer who danced or a dancer who sang?
  93. Michael Jackson biopic?
  94. Michael Jackson-Al Capone
  95. Ne-Yo's Michael Tribute at the African American Museum Opening
  96. Whos is Michael to you?
  97. Will we ever have an artist as big as MJ ever again?
  98. MJ songs you used to hate but now love?
  99. Y'all get in here and look at this mess.
  100. Michael Jackson Pictures Forum - Question ? =) .
  102. Sometimes MJ's lyrics just hit you
  103. MJ Collaboration with STOMP - Nelson Mandela Tribute Song? Any info?
  104. My dream about MJ last night
  105. Your favourite Michael Jackson Live Performance of a Song
  106. Michael Jackson short film magic.
  107. Will You Be There - Choir Lyrics
  108. Donald Trump and Michael Jackson: The full story behind a mysterious relationship
  109. Paris Jackson cover story for Rolling Stone: "Paris Jackson: A Life After Neverland"
  110. Martin bashier - Why ???? =(
  111. BAD full short film posted on YouTube!
  112. Vote for Michael.
  113. Benny Collins died (production manager on Bad Tour, Dangerous Tour and parts of the HIStory Tour)
  114. Octavia Spencer sent letters to idol Michael Jackson.
  115. John Wick + Michael Jackson.
  116. Video game glitch + MJ.
  117. Mj covers
  118. It's just hit me that Michael....
  119. Dangerous - Roger Sanchez Remixes
  120. MJ Last Time Live WMA 2006 - Media Conspiracy? Booed?
  121. Michael editing?
  122. Similarities in Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley not only in their lives but also in their deaths
