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  1. Thriller 25th Anniversary release date?
  2. Akon covers Wanna Be Startin' Something
  3. Thriller China - tribute to Michael Jackson
  4. Thriller #1 - 25 Years On
  5. This Is Thriller! 25th Anniversary of the Epic Album ~POST YOUR THOUGHTS HERE~
  6. What's the reason to not buy or buy Thriller 25?
  7. Thriller 25/New album
  8. New Thriller25 remixes leaked (comments here) [download/streaming links NOT allowed]
  9. Crafty Presents THRILLER IN THE 80's
  10. SUPPORT PROMO: Official Thriller25 MySpace
  11. "Got The Hot's" on Japan version of "Thriller 25"
  12. Will there be a law suit from Sir Paul McCartney about TGIM?
  13. Thriller25 Events/Celebrations
  14. Article about Thriller 25
  15. Is "Thriller 25" the "new album"?!
  16. How many copies are you buying when Thriller comes out?
  17. MJ Airs On Mainstream Australian Radio
  18. The Girl Is Mine 2008 already available on iTunes Ireland and Switzerland stores!!
  19. Your predictions on TGIM single
  20. Quincy Jones reflects on Thriller (Billboard Magazine) ALL THREADS MERGED
  21. Where can I buy "TGIM" download file ?
  22. Today: The Girl is Mine 2008 remix feat Will.i.am is being released digital
  23. Already some promotion starting for Thriller 25
  24. every1 do this to get the girl is mine 2008 on the radio
  25. Michael Jackson, Akon Are 'Startin' Somethin' ' On Thriller 25 Track -- Listen To It Here!
  26. TGIM UK Request Thread!
  27. The "new" Vocals. What ya think of it?
  28. wanna be absolutely sure to hear wbss?
  29. Listen to a snippet of TGIM demo
  30. Thriller 25th Marketing: NRJ Music Awards, Star Academy & Grammy Awards?
  31. What’s the difference between “limited” and “exclusive” version ??
  32. For All Time on Radio 2
  33. Thriller 25 Fan Party in NYC!!!
  34. Complete new bridges sung by Michael... here listen "For All Time"!
  35. Getting Airplay for New Releases - Please Add Your Local Radio Stations
  36. MJ Itunes Chart Positions
  37. WBSS 2008 first single????
  38. I got the Thriller ringle! Na na na nee boo boo!
  39. Question about T25...released in Australia too?
  40. How to get the Japanese version of Thriller 25 (with "Got The Hots)
  41. For All Time Single?
  42. Thriller 25 promo cd on ebay
  43. Pic of the holographic Thriller25 cover
  44. Hi-Res pix of Thriller 25th Covers
  45. The Girl Is Mine enters UK chart at 78.
  46. Michael Jackson`s Human Nature *Special SWV Hot Remix
  47. Dutch fans: win a Thriller iPod Touch on bol.com
  48. Legacy Records email to radio stations confirms Superbowl Commercial (update on pg 5)
  49. Pirates all around Asia (ADD PHOTOS!)
  50. WBSS2008 on iTunes US!!
  51. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 to be released as a single in France
  52. T25 promotion in Italy: Official myspace / events in clubs / promo cards
  53. WBSS '08 Gets alot of airplay in Sweden
  54. Was "Got The Hots" ever leaked online?
  55. My loaco radio station (MJ Tihriller 25th)
  56. "For all time" confirmed as new vocals
  57. Hi-res pic of WBSS 2008 single
  58. MJ & FERGIE "BEAT IT 2008" & "FOR ALL TIME" should be released as singles
  59. Wanna Be Startin Somethin 2008 Num 29 On Itunes!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Dutch Thriller 25th release different also?
