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  1. What Are You Listening To?
  2. How was your day?
  3. These Are My Confessions
  4. Shout Out Your I Love You's!
  5. Who Am I?
  6. Ultimate Song Game
  7. What is your weather like?
  8. This or That
  9. The Epic Thread of Random-ness
  10. What are you doing this very second?
  11. When Was the Last Time?
  12. What's The Time?
  13. ***** Make A Wish *****
  14. Rate the Siggy that Posts before You
  15. Rate the Avatar above you!
  16. How Are You Feeling Today?
  17. what are you watching right at this moment on TV?
  18. What are you drinking?
  19. Who is the biggest fan on mjjf/c?
  20. The ranting thread
  21. Kiss or Diss?
  22. How compatible are u with MJ?
  23. The Person Below Me....
  24. The going to bed and logging off thread
  25. A-Z of HoRRoR!
  26. What are you reading?
  27. The Person Above Me
  28. Change a Letter
  29. Don't you hate it when......
  30. George Michael
  31. The what are you wearing today thread LOL
  32. Would you hit it?
  33. Your Michael Jackson song of the moment.
  34. who would you give a hug to?
  35. The Yum Or Yuck Game!
  36. A to Z - Movies Thread
  37. How many times a day do you................
  38. Whats in ur paste ?
  39. Guilty or not guilty (game)
  40. What are you listening to?
  41. Guess who posts next...
  42. A-Z of Famous People
  43. who you love more?
  44. Who is your favourite Disney character? ( Merged )
  45. So You Think You Can Dance 3
  46. When was the first time you?
  47. A-Z of Your Favourite Songs
  48. Did you know?
  49. The Sandwich building game.
  50. Mundane things we wonder about Michael/Random MJ thoughts merged
  51. Songs that reflect your current mood
  52. Say it in Three Words
  53. Say It In Four Words
  54. Funny Word Game
  55. ............. Is what I need
  56. Random and Funny pictures! [MERGED]
  57. The BRB/see you later thread :)
  58. What song is stuck in your head?
  59. The THANK YOU! Gratitude Thread.... [ Merged ]
  60. The what are you chewing on thread...(not eating..)
  61. List your biggest Pet Peeves
  62. Say Something Nice About Someone Else Thread
  63. Don't you LOVE it when.... [Merged]
  64. What was the last thing you bought?
  65. Gettin' 2 Know Each Other Game
  66. If you could be any given animal
  67. Ask a Weird question thread
  68. The Backwards thread
  69. Let's make the longest question in the world
  70. Post your Desktops ( Merged )
  71. It was the best of times...It was the worst of times...
  72. Britney Spears loses manager and lawyer in the same day
  73. Usher Talks About His New Album
  74. Can you type * Michael Jackson * with your eyes closed?
  75. Help write a funny poem thread
  76. **The Official Blogthings and Quiz Thread**
  77. Madonna has made me a fan again - NEW $120mil deal
  78. Justin Timberlake matches record set by Michael Jackson
  79. Roberto Cavalli to design for Spice Girls Tour
  80. What is your Favorite thing to do on Halloween?
  81. A-Z of Locations
  82. Justin's Futurelove/sexsounds deluxe edition cover
  83. The Home Video Prince Doesn't Want You to See
  84. Kayne West's Mom Dies Suddenly ~Kayne Breaks Down~
  85. Mika's fantastic concert!
  86. When I'm Gone - Brenda Holloway
  87. And guess what he has in his background?
  88. American Music Awards 2007
  89. Video of Amy Winehouse Snorting Cocaine Onstage
  90. Shakira's amazing songs for the movie....
  91. Online fortune cookies
  92. Diana Ross' Father Dies
  93. Ne-Yo No Longer on Tour (Kells Related)
  94. Right, where is WBSS, went to JT on Friday night
  95. Whitney Houston to put on 1 hour show December 1st
  96. Chris Brown's Off the Wall move :p
  97. Your Wedding song???
  98. funny prince interview (mentions mj too)
  99. Alicia Keys' new album
  100. Grammy Nominations Announced Tommorrow
  101. Madonna Names New Album 'Licorice'
  102. Everyone has a song that means somthing to them, whats yours?
  103. Your faveourite Christmas Song
  104. Chris Brown's "Exclusive" Album & The Critics
  105. Feedback - New Janet Jackson song
  106. Madonna In The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!
  107. Alicia Keys Covers Human Nature
  108. Celine Dion's Last Show in Vegas
  109. Songs with Mojo
  110. Is Justin performing at next years Superbowl?
  111. Who you find overrated and corny?
  112. Mary J Blige has caused a little controversy
  113. What is your favourite song right now?
  114. Britney's 16 Yr Old Sis Confirms Preg.
  115. ever get a album for christmas?
  116. I didn't realized on TLC's CrazySexyCool there is an MJ diss
  117. Jay-z Stepping Down As Def Jam Prez
  118. do you have a favorite tribute album?
