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  1. Report this video (Make Youtube remove it)
  2. Legacy Recordings MJ Biography - DEMAND a CHANGE!
  3. "Nevertheless" Israeli article - very negative
  4. WIKIPEDIA trying to make MJ sound guilty
  5. Unfortunate defending of Michael I have had to do recently
  7. Alert: Please everyone! Go here & leave a comment to this Yahoo Article!
  8. report this youtuber
  9. go to www.bet.com
  10. Please report this eBay item! Do it for Michael!
  11. Lets Do Something (to Show People)
  12. MJ rebuttal/fan vid
  13. UK TV ALERT. 11th September, CRIME TV
  14. Send an email to Lorraine Kelly
  15. could someone do something about this
  16. Satan*cough*Santa Barbara County MADNESS!!
  17. Michael Jackson: The long moonwalk to pop oblivion
  18. Michael's not gunna answer our wishes for a comeback.....
  19. Parade Magazine
  20. TYT is the latest to bash MJ for no reason
  21. WTF - This is slander
  22. i'm so sick and tried of people and the media calling MJ ***** and *****
  23. anyone else have trouble in skool?!
  24. Gentle Education
  25. Haters at DS
  26. Yet Again...
  27. Actress Nikki Reed Reveals MJ Crush
  28. Where Jacksons are now
  29. Has Anybody Been on Topix?
  30. The London Paper - Views about buying tickets
  31. MJ complains to BBC over IRA jibe??
  32. WARNING.. another fake mj youtube channel.
  33. stars of harry potter invited backstage for opening night
  34. Michael Jackson bio... not again :(
  35. ***** vs Justin Top 20
  36. Sunrise
  37. Some idiot comparing Phil Spector's case to MJ's
  38. Bogus story about crash with ambulance...proof how people will do anything for money/attention...
  39. Jackson 5 Video attacked by HATERS.
  40. alan carr -MJ Hater!
  41. Ola Ray sues MJ for unpaid royalties
  42. I've had enough of HIM!!!
  43. MJ Hater Lorraine Kelly might be coming to my school
  44. [Boxer] Amir Khan slams Michael Jackson
  45. Michael Jackson fans protest postponement
  46. Henry Vaccaro has a youtube channel all about Mike
  47. This is why you can't trust the Los Angeles Times
  48. Support Michael JAckson in the UKs biggest newspaper website.
  49. Why so many visits to Medical Center
  50. New petition website
  51. Wikipedia trying to delete MJ's legacy?
  52. Where is Michael's doctor?
  53. Reporter says MJ's death is "not a diana moment and is all false emotion"
  54. FOXNEWS needs to be blasted.
  55. The Number "25" So Significant?
  56. mj's dr. not board certified?
  57. Haters on another board - please help
  58. Could Lupus have caused the heart attack?
  59. Matt Fiddes says he "confiscated bag of drugs" from MJ
  60. Do u believe any of the conspiracy theories?
  61. Calls MJ "Twisted Sicko"
  62. I'm sorry, but I must rant about this...
  63. Hate Group To Protest At MJ Funeral
  64. I thought it was to good to be true of Madonna fans.
  65. offensive picture against MJ -ACTION NEDED-
  66. Email Pete King NY Congressman NOW!! Disgusting comments about MJ
  67. Ultimate Warrior talking trash about Michael ?
  68. Bill OReilly Bleating on on Fox.
  69. Responses to CBC News article about Memorial
  70. Complaining to the editor of the Guardian: A Newspaper In The U.K.
  71. Question
  72. JANET in 2007 tried TO HELP?
  73. CNN/HLN and Coordinated Attack?
  74. Why won't people tell the truth about Michael?
  75. Sick people are SICK.
  76. email or letter campaign agaisnt andrea peyser ny post
  77. L.A. Police Chief: Homicide or Accidental Overdose
  78. ABC Nightline Interview with Joe Jackson 7-9-09
  79. Raymone Bain to the rescue again against intervention rumors
  80. *NEW UPPDATED July 28*....Dale Jamaluddin Marcell and Cat Stevens about the Islam rumor
