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  1. This has always bugged me. Ghosts and Stevie Wonder
  2. Favourite song outro
  3. My Dangerous Review
  4. My Invincible Review
  5. Order the songs from each MJ album - from favourite to least favourite
  6. 2PAC AND MICHAEL JACSKON Comparisions
  7. What Is Mj's Most Inspirational Song
  8. If you could have starred in any Michael Jackson video.......
  9. what is mj's best rock song
  10. The story of how you became a Michael Jackson fan
  11. Dangerous Tour - Remember The Time????(what happened)
  12. HIStory statues - where were they placed?
  13. The 'You can't win' and 'Ease on Donw the Road' thread...
  14. Invincible - what songs should have been released as a single ?
  15. Michael Jackson - screwed and chopped
  16. Invincible Out-takes
  17. Which Dangerous performance you love best?
  18. Remember The Time short film makes no sense
  19. Beat it jacket vs thriller jacket
  20. Sean / John / Michael
  21. Check out my MJ Xbox 360 Avatar!
  22. OMG Michael On The Dating Game Show 1972!!
  23. Voice actors were credited on "Blood On The Dance Floor" booklet
  24. What if Escape is the next single?
  25. its hard being A Michael Jackson fan...ugh!
  26. Jackson-Wonder connection
  27. added vocal parts in remixes
  28. WE BE BALLIN' - all info about the OFFICIAL versions
  29. P.Y.T.'s a Bad Mama Jama
  30. Michael Jackson, 1983 - Candy Girl?
  31. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial storybook album
  32. Michael performing It's The Falling In Love with Patti Austin at the Budweiser Superfest in 1982
  33. Come in and chat
  34. This may help you cope-REJOICE IN PEACE sweet Angel of Light!
  35. Did you ever see Michael in person?
  36. Unreleased Music Video ‘Unbreakable’
  37. [TV Alert-Nessma Tv] History Tour 1996 - Tunisia
  38. Check this out, Beat-It dance on public square in Stockholm, Sweden
  39. Record Engineer talks about working with MJ (stories about the HIStory sessions and more!)
  40. Let's give it up for The Wiz!
  41. Learning Lessons from MJ ... the "following his steps" thread; understanding my hero [Merged]
  42. Big Brother contestants are told.
  43. My Michael jackson bday party (cake included)
  44. Butterflies
  45. So many reasons to release Bad Tour '89 L.A concert on DVD.
  46. Was there new music to be performed
  47. Bury the Never Ending Myth of Jackson as Child Molester
  48. Favourite Performance?
  49. Moonwalker... one of the greatest memories
  50. UP was the last movie that Michael went out to see..
  51. 'Michael Jackson: The Wounded Messenger'- Very Powerful Article
  52. What statement did sheryl crowl made?
  53. Around Michael in his last weeks- a fan's story
  54. Katherine Jackson hires Private Investigors
  55. Give ya respect to Will.i.am a true friend of Michael Jackson.
  56. Just Good Friends. What's wrong with it
  57. Michael's music(pop) against rock music. and kids
  58. [Study for Thesis] What was the first element which appealed you in MJ?
