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  1. Meet-Up Thread: Michael In London - Arrange meet up's at hotel or for the o2 in here! update page 1
  2. Picture Thread Only (No Chatter)
  3. The View at the O2?
  4. What time will people be getting to the O2 on Thursday?
  5. NYDailyNews Poll: Can MJ Revamp His Image?
  6. New site special to watch conference
  7. List of people going to the o2 tomorrow
  8. The Conference: Watching It UN-live
  9. Official O2 Conference Thread!!!
  10. Opening act!
  11. Press Conference Running Time
  12. ACROSS THE GLOBE: Where to watch the Press Conference.
  13. Michael to take over entire ad break 8th March 9:30PM GMT During Dancing on ice (merged)
  14. Posting on twitted live at the o2!!!
  15. MJ 10 day concert in july posters in london underground
  16. Merged:Will anyone travel from Australia?!
  17. Messages to Michael about his new O2 adventure!! Lets show our support!!
  18. This is IT!!!!
  19. Singing the songs my fans want to see
  20. Who Is Going From The US?
  21. anyone from canada or alberta going to the concert?
  22. Who's going from Sweden?
  23. Would love to see Jennifer Batten on guitar again!
  24. Costume
  25. Misinterpretations of 'This is it'
  26. TOP 5 Songs You Wanna See.
  27. you think one of the shows will be shown on HBO/TV? (merged)
  28. For non UK fans: Will you make the trip to London?
  29. MJ did wear his curly hair today right?
  30. Janet to Make Guest Appearance with Michael at London’s O2 Concerts
  31. Michael to play new songs at the o2
  32. What do YOU expect from the shows?
  33. Michael Jackson O2 Ticket Website Attracting 16,000 Visits a Second!
  34. Will camera's be allowed? / Camera advice [ Merged ]
  35. News Conference - video from the front?
  36. Mj poll: Cnn
  37. how long is michael staying in london?
  38. Jackson will watch the musical Oliver! tonight.
  39. I met Michael Jackson at the O2!!
  40. Michael in London - Outings and sightings thread March 6th
  41. O2 Arena Location
  42. Fan Review: The Day I Saw Michael Jackson: LIVE AT THE 02
  43. Meetup @ Lanesborough hotel :)
  44. Why not to announce all countries and all dates?
  45. Jackson's Comeback - What The Experts Think
  46. This Is It/ O2 Concert Merchandise
  47. Will Michael Do A Meet And Greet?
  48. *big bang show vs unplugged/one night only style show you decide*
  49. MJ to HIT IRELAND O2 TOO!!!???
  50. Question About The Conference Video...
  51. MJ CD sales soar after announcement!
  52. The experience of being at the front for the press conference (Video inside)
  53. worldwide press at the O2
  54. Who's going from Finland?
  55. sit anywhere
  56. The O2 rehearsals
  57. One things been bugging me :\
  58. Will there be promo for THIS IS IT?
  59. Bebo group for o2 gig
  60. Who is going from France?
  61. What happens from NOW til july?
  62. Ideal Set list?
  63. We should all use the option: 'tell Michael Jackson where to come' on eventful.com
  64. Should Mike have played Wembley instead?
  65. sorrybut this is emergeny!
  66. MJ at the O2 Arena, What to expect? (All threads merged)
  67. O2 News from Twitter...
  68. New message on Michaeljacksonlive.com
  69. How many shows are you attending ?
  70. Anyone travelling from New Zealand?
  71. Should Michael take the Family on Tour
  72. Did anybody receive emails about the pre-sale codes already? (Update on Post #170!)
  73. Songs would like to see removed from the setlist
  74. Banners!
  75. fully seated?
  76. the time has come !! the meaning!!
