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  1. OFFICIAL Timeline Thread - All info collated here
  2. Murray gets his own TV show!!
  3. The Investigation Surrounding Conrad Murray Thread (ALL POSTS/ARTICLES on Charges, etc. GO HERE!)
  4. Michael Jackson's Doc Conrad Murray Evades Jail by Paying $1,003 in Monthly Child Support
  5. How did murray expect to get the Propofol into England?
  6. Will Prince Michael need to testify as a witness?
  7. Interesting Background Information on Conrad Murray
  8. Murray's Arraignment - all threads merged
  9. You Know what really PISSES me off?
  10. Jackson Family reactions/ statements about Murray and trial
  11. Just In: Conrad Murray Visits Michael Jackson's Final Resting Place
  12. Discussion about Charges against Dr. Murray / all threads merged
  13. Will the Dr Conrad Murray trial turn into a Michael Jackson like trial?
  14. Fans contacting DA / Atty.Gen. / Governor / President
  15. Justice For Michael Demo's / Fans demand Justice
  16. Jackson (Old Video Footage) to be Used in Defence of Doctor
  17. Medical Boards versus Murray / all threads merged
  18. To all of us...FANS,an idea
  19. LA Times: Michael Jackson's doctor was much admired
  20. is anyone worried about michael's reputaion if there is a trial
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  22. All TMZ stories about Investigation Information
  23. Jackson family at court
  24. Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)
  25. I'm sorry but I gotta say this...
  26. Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Faces An Uphill Battle, Expert Says
  27. The possibility of Murray being Lee Harvy Oswalled is
  28. What would you prefer for Murray...4 years OR never to be able to practice medicine anymore?????
  29. Nancy Grace says it's unusual
  30. Next court date 5th April 2010.. What happens next?
  31. I stared into the eye's of the man who killed my idol.
  32. Murray wants us to be believe MJ killed himself?
  33. Jackson Celebrity Turns Doctor Case Into Spectacle
  34. Questions and Answers about the Case and Law in general
  35. Murder She Wrote/Watch the Videos
  36. Will a Trial expose things about michael his family/fans don't want to hear?
  37. Comment on news about the trial
  38. Video Evidence Murray Isnt Working Where He & Media Claim
  39. A conversation with a Los Angeles Homicide Detective
  40. [Article] For defense team, singer's fame may pose challenge
  41. Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson
  42. Conrad did not kill Michael Jackson, says uncle of accused doctor
  43. Conrad Murray: The Beast of "Need" Cost Two Lives -- The Debtor and the Addict
  44. Lawyer for Jackson's Doctor Says No Plea Bargain
  45. where is murrays mugshot
  46. The King's Killer Thriller Trial: A Preview
  47. Request for unity
  48. If Murray says he did not KILLED MJ then who did?
  49. Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson
  50. Voicemail left by Dr Murray
  51. Murray's legal bills discussion/ Insurer refuses to pay
  52. Doctors Make the Best Assassins
  53. Was Michael Jackson Part of the Cause and the Victim of a Doctor-Patient Relationship
  54. Murray's manslaughter charge hangs on voicemail evidence
  55. Geraldine Hughes Claims Murray Was With Prostitue on June 25
  56. Jackson trusted his doctor with his life
  57. Witness saw Murray running from MJ's house
  58. June 25th ambulance ???
  59. murrays defence calls a dentist who gave mj diprivan while he carried out tooth surgery as a witness
  60. 'Call from Ambulance Transporting Michael Jackson Contradicts' Claims of Dr. Conrad Murray
  61. Why are the fans divided? And fighting over this?
  62. Michael May not find justice in our legal system but....
  63. Medical experts opinions about the case and medical information
  64. Lorazepam-I pray this is not being overlooked
  65. Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death?
  66. Murray released from jail only on 25/02?
  67. All TMZ stories about Possible Defense Strategies and News
  68. We should support T-Mez!
  69. Documents prosecutors believe will put Michael Jackson's doctor behind bars
  70. BREAKING NEWS - Dr. Conrad Murray Hid Propofol / Michael Jackson doctor interrupted CPR
  71. I have changed my mind!
  72. Death Investigation Chats
  73. Michael was almost brought back to life says documents *TMZ update post 50*
  74. 2009 Timeline for Michael Jackson
  75. Media circus expected for conrad murray hearing
  76. No-nonsense Los Angeles DA eyes higher office
  77. 5/4/10-Conrad Murray Hearing Thread: All news and discussion to be placed in this thread.