  61. Post here all the iTunes posititions of TGIM and WBSS
  62. Thiller25 Ecard on mj.com
  63. What's your Favorite New Remix/Remake?
  64. When is a new single be release to the usa?
  65. Report on "TGIM 2008" Maxi-CD with ORIGINAL DEMO(!) *incl. snippet, Remix-Lyrics p.3*
  66. Thriller 25 cd/dvd misprice hmv ? £8.99
  67. WBSS '08 now available in AUS iTunes store...
  68. what happened to MichaelJackson.com
  69. radio
  70. wanna be startin somethin
  71. Thriller 25 Promotional Tools, Widgets, and More!
  72. Thriller 25: Monster Smash (Article)
  73. T25 News
  74. They just played TGIM on the radio...
  75. My brother..
  76. Who hasn't heard any of the remixes other than singles?
  77. Polish promo TGIM-demo version(pics)
  78. Wow! Tgim #1 On Tokio 100!!
  79. WBSS & TGIM highest Entries in turkish & polish Pop Charts!
  80. Vote for MJ Wbss / tgim 2008
  81. New 'Thriller 25' Poster out
  82. USA Fans - WBSS 2008 Radio Airplay
  83. Question To Anyone Who Pre-ordered Tgim 2008 From Amazon
  84. Question on superbowl commercial
  85. NRJ awards boost MJ on iTunes France
  86. Tgim On Kiss Fm Now
  87. 'The Girl Is Mine 2008' Enters Canadian Digital Singles Charts
  88. spread the word: official Thriller E-card from Sony/BMG
  89. Will all the T25 new tracks be released as a single..?
  90. The Girl Is Mine 2008 Font
  91. Record your video while dancing to Thriller and send it to Thriller25 Italy
  92. Where to buy "The girl is mine" single 3track in Holland?
  93. Does Michael use new photos for T25 campaign!?
  94. WBSS 2008 lyrics
  95. TO SWEDISH FANS: The Girl is Mine is being released today in Sweden
  96. Is TGIM'08 avaible as a real single in holland?
  97. WBBS 08 - Official mediabase chart (US Radio airplay)
  98. Fanssss Event!!!
  99. Fans Event Thriller 25th!!!
  100. TGIM physical single in Australia?
  101. WBSS enters the USA Hot 100!!
  102. boycot on dutch radio
  103. Is it like late for Michael Jackson to perform at the superbowl?
  104. Are we ready for a new Thriller (Post your video message to Michael)
  105. Thrillercast Widget
  106. *sign Here If Your Getting Tgim On Monday*??
  107. Fergie and Beat It *Audio interview pg. 4* ~All Threads Merged~
  108. Odeon Screening Enhanced Thriller for FREE this week!!!!
  109. AOL "All Michael Jackson" Radio
  110. Pre-Order T25 Expanded Edition 2 LP Set
  111. recieved my tgim - today
  112. Album Launch Photo Call!
  113. Austin Alamo Drafthouse - Michael Jackson Sing Along - Thrill the World
  114. WBSS08 (enchanted version) by me and my agent friend
  115. Deluxe T25... vinyls... singles...
  116. Target stores (USA) will have an exclusive download with Thriller 25 purchase
  117. thriller 25 itunes getting exclusive tracks
  118. Odeon UK To Screen Exclusive Thriller Video!
  119. WBSS 08 debuts on ARIA Top 100 Singles Chart!
  120. Thriller 25 wont chart in uk if...
  121. Thriller 25 Review/article
  122. Haha.. Girl do the "The Girl is Mine" in YouTube!
  123. WBSS 08 number 24 on top 100 for Napster
  124. Favorite Thriller 25 songs
  126. The Girl Is Mine
  127. Lets get some RADIO PROMO for TGIM08 (UK)
  128. I just won a Michael Jackson Thriller 25 Ipod :)
  129. What Date Is WBSS Being Release In The UK?
  130. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008" No.1 in Cyprus Radio Play!
  131. Thiller 25 promotional campaign- All threads merged!-
  132. Vote for Michael on Italian Radio
  133. Vote for Michael @ German Radio Station
  134. i hear the new song is call pretty young thing feat will i. am
  135. Thriller dance in Chinatown!
  136. Does Amazon count towards chart sales?
  137. MJ airplay in Canada
  138. Thriller 25 commercial just aired
  139. "Got the Hots" on aired @ Japanese Radio
  140. Back cover Of "Thriller 25th"!!!
  141. physical single from WBSS 2008, where to buy at internet?
  142. Michael's TGIM08 is in TOP 50 in UK BEFORE the physical release!!
  143. Sweden Chart Update
  144. "Beat It" in Deer Valley
  145. Grammys: MJ Sending Acceptance Video
  146. Tgim Only 31 In Midweek Charts!!
  147. Heat Magazine Reviews The Girl Is Mine 08
  148. Michael Jackson's Thriller 25 is Rocking the Planet! (by Legacy Recordings)
  149. We Can Make It An Even Bigger Thriller!!!
  150. Thriller video is number #2 on Itunes
  151. Sony's Efforts Positive So Far - My First Post :)
  152. I think Thriller 25 would have been better with...
  153. 2008 GRAMMYs Commercial (Thriller Tribute Mentioned)
  154. where can i get thriller 25 japanese version?
  155. Mj Fans Can Watch Grammys On 11th Feb On Itv2
  156. 2008 Grammy broadcast in Australia?
  157. Radio1 still not playlisted TGIM. Single failure.
  158. ~* Thriller 25 Celebration Thread! *~
  159. >>> EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Thriller 25 CD and LP pics!!