  59. Some MJ ideas I have
  60. Would you ever name your kid after Michael?
  61. UNICEF donations link set up in MJ's name
  62. iTunes: Michael Jackson Interview 1980
  63. The Worlds Greatest Popstars Contenders on CH4 now
  64. Michael Jackson Singstar - your choice
  65. Why do so many not like superfly sister?
  66. When did Michael first met Lisa (not the first time when she was 7)
  67. LETS PLAY...The MJ Crypto-Lyric Game!
  68. Where were you/what were you doing when you heard the news? [ Merged ]
  69. Schmuley's Book A Good Read
  70. Guys, you HAVE TO hear this Haunting Smooth Criminal track. Awesome!
  71. Jackson helped Bulger appeal before death
  72. Justin Bieber.....next MJ?
  73. Igor Presnyakov
  74. This Is It vs Love Never Felt so Good
  75. Best MJ Covers
  76. Least Favorite MJ Song??
  77. Kurt Cobain on Michael jackson
  78. Dancer recalls Michael Jackson's last day of life
  79. Michael Jackson Moonwalker Blu-Ray-2 disc Blu Ray out Oct
  80. How many WBSS Demos now?
  81. Rate TII album
  82. Mikki jay
  83. Anyone been to the O2 Exhibition?
  84. "Curls for My Girls" shirt
  85. Xscape (the song)
  86. What was the best performance on TII?
  87. Should Sony release the new MVs of "smooth criminal" etc?
  88. Smooth Criminal poster from This is it??
  89. Everything you ever wanted to know about worldwide record sales—Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Pink F
  90. One of the greatest Webpages I've ever seen about Michael Jackson
  91. Do you think Michael danced a lot at home?
  92. Time Waits For No One
  93. Thriller Demos Vs. This Is It Demos
  94. The I-Spy Game! :)
  95. Michael on Batman soundtrack?
  96. Michael Jackson Impersonator //MAYBE BEST YOU HAVE SEEN //
  97. Do you feel like you are close to Michael?
  98. Michael's sweet falsetto, or rough growl singing voice??
  99. Teddy Riley on Billy Bush's radio show yesterday and talks MJ
  100. Scariest Michael Song?
  101. Dr Thome Thome on Larry King in December (rescheduled). Send in questions!
  102. Artist Recalls 20+ Friendship with Michael Jackson (Great story)
  103. VERY GOOD article on Chandler Suicide and the Media
  104. Original Glove from 1983 Motown's 25th Anniversary Sells BIG
  105. Top Ten MJ Songs
  106. Who else loves this part from the Smooth Criminal video?
  107. The first glove?
  108. Michael Jackson in Soul Train
  109. Barbara Walters to Profile Michaels Kids
  110. They Don't Care About Us Video - Brazil version
  111. Where have you heard Michael...?
  112. Michael Jackson Signature Series CD #2
  113. Put A Video to a song that was only sung...
  114. Hottest woman in This Is It?
  115. I am a proud Aunt!! :)
  116. Sand-Sculpture
  117. Best MJ Item You've Got?
  118. RARE:Michael Jackson kisses a Fan on Lips
  119. Book of feelings for Michael!!
  120. Speed Demon Appreciation Thread
  121. Must Read -- Article from Santa Ynez newspaper
  122. ever wanted to talk to a long term experienced fan,nows your chance
  124. Human Nature
  125. Thank You Michael For....
  126. For all dutchies!
  127. Describe what MJ means to you in ONE word!
  128. Karro and her dog King - Will you be there
  129. Think back to 1991...
  130. MJJC Twitter - Why not follow Us Nation 2 Nation
  131. Morten Harket (Lead singer the band a-ha) comments on Michael Jackson's passing
  132. What is the best book to get on MJ?
  133. It's The Falling In Love...Appreciation....
  134. 100 Best Madison Square Garden Shows: Top 20 - ROUND THREE
  135. New MJ song in black eyed peas new album - old thread
  136. London Tribute Concert CANCELED
  137. Our NEW secret clip... on STREETWALKER
  138. My very last footage of Michael in the UK (video)
  139. Anyone got their "Hot Toys MJ Thriller" already? :)
  140. Pictures/Videos from Forest Lawn/Fans Visit Forest Lawn (Threads Merged)
  141. Confessions of a 12 year old!
  142. Short Film Goofs!
  143. TV Alert TV One Starting Dec 28th
  144. Bad Tour Kansas City 1st Night!
  145. Michael Jackson Estate Executors Banking On Music Catalog
  146. What song makes you...
  147. Turkish kid...
  148. The Michael Jackson Movie
  149. Final 2009 albums sales update
  150. Do you think this is funny?
  151. Michael Jackson - Life Of A Legend book - Who owns this, please READ!
  152. Michael's Intelligence
  153. will this is it have 5.1 surround audio?
  154. "...I can die in my sleep." - Michael
  155. MJ fans Jokes
  156. The funny MJ conversations thread.
  157. Let's Chat...I'm There...How About You..?
  158. Need Help Guys
  159. Does anybody cry every single day??
  160. My interviews about Michael, 6 months after June 25th (English Subtitles added!!!)
  161. Who else loves the alternate version of BOTDF video?
  162. Do you think there will ever be a credible biography of Michael's life?
  163. Do you think Michael was an organ donor?
  164. Help: Looking for Michael's Post on MJJC
  165. "The last 15 years"