  77. MichaelJackson.com Updated
  78. Will we get the setlist before concert?
  79. the top 3 request ballads on the THIS IT TOUR
  80. The top 3 dance songs on THIS IS IT TOUR
  81. Please Read! About O2 Priority!
  82. Any fans going from the Midlands?
  83. At what hour does the concert start?
  84. The This Is it (stage)
  85. Mj/ Neyo Clash On The 18th July
  86. MJLIVE vs o2 Code
  87. IMPORTANT question for everyone!!!!
  88. Where to put in presale code?
  89. O2 Seating Plan (Picture)
  90. I don,t recognize michael in the way tis is organized
  91. O2 Info On Pulic Sale
  92. Any fans living in Peterborough going on the 28th?
  93. Anyone want a re-sale code? (Merged)
  94. Micheal Jackson can do this tour!!!!
  95. Will you go VIP or standard?
  96. Best of luck everyone
  97. Staying Awake
  98. Heading for what section ?
  99. email from MJ life, subject: Information regarding your michael jackson presale registration...
  100. The Angry Waiting In Line Thread
  101. New Date added on michaeljacksonlive.com!!!
  102. Who's going from Canada (especially from Ontario.. and esp. in Toronto? o.o)
  103. Unhappy with your seats?
  104. The After Show Party Thread
  105. Anyone with a hsbc debit card? Need help urgently!
  106. Quick US Questions!!!!!!!
  107. Who's going opening night then?! (8th July)
  108. The biggest comeback ever
  109. The:I got mine-who's going to my show?!?! -thread
  110. The VIP Thread
  111. Fans From Switzerand /Germany?
  112. Sold out!
  113. All important tick question....
  114. Anyone from Austria?
  115. Make a Vacation of it!! For those of us traveling long distances.
  116. Mike's first concert series in an indoor arena?
  117. Who's going from Denmark?
  118. Presents to Michael in London
  119. Question about the codes
  120. Michael will be 'in the air' for half the concert!!!!
  121. Merged:Celebs Who Might Be At The Concerts?
  122. The "I'm Going Alone" Thread...
  123. MJ's setlist revealed [Not Official]
  124. Panoramic view of O2. Not a Bad Seat in the Place!!
  125. Anyone get email code yet for tonight/this morning?
  126. MJJC representing, lol.
  127. Do you think it's worth queing outside the o2 tonight?
  128. Supporting act?! [All related threads Merged]
  129. Want to see Michael again next year but dont have te money right now!
  130. 45 Dates - Is It Possible?
  131. Regarding - preview of what to expect before the concert or the waiting part?
  132. Question about Credit Card (Visa Electron)
  133. really confused help
  134. Anyone noticed the better media coverage?
  135. Amazing special effects
  136. To many dates at once?
  137. Anyone know how the new dates sold today?
  138. BBC: "This Is It" - fastest selling tour in history
  139. 50 dates plus some club indigo concerts?
  140. Planned long in advance?
  141. Just wondering about something...
  142. Email AEG
  143. Poll: How many people are you going with
  144. The O2 website salute to MJ !
  145. "Michael feels reborn" says Randy Phillips
  146. Why is this even allowed?
  147. Concerts Are Now Sold Out!
  148. A little Tip...
  149. Fan Meet-Up in London
  150. Chance to pick Michael's set list
  151. Which members are attending and what dates? [ Updated list on page 1 ]
  152. Ready for summer 2009!!? this is michael Jackson
  153. Are fans going to celebrate Michael's birthday on the 28th Aug show?
  154. High pitch Mike will be supporting MJ?
  155. just checked my balance at bank cash point and money was taking out on 13th for 4 presale tickets
  156. Some footage of the O2 Arena
  157. Tour direction by Kenny Ortega? Plus 'Superstar guest appearances'
  158. How many concerts will you attend?
  159. The Competition Videos :)
  160. Michael Jackson too thrilling for insurance companies? No one wants to risk covering his concerts
  161. Michael Jackson Number 5 On Itunes Top Albums
  162. What Should Be The Opening Song? (Merged)
  163. Any Aussie's going?
  164. Songs you DO & DON'T want to hear live!
  165. Concet Duration Thread And Other Things 'Time'
  166. BRING MICHAEL TO THE USA PROJECT!!! Please read:)
  167. will the o2 london concert will broadcast on t.v
  168. Google searches for O2 arena
  169. PreBirthday show!
  170. A little preview of the tour:)
  171. Questions concerning the set list.
  172. Should I be there since the early morning?
  173. What seats are better? Block 412 or block 404?
  174. Change set-list?
  175. My feelings about London :)
  176. who's going from East Sussex?
