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  1. To My Dearest Michael ,
  2. R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson
  3. Official Celebrity Statements Thread
  4. Prince, Paris, Blanket - We Love You...
  5. On Behalf Of MJJC..Michael We love you
  6. Michael *****n left with out saying good-bye..
  7. What did you learn from Michae Jackson?
  8. Songs NOT by MJ that remind you of him
  9. I hope he can see this...(My letter to him)
  10. Michael Jackson ~ Tribute Video (I Made)
  11. Gone too soon website page for Michael.
  12. For those that believe in God/heaven.....
  13. I've decided to post..
  14. The MJ opus
  15. Goodnight Michael
  16. 100 private photos of MJ
  17. Without you...
  18. The pain won't go away and it make me angry!
  19. Funny dance tribute
  20. Did Michael Jackson have a real close friends or a good friend?
  21. Four months without Michael
  22. There was a Boy _ Michael Jackson_The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn
  23. Fan of Michael the Man before Michael the Music
  24. A poem for Michael
  25. Michaels influence on me
  26. I love you Michael
  27. I need you
  28. He will come to you
  29. life after This is it
  30. R&B Singer Mario sings 'Human Nature' in tribute to Michael
  31. R. Kelly pays tribute to Michael in his ongoing tour
  32. If
  33. Something to help u whenever u feel down:)
  34. Ryan White's mom, the Neverland that never was, Silenced Truth
  35. Us Without You
  36. Michael, I miss you...
  37. Post your poems for Michael here :)
  38. Question: Michael's Memorial
  39. Please Forgive Me but I am Curious about Something
  40. You are everything to me...
  41. Michael Jackson had nice lips
  42. To me Michael Jackson will never look older
  43. Look Now They Love Me... (MJ Tribute)
  44. JMJ Productions - 'This Is It' Tribute Performance
  45. Jay kid talking about michael's death
  46. Plans for June 25, 2010?
  47. Tribute video i made :)
  48. Heal The World - Piano Tribute
  49. I still havent seen the memorial
  50. The next time you feel mad or sad about Michael being gone, remember and imagine…
  51. oh my god! I just realised Michael really loved me!
  52. A Thank You To Michael Jackson
  53. very touching tribute to Michael... :'(
  54. My beautiful MJ family....
  55. You think you can...
  56. Five months without Michael
  57. What Michael means to me... a short writing of mine...
  58. My Friend Michael Jackson - By Charlie Ray
  59. Karma is a bitch
  60. Cant get over it
  61. B.I.P not R.I.P... what u think?
  62. Bathe me in Gold
  63. Any Annointed MJ Followers/Cult of MJ?
  64. Thriller from QC, Canada
  65. Can someone help me find this post?
  66. Heal the World for Children is bringing a Christmas Tree to Michael- want your name on the card?
  67. Your Message In Honour of MJ
  68. Christmas wishes for Michael and his family
  69. 6 months before Christmas
  70. christmas poem for michael, by me,
  71. Poem for Michael
  72. Michael: Thank You for the Mirror!!
  73. How am I
  74. All I Want For Christmas is You
  75. dedicated to prince and paris and blanket
  76. Half a year has passed...
  77. He is so missed...........
  78. 2010: First year since 1957 without Michael Jackson in the world.
  79. Our forever love
  80. Michael Is Our Angel Watching Over Us
  81. Michael Jackson Snow Sculpture Tribute
  82. New tribute to the King
  83. I wanna play with time...
  84. I will never forget you my idol
  85. Rose Parade
  86. A magnificent video which contains Michael's spirit
  87. "Gone too soon but, Never forgotten"
  88. Thinking of you the whole time!
  89. Bollywood Tribute to MJ
  90. Something I Wrote To Myself...
  91. Dutch Delta Lloyd Tribute
  92. My Tribute...
  93. Rapper Sisqo recalls on the time he met Michael.
  94. Not ready to make nice
  95. Yes, This Is It!
  96. Never forget...
  97. Essential Moments & Tributes
  98. Great Song about Michael's death!
  99. 'i miss him so much'
  100. Beat It Flash Mob Performance
  101. I miss you Michael
  102. Beautiful tribute videos
  103. does anyone else feel guilt?