  78. Heading downtown to the courthouse
  79. The Case - Timeline and Summary *Last Update : January 11th - Last day of prelim*
  80. Murray's Lawyer on GMA
  81. Arnie Klein: "Michael would never self inject - He was needle phobic"
  82. MJ fans: Prepare for the Blame the Victim Defense
  83. Is Chernoff allowed to practice in CA?
  84. Idea: MJJC banner/flag which will be present at the demonstrations during the trial?
  85. Will a jury believe that Michael Jackson killed himself?
  86. The MJJC Wants Justice for Michael Jackson Facebook Group
  87. Who will go to the courthouse from here and how long for?
  88. MJJC wants justice for Michael Jackson offical merchandise?
  89. From Here To Eternity For Michael !!
  90. Did Michael Jackson Fall Victim to a Rogue Physician?
  91. Michael's law? could mjjc help?-please vote and post your support!ly!
  92. Making the Case Stick Against Dr. Murray
  93. Murray Has Killed Before
  94. Anesthesia system rejected by FDA-J&J appeals
  95. Investigation is STILL ongoing
  96. LA Guidelines for Physicians On Scene with Paramedics
  97. Official Court Document Page for People vs Conrad Murray
  98. Is there a date set for the trial?
  99. I Think Murray's People Have Stepped Up Their Smear Media Campaign
  100. Woman charged w/ capital murder for killing stepfather (lethal dose of propofol)
  101. Did you all know this about Brian Oxman?
  102. New study says: Michael Jackson died from sleep deprivation
  103. Moving The Case From State To FEDERAL!
  104. All stories about Dr Murray Rally / Support Activities
  105. June 14th hearing thread: All discussion pertaining to todays hearing in this thread please
  106. Contract: Jackson doc requested lifesaving gear
  107. MJ is not an addict, and it wasn't an accidental overdose
  108. AP timeline details Michael Jackson's last day
  109. Majority says no one will go to jail in trial
  110. LA District Attorney Gives Michael Jackson’s Killer The Deal Of A Lifetime
  111. Will the police consider all the "This is it" rehearsal footage?
  112. Production of Propofol Completely Discontinued in the U.S.
  113. Dr. Conrad Murray Gets Away With Murder
  114. 23 August 2010 Hearing-All discussion here
  115. One Legal Mess Resolved for Dr. Murray
  116. Dr. Patrick Treacy: Had experience with MJ and Propofol while in Ireland! / Interview posted at pg3
  117. Oct 26 hearing
  118. Medical questions and answers
  119. Jackson syringe testing issues - threads merged
  120. Who Started It?
  121. Evidence of Other Doctors in Michael Jackson's Death
  122. Does Murray playing dumb help his case?
  123. James Brown's Wife: My Husband Did Not Recommend Conrad Murray to Michael Jackson
  124. Contacts
  125. Michael Jackson Manslaughter Prelim - 30 Witnesses
  126. Court case support thread, a place for sharing and caring
  127. surveillance tapes (all threads merged)
  128. Prosecutors in the Prelim
  129. does anyone family think they are obsessed/irrational about MJ and the case?