  166. Facebook Users, Please Join My FB Group!
  167. MJ Marusan Thriller Dolls
  168. This Is It vinyl album to be released in US stores
  169. 'Thriller', 'Muppets' selected for film archive
  170. Michael Jackson Museum Construction Could Start Next Year
  171. Michael Jackson's Doc -- Ex-Employee Dies
  172. MSG 30th Anniversary Celebration on German channel 3 sat!! Tomorow at 20:00 o'clock!
  173. Vote for Michael: "Who Are You Going to Miss Most from 2009" Poll
  174. Michael's bracelet
  175. Michael Jackson - The Ultimate Megamix (31 dec 2009 on radio)
  176. Michael Jackson and Frederic Marc Schaffel - NEEDING INFO
  177. So what's in store for Michael in 2010
  178. Michael jackson 3D animation tribute ("The Thrill walk")
  179. Looking fo a poem
  180. Was the King of Pop, Rock, & Soul a reincarnation of the Maestro of Classical Music?
  181. OMG !! Does This SONG Talk To You...?
  182. URGENT VOTE FOR MICHAEL! Poll closes within 2 hours!
  183. Did Michael ever meet with/speak to the Dalai Lama?
  184. Michael Jacksons Peter Pan Neverland Theme park
  185. Jermaine Jackson Tears Into the FBI
  186. Alternative version of "We Be Ballin' You" !!!
  187. FOX: Michael Jackson voted top celebrity story of 2009 Entertainment
  188. Michael left us in 2009... tomorrow we'll say "last year"
  189. Did "Will You Be There" make you cry the first time you heard it??
  190. 100 Years Time!!!!
  191. Silly news: Teenager fined for 'dancing like Michael Jackson' on police van
  192. One Man’s Touching, Hair-Based Tribute to Michael Jackson
  193. Lets remember Michael with joy and laughter, the way he would have wanted =)
  194. SMAP Michael Jackson Tribute (Japan)
  195. I have to give a huge middlefinger to dutch tv guy Paul de leeuw!
  196. Michael Jackson ties with Lady Gaga for china's list of earth's 50 most beautiful
  197. Michael Jackson went out on Studio 54!!
  198. Happy new year !!
  199. I was on MTV during the top 9 of 09
  200. 30th Anniversary Credits/Band Members
  201. MJ in Top 10 cultural events in China in 2009 and Top 10 farewells
  202. What happen to Wayne and Bill Bray?
  203. Uri Geller talks about MJ - Greek TV
  204. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - sung Live Victory Tour 1984 - High Quality!!!!!
  205. Looking for something Prince said about MJ.
  206. Jackson Family Museum May Include Golf Course, Amusement Park
  207. Bible Verses for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One
  208. Calling All of Michael's Fans. Spread The L.O.V.E by a MJ YT Video
  209. MJs death ranked as 2nd top story on CNN
  210. So...why hasn't Michael recieved a Kennedy Center Honnor Yet
  211. New York Times link of fan comments from around the world
  212. Tv Alert-100 Shocking Music Moments (vh1)
  213. Help! What is Michael Singing in the Song Billie Jean
  214. who did this painting? Jesus...
  215. Michael Jackson and The Jacksons live message from Encino 1983 (?)
  216. The brothers on The Insider gossip show
  217. Michael to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Award on Grammys
  218. Darren Baker paints portrait of Michael Jackson for royal family of Bahrain
  219. Is anyone else finding it hard
  220. South Corea October 1996 - no crotch grabbing
  221. Michael had Tom Sneddon, Charlie Chaplin had J. Edgar Hoover
  222. MJ's soldiers
  223. Which Michael Jackson accessory are you?
  224. New Song Snippet - Another Day Featuring Lenny Kravitz (Merged) *No Links*
  225. 'Beat It' Curioiusity....
  226. Did Michael take tapdance?
  227. We Are the World
  228. Great video of Diddy at Letterman about MJ at a party to see Beyonce!
  229. This Is It Review by Jane Fonda
  230. According to this 'animal lover' MJ did not love animals, but loved to collect them.
  231. MJ Creditors Claims -- Tens of Millions of $$$
  232. I Want Mj's Slickk Sides On His Hair
  233. Thomas Mesereau's YT channel
  234. Whatever Happened to Michael on June 25, 2009 Hasn't Been Revealed
  235. My date was not happy with my collection...
  236. TV Alert: The Jacksons: An American Dream
  237. Do you guys ever wonder about michael's kids...?
  238. This computer generated tribute is AWESOME!
  239. In times like this, I love watching video's like this to cheer me up =D
  240. 2009 Year in Review: Fallen idol
  241. What were the Invincible outtakes again?
  242. 2010 MJ Magazine...
  243. Warning to all fans!
  244. A weird Michael question
  245. (NEW)Bone Thugz 'n' Harmony feat MJ - What Have We Done (Earth Song 2010)
  246. im going to Froest Lawn next thrusday deadline for sumiting things to take will be next wensday
  247. Monday - 1/4/10 - Daily News Thread
  248. Exclusive Interview with Sony/Epic Executives Reveals the TRUTH About Michael Jackson
  249. Nick Jonas Covering Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel'
  250. NEW Ne-Yo Demo for MJ :)