  119. Mariah Carey's New Single "I Feel It"
  120. What did you think of Mariah's 'Clown' in reference to Eminem
  121. Your Top Five Songs of 2007
  122. My god what an amazing voice
  123. Has anyone seen this? :)
  124. Beat It - N.Y's Eve by Fall Out Boy
  125. Diana Ross
  126. Ne-Yo suing R Kelly
  127. Ushers new song
  128. Britney Spears: Taken to hospital (mental evaluation?)
  129. True Love....thoughts??
  130. do you like your artists a bit looney?
  131. Check out Billy Gilman
  132. The Culture Club appreication thread
  133. Bruce Willis - Under The Boardwalk
  134. The MJ song battle Game.
  135. Is Prince sexy....like really?
  136. The Official Britney Spears Thread,Calling all Britney fans!
  137. Paradise for my buddies
  138. Bon Jovi
  139. THE Rockstar thread
  140. Savage Garden - Affirmation album
  141. Elvis Presley
  142. The Ballad thread
  143. For Sade Fans
  144. any avril fans?
  145. MJ Change the Lyrics to the song game
  146. what about you is most appealing?
  147. Aaliyah
  148. The George Michael appreication thread
  149. AMERICAN IDOL *Official thread*
  150. Eminem
  151. What are your favorite Party songs?
  152. Your faveourite Disney Song?
  153. Who is your favorite band?
  154. Amy Winehouse to soak up Marley spirit in Jamaica!!
  155. Kenny G
  156. How do you feel right now (In Smiley Form)?
  157. Jay Makwana
  158. Craig David's NEW single & video!
  159. *How low can we go?*
  160. Video of Freddie Mercury with long term friend Mary Austins son recorded a year before he died
  161. Paula Abdul! *new song*
  162. what's a Championship for a Artist?
  163. R&b Singer Usher's Father Dies Suddenly
  164. Garth Brooks Mania
  165. Let's Count!
  166. What would you do if...............
  167. Marilyn Manson
  168. Post YouTube videos of yourself singing/playing or a song/remix you've made
  169. Ted Nugent
  170. Sing! Sing a Song.....
  171. Country Music
  172. Jpop
  173. Today's music sucks!
  174. Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto
  175. Madonna Appreciation thread - For fans
  176. Diana Ross as Dorothy, what do people think?
  177. Spice Girls 'Shake Your Body' Cover
  178. Who here likes (liked??) Hanson?
  179. Tina Turner Appreciation Thread -- For Fans
  180. Grease!
  181. Best decade for music
  182. New Album Cover (Erykah Badu) HOT!!!
  183. Silverchair
  184. First Grammy Performers Announced
  185. Mary J Blige - Growing Pains
  186. Any George Michael fans here?
  187. Someday We'll All Be Free - Donny Hathaway
  188. Ruth Ann - What About Us - Album - A MUST HAVE! Get In!
  189. The Best/Most Beautiful Album Covers
  190. Celine Dion.
  191. New Kids On The Block Stage Comeback
  192. How many concerts have you been to?
  193. what are you tired of?....
  194. Who is in your opinion the queen of pop?
  195. Stephen Lynch
  196. Prince Appreciation Thread - For Fans
  197. Tlc
  198. Who remembers Michel "le?
  199. Jason Weaver
  200. The Official Britney Spears Drama Thread
  201. Have you ever has a song touch you so much
  202. 'With You'....Tony Terry
  203. The in my pants game..........
  204. Songs without videos
  205. Let me let go?
  206. What are your top 5 favorite albums right now?
  207. 2 New "official" Kylie Minogue Video's
  208. Would you rather game....
  209. Post your mood in ONE word
  210. If your happy and you know it....
  211. The last thing you said thread
  212. when artists can't stand one another
  213. Aretha Franklin
  214. For a Great Time..See Lenny
  215. Put your King of Pop samples here
  216. A Public Service Announcement that might get through to somebody
  217. Iron Maiden
  218. Will.i.am & All Star Music Video For Obama
  219. So when the David Bowie track will be out?
  220. What are your > TOP 5 < most played artists in your music collection?
  221. David Jordan
  222. Paula Abdul's 'Super Bowl' Performance (Video)
  223. 50th Grammy Awards predictions
  224. ok This is Where i draw the Line
  225. Is there a topic for KanYe West?
  226. Britney spears look alike-Debbie Gibson
  227. the pet thread :D
  228. Watch: 2008 GRAMMY Award Performances
  229. Best lines in an MJ song that you love?
  230. Stevie Wonder~merged~
  231. Robert Nesta Marley - Bob Marley!
  232. What was the last film/dvd you watched?
  233. Mtv
  234. The Rape of the World
  235. Chris Brown biting Mike's style, & poses on cover of Men's Health
  236. Jennifer Lopez latest video (before she started showing)
  237. ~~~50th Grammy Awards/Pix, Downloads, Multimedia READ ONLY~
  238. Jesse McCartney
  239. Zac Efron
  240. REVIEW: Grammys fete Beatles - For Reflection
  241. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
  242. New Jack Swing Appreciation Thread
  243. The "OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN" thread.
  244. ushers new single....
  245. Any Jennifer Lopez fans here...?
  246. Erykah Badu
  247. New Mariah!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Simple Plan
  249. Your top 10 most played songs
  250. Queen of Soul Upset Over "Queen" Statement By Beyonce