  130. Prelim Hearing-4/1/11 Discussion Thread-All discussion here
  131. Preliminary Hearing Updates only. NO DISCUSSION
  132. Preliminary Hearing Picture & Video Only Thread
  133. Judge will rule if doc is tried in Jackson's death
  134. Prince Jackson will not be testifying at hearing
  135. 'This Is It' Producer -- Star Witness in MJ Prelim
  136. Diane Dimond is covering Michael Jackson's manslaughter case
  137. Preliminary Hearing 5/1/11 Day two. Discussion thread
  138. Preliminary Hearing 6/1/11 Day Three. Discussion thread
  139. Change the Charges
  140. "Media Rules for the Conrad Murray Hearing" leaflet
  141. Dr. Conrad Murray -- I 'Love' MJ's Mom (TMZ ARTICLE)
  142. Press release, and other actions for increased charges
  143. Petition For Increase In Charges Against Murray
  144. DO NOT, let the charges be raised!
  145. Preliminary Hearing 7/1/11 Day Four. Discussion thread
  146. Witness: Jackson doctor got distracted on call
  147. Jury selection problem
  148. Will it really matter if Murray isn't convicted?
  149. Geraldine Hughes > I Regret to Inform You...
  150. News Articles Concerning C. Murray's Hearing As It Unfolds
  151. Judge Schwartz and Murray spnet last summers holidays "togehter" ?!
  152. Question- CNN Report
  153. Preliminary Hearing 10/1/11. Day Five. Discussion Thread
  154. Where are all the fans??
  155. Preliminary Hearing 11/1/11. Day Six. Discussion Thread
  156. Dr. Conrad Murray Ordered to Stand to Trial
  157. Theories : What do you think happened based on testimony
  158. Prelim Hearing: Understanding & evaluating testimony / Questions about testimony
  159. Defense Tactics: Look what TMZ is saying..is this going to be the defense in the trial?
  160. Michael's height
  161. Reasons to stop visiting TMZ' website and putting $$$ in their pocket
  162. Will the Liar, Conrad Murray, Ever Tell the Truth?
  163. Michael Jackson: Making a Mountain out of a Molar
  164. What are the effects of propofol daily?
  165. Weaning off
  166. What do Michael's friends think of Murray?
  167. I think we might have a problem - definition of second degree murder in California
  168. Murray's team has TMZ in their back pocket
  169. Will Katherine be called to testify?
  170. Should Investigators Be Investigated?
  171. Would another doctor be held responsible?
  172. Remembering Murray and 06/25/09
  173. joe jackson is on the case
  174. Conrad Murray arraignment January 25th
  175. Live coverage on EONLINE.COM..so please don't visit TMZ
  176. oxman spreading his BS
  177. T-Mez on Today Show
  178. Best article Yet!
  179. What would u ask murray on stand?
  180. Houston Meets Hollywood: Ed Chernoff Prepares for His High-Stakes Defense of Dr. Conrad Murray
  181. Trial will decide MJ payout
  182. Use of anethesia/propofol
  183. Do you blame MJ himself for his death?
  184. Interviews by Sade Anding (Girlfriend on Phone with Murray)Posts 4/13/94/111
  185. Evidentiary Hearing Possibilities
  186. Judge: Michael Jackson's family can sue AEG Live
  187. Does anyone know about Michael Amir?
  188. Dr. Barry Friedberg says Murray is toast
  189. Conrad Murray Visits Appreciative Houston Patients
  190. Is there anyone going to Justice for Michael
  191. Lawyers for Jackson doctor have date in LA court
  192. Status hearings discussion thread / all threads merged
  193. Judge rules trial of Michael Jackson's doctor can be televised
  194. Glaucoma
  195. Murray hires a new lawyer / Geragos raises conflict of interest issue
  196. Is Anyone Ready?
  197. TMZ article about Karen Faye's testimony
  198. Ed Chernoff Discusses The Representation Of Conrad Murray
  199. Dr. Murray Dodged Wrongful Death Lawsuit in 2007
  200. Dr. Adams
  201. Dr Murray
  202. Information relating to Michael's health conditions
  203. TMZ report: MJ's Kids -- Murray Couldn't Have Killed Our Dad
  204. internet streaming of the trial
  205. They're Not Ready
  206. By God's Holy Spirit
  207. Did Murray notice?
  208. sharing and caring thread reposted
  209. Judge delays criminal trial for Jackson doctor
  210. Michael Jackson Case: Dr. Conrad Murray's Legal Team Grows
  211. Murray's Attorneys Subpoena "Hostile" Witnesses
  212. EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Financial Company Pursues Conrad Murray Across State Lines To Collect Debt
  213. witness anesthiologist
  214. [Updated]Michael Jackson's Doctor is Reprimanded by California Medical Board
  215. Conrad Murray Trial May be delayed to 2012 or Beyond
  216. Thome firing Security
  217. Kai Chase - odd testimony
  218. Conrad Murray : Michael Broke the Syringe / Key Witnesses Are Undermining Me!
  219. What are the facts?
  220. Conrad Murray in NY City
  221. The meds that Murray gave MJ
  222. thread removed?
  223. Jury Selection / Jury Questionnaire (all threads merged)- April 7th - Jury Selection Day 3
  224. Can someone confirm the trial could be postponed in July 2011
  225. Applied Pharmacy shut down
  226. Latoya on MJ Auptosy Report, Missing Surveillance Tape and Murray
  227. If Murray is convicted will the public perception of Michael change for the better?
  228. Call For Love!
  229. Aphrodite Jones interview with Michael's former doctor Dr. Patrick Treacy!
  230. is propofol a red herring?
  231. Murray's medical records
  232. All Evidentiary Matters /MJ's Finances, Murray's girlfriends, Autopsy pictures, TII Footage, Experts
  233. Possible witnesses - Information and Discussion
  234. Three Women Murray Was Talking to on Cell Phone Morning of Michael's Homicide Identified
  235. Is Kenny Ortega Lying in court?
  236. Tabloid: NotW Reports "Prints on syringe NOT Michael's or Murrays"
  237. Stripper Says Dr. Murray Wanted Sleep As MJ Died
  238. Dr. Arnold Klein on his Facebook about "TMZ torture"
  239. Does anyone else feel like they'll never reach a verdict?
  240. recap of all the facts/ dates
  241. Murray Could testify????
  242. Criminal Attorney Paul Takakjian Representing Michael Jackson’s Business Manager
  243. What were they reporting on TV yesterday about the trial?
  244. The World's Greatest Fans
  245. Outcome of the trial: All news stories and discussion about guilty/not guilty and possible jail time
  246. Dr. Murray's Lawyer Goes Hog Wild
  247. Media Battle
  248. Dr. Conrad Murray Wants to Use a Pig/Piglet for Propofol Experiment - TMZ.com
  249. Murray Wants MJ Rehearsals *Update @266* Sony wants subpoena for footage quashed
  250. New interview with Tom Mesereau (MJTP magazine)