  160. Quincy met with Michael - speaks about Thriller 25
  161. Thriller's 25th iPod
  162. Michael enters the Dutch charts this week
  163. Attention fans in Finland!
  164. Its arrived.
  165. WBSS #20 on Australian Charts
  166. Australians- Where Will You Buy Thriller 25?
  167. Have you got T25 yet?/Went a little crazy...
  168. THE SUN on thriller 25!
  169. Topflux proudly presents: WBSS (T25 Celebration Remix) [full]
  170. Thriller 25 iTunes exclusive release "Thriller (25 Super Deluxe Edition)" TRACKLIST inside!
  171. Thriller 25 available NOW iTunes New Zealand + promo run down
  172. Karen Faye & Frank Dileo get a shout out on T25 booklet
  173. Thriller 25: japan version?
  174. Allmusic's review of Thriller 25
  175. Have a look at the T_25 CD and DVD package being opened
  176. TV Belgium This Sunday
  177. about sales thriller 25
  178. Billie Jean feat Kanye West on club!!!
  179. MJ Rockin New Zealand!!! 1st post :-)
  180. Motown 25 performance on T25 newly dubbed?
  181. Thriller25 Release Celebrations/Parties
  182. TF1's Video For WBSS2008!
  183. Amazon UK: Michael Jackson Thriller 25 Years Poster New Official
  184. WBSS08 #3 in Sweden and #8 in New Zealand.. :)
  185. Great Chart News From Aus!
  186. The return of Michael Jackson's Thriller
  187. Swedish television dedicated a segment to celebrate Thriller's success =D
  188. French Review Thriller 25 Anniversary Edition: Michael Jackson returns
  189. The Girl Is Mine Enters Top 40 - Number 32!!
  190. The King of Pop's zombies still thrill 25 years on
  191. WBSS 2008 is it released as a single cd???
  192. Michael Jackson special in biggest dutch newspaper!
  193. T25 Gold in Poland! *with Promotion Pics*-all threads merged-
  194. NEW PRODUCT - Thriller25 Japanese Single Collection - out March 2008 [threads merged]
  195. Thriller 25th in UK I-Tunes ?
  196. [PICS] Thriller25 promotion in ITALY - February 8th-9th, 2008 (video added)
  197. [PICS] Thriller 25/MJ Musical HMV photoshoot 11 Feb 2008.
  198. T25 launch XM 80's on channel 8/contests/MJJC Member Won-merged-
  199. NEWS* Michael Jackson`s Thriller 25 Anniversary CD in USA released!
  200. Has anyone in the USA managed to get thriller 25 today?
  201. Album sales/any way of finding out how well thriller 25 has done so far?
  202. Where can i buy singles and albums? (thriller 25th)
  203. Thriller 25 Ad just aired in the UK ITV 2 + 1 Hour
  204. thriller 25 vinyl
  205. 'For All Time' -All threads merged-
  206. the t25 deluxe expanded edition is out of print
  207. Thriller 25 15 Cert
  208. New MJ Thankyou Video Mentioned On Sky News
  209. I need some help with T25/Confused over T25/Thriller 25 Deluxe Fan Pack
  210. My Friends Is On Swedish News!!!
  211. 2 New Michael Jackson websites
  212. MJJ THRILLER 25 BOOK TO BE RELEASED and more...
  213. The Tv Advert (Thriller 25th}
  214. Suprise Suprise, New thriller 25 section on VH1, featuring interviews with,rick james,QJ,& more
  215. T25 DVD - The videos are digitally remastered, but can you tell?
  216. Michael is Zune's Artist of the Week!
  217. WWE wrestlers speak on Thriller 25
  218. 25 thriller facts
  219. [PICS] MJ on the cover of Dutch TV-Guide Veronica
  220. Almost 4,5 BILLION of world's population has changed since Thriller short film premiered
  221. thriller 25 #21 on amazon!!!!!!!!!
  222. thriller 25 article on wwe.com
  223. Has The Girl Is Mine 2008 Came Out On The Radio?
  224. Which Songs does michael sing on in Thriller 25?
  225. Pics of YOU! and UR THRILLER 25
  226. The Way You Milk Me Phil
  227. WBSS08 charted higher than WBSS83 in Aus
  228. NEW*Access Hollywood Video: MJ makes 25 - *Thriller 25 Anniversary*
  229. Another version of THRILLER 25 found in US Stores!!!
  230. Michael Jackson Pushes New Zealand's Telecom Over 2 Million
  231. The bigger picture - T25 - Is MJ proving a point?
  232. WOOHOO! It's (Beat It 2008) finally on the radio!
  233. T-25 ROCKS the charts in Scandinavia!
  234. Where are the Thriller 25 chart-results from Billboard?
  235. Aussie Fans: Thriller 25 Party friday night (Melbourne)
  236. I saw Thiller 25 Being played at a Supermarket!!
  237. US Wakeup Show honours "Thriller 25 Anniversary" with a Thriller Dance for everybody;-)
  238. Thriller & Billie Jean Ringle??
  239. Target exclusive 1982 radio mix if yal wanna hear
  240. Banner on the homepage of one of the biggest sites in Finland - competition to win a Creative Zen
  241. MJ ads in Washington DC and Baltimore according to music review
  242. Thriller 25 Is Sold Out Across Much of Canada & U.S.A...(merged)
  243. Irish Charts
  244. MJ vs CB on radio right now, plz vote online
  245. T25 hidden track
  246. chat about thriller:)
  247. Was your parent born in 70's and/or a Thriller fan?
  248. Did Michael get the "Thriller 25th"-idea from Billy Bush?
  249. MJ Fans in HMV - Release Thriller Anniversary Album
  250. Funny Story!!