  177. Press reports and clips of Michaels comeback thread
  178. Will fans on 422 and 401 see Michael?
  179. The Sun says it will show setlist voted by fans to MJ!?
  180. Inside the O2 Arena: Size, Pics, Videos... [All threads merged]
  181. Song looking forward to??
  182. Are are there any auditons for any dancers or singers??????
  183. Which outfits would you like to see Michael wearing for The concerts?
  184. Fans: for international Credit Card purchases, BE VERY CAREFUL
  185. When do you think rehearsals start?
  186. Should Michael Do This...
  187. Anyone attending from Staffordshire?
  188. Who wants to see some more beat boxing?
  189. Irish fan's attending 8th July, opening night?
  190. Questions, Comments, Concerns to AEG Thread
  191. Who wants to be the You are not alone/She's out of my life girl?
  192. OMG I Have to Rant about YOU GUYS
  193. sum1 help with my seats please?! lol
  194. Will this tour be the biggest ever?
  195. The 02 has Michael'd up its home page
  196. aeg txt me free billie jean video
  198. Your Plan to get close to michael during the show
  199. I'll Be There pepsi commercial format for the O2
  200. Official Merchandise?
  201. does any1 fancy a msn chat when ppl start getting luck with tickets 2day?
  202. Design Your Own Set List
  203. Replica outfits at the concert?
  204. Lighters at the concert??
  205. The o2 on google street maps
  206. What about a special tribute to james brown doing the concerts!!!!
  207. Closing of the concerts!!!!!!!!!
  208. Who's going from Norway?
  209. What "This Is It" really meant
  210. Where have they all gone?
  211. It's as he said - VOTE YOUR SET LIST on mjlive
  212. Michael Jackson shows to be recorded for future broadcasting? [All related threads merged]
  213. FREE video download of ‘Billie Jean’!‏
  214. revealed..more info on O2 shows!
  215. will this be the FIRST EVER concert you'll be going to? [Edited in post 1]
  216. What will happen to all the cancelled tickets ??
  217. Michael Rehearsing?
  218. Michael after the shows RELEASE A BOX SET
  219. Fans United: Giving Back To Michael!
  220. what about the VIP goodies?
  221. Article bout MJ "comeback"
  222. What time arena doors open ? Show Start ?
  223. Placard, anyone?
  224. If anyone have a spare itunes code
  225. Who wants MJ to perform Music and Me?
  226. Free billie jean giveaway
  227. After-party...
  228. July 8th Meet up thread (first post updated)
  229. It would be a crime not to perform, "Heartbreak Hotel"
  230. Aftershow party Talk Questions & Answers [ All threads merged ]
  231. What kind of hairstyle will Mike wear to his tour?
  232. Corporate/VIP Box Suites
  233. Hearts for Michael
  234. Who's excited??!
  235. Which Date will be his best?
  236. OK Whats the Deal?
  237. The stage
  238. Will card holder have to be present on day ?
  239. I need some advice please: BK 104 or BK 418??
  240. Who Needs Help With Accomodation During Concert Times? Maybe I Can Help?
  241. How Much Do You Think Will Watch?
  242. Joke:AP: Michael Jackson Fires Leonard Rowe (Concert Promoter)
  243. What? Chairs?
  244. Be a backup dancer for Michael!
  245. Poster
  246. Pre-show party!
  247. Roses of Love for Michael on the opening night
  248. New Auction Site Rockybid.com Launches With Hot Deals on Michael Jackson Conce
  249. What will you be wearing to the concert?
  250. what sort of clothing do you think michael will wear