  81. When some people ask these statements what are your answers?
  82. ABC: Undertanding Michael Jacksons Ailment
  83. TMZ Reports ONLY. NO CHATTER
  84. Can the executors sue?
  85. I wish the media would stop.....
  86. Leonard Rowe on Anderson 360 - Michael was unfit to perform
  87. Geragos: Saw no Evidence of Jackson Med Abuse - MiniB#73
  88. (Video) Police @ Kleins - Loading stuff in car
  89. The 'Do' or 'Die' moment
  90. Video - Former Bodyguard Mike Laperruque Interview
  91. To many things seem wrong with all this
  92. La Toya Jackson: Michael was murdered... I felt it from the start
  93. Please give me a Brief Overview of the Truth
  94. Fan Donations for Memorial
  95. Child Protective Services Visits Jackson Family Home
  96. TMZ Chatter ONLY
  97. Grace Rwaramba's high school yearbook photos
  98. Video of the Grace Rwaramba interview..
  99. Will.I.Am gives thanks to Michael Jackson
  100. UK TV: MJ's last days - what really happened..
  101. Diprivan/ propofol and Lupus treatment
  102. Michael Jackson's Doctor Not Cooperating With Authorities
  103. Was Michael Jackson really murdered? Who did it? Let's talk about it
  104. Bashir Interview with MJ
  105. Wheres all these 'Needle tracks' on his arms?
  106. Tatum O'Neal Opens Up About 'Awkward' Michael Jackson Romance
  107. Joe's report to ABC News about the 02 shows...
  108. Why Did AEG/Randy Phillips???
  109. Michael Jackson's father: Singer couldn't have done 50 concerts
  110. How weird is this?
  111. Where Does This Fit In to Things: Family Reunion Concert?
  112. MJ seen leaving clinic on 9 Jun 09
  113. Is the sun starting to listen? My response from the editor
  114. Taylor hospitalised over Jackson death agony
  115. Fans Made It Into The Paper Today.
  116. Michael Jackson gig promoter to confirm O2 Arena tribute gig 'this week'
  117. The pathologist
  118. Latoya was paid for her interview claiming Michael was dead
  119. Okay, This Is Getting Out Of Hand!!
  120. Michael Jackson was confronted by family over drugs - Tito Jackson
  121. Tito Jackson on hearing about brother Michael Jackson death
  122. IF Michael was murdered, THIS is what I believe happened (please don't merge)
  123. Judge Joe Brown slanders MJ on Larry King
  124. LAPD Treating Jackson Death as Homicide
  125. Ghostly image of MJ on car.
  126. Please sign petition to remove Martin Bashir from niteline
  127. Spiritual Advisor ???
  128. Dozens of doctors probed in Michael Jackson's death
  129. Propofol was the primary reason Jackson's heart stopped beating.
  130. LAPD Denies Report Michael Jackson's Dead Treated as Homicide
  131. Seth Riggs (MJ's vocal coach) believes that Michael was murdered
  132. MJ's Team Shutting out & Blockin the Family?
  133. Nancy Grace
  134. Did Michael let us down with his drug addiction?
  135. Michael Being Viciously Attacked on Facebook Groups. I need your help to get them removed.
  136. B.o.t.d.f
  137. Jacksons heading to Jamaica (Reggae Sumfest dedciated to MJ)
  138. NEWS: Michael's Suppose Reality Show Unseen Footage!
  139. The Media is Addicted to Michael Jackson - Bullet#335
  140. Kenny and Randy PC :|
  141. You have to read this shocking story !!!
  142. Jacksons case treated as second degree murder.
  143. 'In this world there's much confusion"...
  144. Has anyone read this b**S***?
  145. Did Latoya Jackson have vitiligo?
  146. Don't Expect Justice: Just Keep Your Love for Michael Jackson
  147. Conrad Murray: "I Didn't Kill Michael"
  148. Murder charges in Michael Jackson case are unlikely
  149. REPORT this article !!!!
  150. Interesting blog of a 'lawyer'-fan about possible insurance policy
  151. Canadian Article on Lupus Featuring Michael
  152. about diprovan
  153. Joan Rivers making fun of Michael's death
  154. Ian Halperin Slams AEG!
  155. Leonard Rowe
  156. Jackson Death Probe Zeroes In on Source of Drugs
  157. Did Michael have lupus?
  158. OFFICIAL Timeline Thread - All info collated here
  159. "Tribute" shirt
  160. review Ian Halperin's book on Amazon
  161. How did Halprin know!?? Unless he was INVolved?!
  162. Jermaine's tearful plea
  163. Rolling Stone Editor Offers New Insight into Life & Death of Jackson
  164. What i think.....Happened...
  165. Let's boycott Lil wayne music...
  166. No TV Special Made Out of Michael Jackson's Tribute
  167. Were there any cameras in the house? (I think this is IMPORTANT)
  168. Uri Geller: A Very Shady Man
  169. Twitter...You wont believe
  170. Michael Jackson 'left to die on drugs drip after a doctor fell asleep', his plastic surgeon claims
  171. july 23, 2009 Jackson Doctor Manslaughter Court Documents Filed
  172. Former Jackson Doctor Claims Prince Michael I Saw Resuscitation Attempts Of Father
  173. LAPD/Coroner's office leaks to media
  174. Items taken from Michael Jackson's doctor's buildings listed
  175. Insurance policy- if negligent homicide will it be considered "overdose"
  176. Phen Phen? Michael died of Phen Phen?
  177. Where is the Medical?
  178. wow, just like mike almost
  179. Investigations and what I think about it....
  180. Sheriff probes leaks by Coroner's Employees in Jackson Case
  181. "MJ was a person who was seeking help, desperately, to get some sleep, to get some rest."