  104. World Hold on_This Is It and He will Always be it
  105. Michael tribute 'army style'
  106. Please vote to keep MJ at No.1
  107. Neverland Video
  108. MJ Tribute Band tours the US and UK
  109. Thank you Michael
  110. touching message fan dedicate to michael
  111. should be with Michael now
  112. Anticipations vs. Expectations = The Michael Jackson Factor
  113. Nice video, it's all about Healing the world
  114. Check this out...
  115. 7 months without Michael
  116. We Used To Look At The Same Moon
  117. They Who? it starts with US!! Make that change!
  118. June 25, 2010
  119. Amazing MJ Tribute
  120. The Tribute London
  121. Another Tribute Radio Station
  122. Retirement Center Workin 'Billie Jean' LOL
  123. My present to the fans, my tribute videos
  124. Earth Song Great Hommage...TAKE A LISTEN!!!
  125. Lyrics Book Project
  126. Whitney Houston Sings bits of WBSS & TWYMMF
  127. Something I wrote with Michael in mind...
  128. Michael jackson -in the arms of an angel
  129. The Wall
  130. Denial....
  131. What The World Needs Now Is Love
  132. Amazing Michael Jackson Tribute
  133. Tribute in Brazil
  134. l love & miss.. michael
  135. how he made us feel
  136. Fashion house pays tribute to Michael Jackson
  137. Until We Meet Again
  138. I feel Guilt
  139. Saint Michael?
  140. Speeches from the memorial?
  141. I just can't stop loving you Michael
  142. Letter to Michael
  143. Michael kissed me last night...
  144. YouTube Tribute Video "Ireland loves Michael Jackson"
  145. My Dearest Michael
  146. MJ's Mum Katherine. Sending letters & gifts.
  147. A Memorial in honor of Michael in Paris
  148. So hard missing michael!!!!!
  149. My story
  150. The last day
  151. He can still comfort us!
  152. This Belly Dancing Tribute video might cheer you up, take a look!
  153. Small tribute in Big place
  154. HELP| recognizing quotes
  155. Love Was Your Glue (Poem By Me)
  156. my poam
  157. Missing Michael
  158. HELP! still grieving terribly, going up and don like a merry-go-round!
  159. My Fallen Angel
  160. Never can say goodbye -the story of one fan
  161. Why Did You Leave Again
  162. Video I made on the day of the burial
  163. Prayer corner for Michael and his family, fans, please post them here!
  164. Wish Upon A Star
  165. My heart is so sad with michaels passing,10 mnths.seems so not real
  166. With Him I'll Forever Be
  167. names of members we are concerned about
  168. Oh goodness......
  169. what has happened to *Billie Jean *?
  170. as 1 year approaches ; I'm still weeping
  171. A Letter From Heaven
  172. Michael, I want him back so bad
  173. I need some hugs :(
  174. Not sure where to put this!!!sorry!!!
  175. Me, Dancing to Sunset Driver - Dedicated to Michael
  176. Me, Dancing to Lovely One - Dedicated to Michael
  177. You not my idol...
  178. I spoke to michael jackson on the phone!
  179. Fellow MJ Fans - Will You Be There For Me?
  180. michael passed on the day of my graduation!
  181. Dear Michael, from MJJC with L.O.V.E
  182. The warrior is a child
  183. my dreams about michael.
  184. Explaining to the boyfriend the importance of Michael in my life?
  185. Poetry to remember Michael
  186. Dedicate a song to Michael.
  187. The Official Michael Jackson Tribute Video Thread
  188. An ODE to the greatest!!
  189. Michael Joseph Jackson, I thank you.....
  190. Member Support thread - come on in.
  191. Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.
  192. June 25th death of a legend poem
  193. Struggling...
  194. I'm scared for tomorrow
  195. I've never felt so miserable
  196. Michael Jackson balloon release Aug 29 2009 (my first YT video!)
  197. my heart hurts and my head hurts
  198. Memories Of Love
  199. my lost poem-(something i made up)
  200. Katherine's song - A Mother's Love
  201. The Persecution of Michael Jackson...*sad*
  202. Letter To Michael
  203. A Collection Of All TV Programs, News Stories & Magazine Articles
  204. Poetry For The King
  205. Wish That I Were
  206. Smile though your heart is aching.......
  207. ~ * ~ praying for Prince, Paris and Blanket... daddy's angels ~ * ~
  208. Michael Jackson Week on Blogtalkradio-Radio
  209. The summer sun has never looked so grim
  210. Michael Jackson - He Lives in You
  211. 25.06.2010 Your events of the day..
  212. Ugh...June 25th is tommorrow for me...=(
  213. Help us reach our goal of one million tributes for the King of Pop
  214. my tribute covers for Michael
  215. (Pictures) Today Celebrate Michael Jackson in Park with Nuture & Animals
  216. Show the world you haven't forgotten the King.
  217. Tell me stories about your experiences in his prescense
  218. anyone else feeling really really really really sad?
  219. The june 25th thread
  220. born to amuse, to inspire, to delight. here one day, gone one night...gone too soon.
  221. Major Love Prayer on the 25th simultaneously worldwide prayer
  222. Remember the time? 25th of June 2009
  223. Describing our beloved in just one word
  224. San Diego California, County Fair, Michael Jackson Day
  225. Long Live The King: My Remembrance
  226. CALLING MICHAEL (song i wrote)
  227. This was placed on the casket on behalf of all of us
  228. A year later, how is the new generation of fans?
  229. Our tribute to michael
  230. Thank u!
  231. Gone Too Soon....my new tribute video - 1 year on
  232. What time, different timezones
  233. Do you celebrate him or mourn him?
  234. Bbc2 nooow
  235. Finished Oil painting MJ3 Tribute
  236. Michael Says...
  237. My Fellow MJ Fans, Please Read...
  238. UK Radio Today
  239. One Year On, My Special tribute to Michael Jackson
  240. Missing an idol, inspiration, friend / brother.
  241. does anyone else feel just blank?
  242. anyone feel peeved?
  243. crossing the line to lessen your anger by showing that haters see Michael as the biggest star
  244. Michael Jackson's spirit and legacy is like Christmas
  245. A poem for Michael - my personal tribute
  246. Twitter tags :)
  247. Where is your voice? (A poem I wrote for Michael)
  248. If our eyes still shine
  249. Links to Tribute song "He'll Be There" / NEVER BEFORE HEARD STRANGER IN MOSCOW REMIX, "Cold Inside"
  250. Come back with NEWS (TV & Radio broadcasts) forum today please.