  123. Dallas Cowboy, Michael Irvin, snuck out of the locker room at Super Bowl 93 to watch Michael.
  124. Off the wall question
  125. Cascio Tracks - Are the Songs Fake?
  126. Michael's Vocals?
  127. HQ Photos of Tom Mesereau?
  128. Lady Gaga inspired by Michael for this year's Super Bowl
  129. Article:Current artists/entertainers asked what Super Bowl performance is their fave.
  130. Michael jackson voice changer
  131. Dance Dance Dance (UK ITV, Sunday 18:30)
  132. Man In The Mirror - Extended Alternative Version with unheard intro and vocals
  133. Janelle Monae sung Beat It in church.
  134. Orianthi and Steve Stevens discuss working with Michael
  135. MJFC forum
  136. Youtube: Michael Jackson "Girlfriend" (Early Version - Demo)
  137. Taika Waititi to Co-Direct Michael Jackson Movie 'Bubbles'
  138. Michael nominated for NME award.
  139. Pentatonix Jackson 5 tribute at the Grammys.
  140. Butterflies, D.S., and Break Of Dawn uploaded on Michael's official Vevo.
  141. Never knew this about the Thriller Vinyl LP!
  142. Moonwalker's Smooth Criminal
  143. Is Earth Song Michael's MOST powerful song?
  144. Invincible and IJCSLY on VEVO!
  145. Thriller has been certified 33x platnium.
  146. Michael Jackson | Working Day And Night [Studio Acapella] Unheared Vocals
  147. HIStory Begins: A 2017 appraisal
  148. Yeardley Smith talks about MJ episode of the Simpsons.
  149. Money & Is It Scary uploaded on Michael's official Vevo.
  150. Choreo Battle: Remember The Time VS Ghosts
  151. Drake wants to be like Michael.
  152. TDCAU has reached & passed 300M views on YouTube.
  153. McDonald's Training Video 1984
  154. P.Y.T and Morphine uploaded to Michael's official Vevo.
  155. Serious Request - Comedian Ricky Gervais and MJ
  156. King of Pop - The French Fans Selection (Deluxe Edition) question.....
  157. Michael Jacksons Planet Earth Remix 2017 Fanmade
  158. Cancer Patient inspired by Michael & his music.
  159. Working Day And Night live vocals
  160. Why are there so many PRO Bad Tour Japan 87 shows available?
  161. Come 'Round Here (I'm The One You Need) appreciation thread... Good lawd!
  162. Celebrity Tweets Mentioning Michael Jackson
  163. I have an idea.
  164. Michael's true friends =)?.
  165. MJ Ghosts VHS in Black and White?
  166. Capturing Michael! Harrison Funk has an amazing story to tell. Today on abc7
  167. Incredible Michael Jackson impersonator on Norway's Got Talent 2017
  168. OTW choir version.
  169. Did Michael rap in any other songs?
  170. Ghosts needs to be reintroduced to the general public.
  171. Video about Michael's impact and influence on KPOP.
  172. We've Had Enough and Threatened uploaded to MichaelJacksonVEVO
  173. Thriller TOPS Billboards greatest R&B/Hip Hop albums of all time list.
  174. The best mj opener
  175. Heaven Can Wait, Like It Or Not?
  176. Just heard Invincible for the 1st time!
  177. Invincible appreciation thread
  178. Naomi Campbell's recent tweet about Michael.
  179. Michael wanted to be in X-Men.
  180. Something I noticed about Come Together from Moonwalker
  181. Jam scream
  182. Discussing all Video/DVD Releases to date
  183. Aw, this so cute/sweet.
  184. I have a question about MJ MIB II
  185. Ultimate Collection on Spotify - All songs not available?
  186. Did Michael really draw all of these?
  187. These three MJ songs are very, very similar to eachother, melodically and structurally.
  188. Mj behind the mask
  189. I'm a young singer, started singing a few months ago. bro Recorded a clip of me singing dirty diana
  190. Destiny or Triumph
  191. Behind the mask question
  192. Estate-Sony Cotract 2010-2017
  193. One Rose for Michael Jackson at Forest Lawn - June 25th 2017
  194. Would you buy an MJ Vinyl Collection Magazine?
  195. Seeing Voices appreciation thread.
  196. Chicago (Papercha$er Remix) - Sony Xperia Lounge bonus track
  197. Heard The way you make me feel =)
  198. The King's Impact: People singing MJ songs on The Voice worldwide.
  199. Casio tracks
  200. Teddy Riley's recent Tweet and Instagram posts about Michael.
  201. Michael now has 6M+ subs on YouTube.
  202. LL Cool J's recent tweet about Michael.
  203. MITM was covered for the Lego Batman Movie.
  204. Best duet?
  205. This got 19 million views in 3 days! Brazil seems to like MJ
  206. David Lachapelle says that Michael is like Michelangelo
  207. Which video is more iconic. Bad or Smooth Criminal?
  208. What song/album are you currently obsessed with?
  209. Michael MSG 2001 - 9/11
  210. Brooke ******* Mentions MJ on Jim & Sam Show [Merged]
  211. Thriller (the album) is currently at #2 on the US iTunes charts.
  212. Make a version of the Bad album with Prince tracks!
  213. Diffrent Versii0n 0f Black 0r White. ? =)
  214. MJJC Feedback Time
  215. Nigeria's 'Michael Jackson' directs traffic in Maiduguri
  216. The Lean VS The Moonwalk: Which move is the most iconic?
  217. Voting: Most influential pop-music-icon: Michael Jackson or Madonna?
  218. I just can't stop loving you
  219. My Favorite Michael Jackson Song of the past 26 Years
  220. Mad Libs: MJ edition.
  221. Was mj a sad person
  222. If you had to make someone a fan with ONE song, what song would it be?
  223. Biopic starring Earnest Valentino Premiering March 26 UK TV
  224. Michael wearing Mask's =)
  225. Ginuwine and Keith Sweat having fun singing Off The Wall.
  226. 13.50 minutes In the Closet NEWLY RELEASED FOOTAGE
  227. MJ HIStory concert tickets selling on Ticket Master for THIS year?!
  228. Unbreakble Appreciation thread
  229. Sonic X Smooth Criminal mashup.
  230. Don't stop till you get enough video
  231. An actual MJ clothing line.
  232. #ThisIsIt trended in the UK
  233. This kid getting down to Thriller.
  234. Did Eminem ever apologize for mocking MJ?
  235. Each album's under-rated gem
  236. Awesome MJ sculptures
  237. Shinsuke Nakamura (a professional wrestler) talks about how Michael influenced him.
  238. How would you describe Michael's faith and belief?
  239. Remember The Time now has 200M+ views on YouTube.
  240. Did Michael speak any poems other then Planet Earth?
  241. NEW never before seen footage of Michael & Ryan White.
  242. Did MJ exploit his potential as a dance performer to the fullest?
  243. Whatzupwitu is the best shortfilm/music video that Michael has ever been in.
  244. Who did they Prank Call?
  245. It's The Falling In Love
  246. Dear Michael ? =).
  247. How great does Michael sound on vinyl
  248. Odell Beckham Jr (a football player) got an MJ tattoo on his leg.
  249. Song Of The Week - Smile
  250. Billie Jean & Thriller classical piano cover