  182. I watched Geraldo At Large 7/25/2009 Debbie Rowe Gave MJ Demerol
  183. Um, Murray Did The AEG Medical/Physical For Michael? *UPDATE LAST POST*
  184. Intelligent Discussion Going On At This Site
  185. Geraldo - Debra Rowe Log Book
  186. Show your Disgust at the BBC
  187. "The Press Does Not Tell the Truth"
  188. Toxicology reports, what determines how much will be released to the public?
  189. July 28, 2009 Jackson's doc administered anesthetic that authorities believe killed the pop star
  190. Haterazin' on youtube
  191. july 27, 2009 Suspicions Grow over Jackson Doc Conrad Murray – Bullet#336
  192. Kanye West calling himself the new king of Pop,WTF?
  193. How dumb can people be?
  194. Michael's final resting place!
  195. Will the Autopsy Results Only Confirm What We Think Rather Than Teach Us Something New?
  196. Life insurance might not have been paid...
  197. so angry
  198. Dr Conrad Murray favoured holistic medicine
  199. The Chef, Kai Chase's about the day Michael Died (Merged) (All discussion here, please)
  200. Will all this LEAKED information backfire and actually get Dr. Murray off if he goes to trial?
  201. What do you think the resultsof the test be you think?
  202. July 29, 2009 experts opinion on Propofol
  203. 7/29 Jackson post-mortem details delayed
  204. michael had no pulse or heart beat
  205. See Pictures of the Suspects in the MJ Murder Mystery
  206. Merged: Psychics channel Michael
  207. Did anyone watch Access Hollywood tonight?
  208. The Science Of Propofol?
  209. Anna Nicole & Michael Jackson both shared #s 7,7,2, Both Died the Same Way, Both Worth Billions
  210. Video-Doctor Gurley Interview with Attorney Excellent Discussion of Manslaughter and Dr. Murray
  211. Frank DiLeo Speaks about AEG shows and the Day MJ Died
  212. when was michael gonna come to london?
  213. Just seen the 'other' footage from the Bashir interview - I'm in shock!!
  214. Dr. Murray Was a Hired Assassin
  215. Nurse Lee Interview (On the Record)
  216. Bodyguards, cleaners, nannies, cooks, guards..
  217. Michael Jackson The Drug Addict -- A Commentary
  218. A very informative article I read last night about Conrad Murray and the charges he may face...
  219. AEG was not Going to Spend the Money for Michael's Live Performances
  220. WARNING! details of michael's room
  221. Who stands to make the most money from MJ's death
  222. Friedman: Almost no Jackson news are true (posted with permission from mods)
  223. Geraldeo & Joe Jackson (8/2/09) Michael Jackson Killed for His Money:
  224. Preservation of Evidence-FoxNews.Com
  225. Can people be this brainwashed?
  226. Dr Murray was MJ's doctor as well as JB's.omgggggggggggggggggggggg
  227. Administrators of Michael Jackson's estate have received his life insurance proceeds
  228. The FBI & DEA should be Investigating who is Selling Michael's Private Home Videos, The Stolen Ones
  229. help needed...
  230. Top 10 Questions Everyone SHOULD Be Asking About Michael Jackson!
  231. A Speech MJ made about Tommy Mottola
  232. Michael's medical report missing...?!
  233. Something I plan to write about and send to the media...
  234. Michael Jackson's Diary!!!
  235. Katherine Has Requested a Second Private Autopsy
  236. Dr Tohme Tohme, AEG and Colony Captial(who co-own Neverland)
  237. how many of u will trust the autopsy results?
  238. My conspiracy theory
  239. Dr Klein and Debbie Rowe... in it together?
  240. Post-it-notes give clue to Michael's state of mind before he passed?
  241. AP source: Jackson doc gave sedatives before death
  242. I need some help with something
  243. Campaign: "Gimme The Truth! - The World Doesn't Need Sensationalism!"
  244. mark lester claims 2 be paris' father jackson fam denies
  245. Can someone clear this up for me?
  246. Duane Reade and the demon's book.
  247. when were these pictures took?
  248. Investigators search Las Vegas pharmacy in Michael Jackson's death (Breaking?)
  249. Will Dr. Murray Roll on Others who are involved?
  250. Got more people almost convinced of no wrongdoing...but...