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  1. What Is Mj's Best Opening Song From Each Album
  2. best THE JACKSONS (incl. MJ) album?
  3. Dreams about MJ! (Merged)
  4. The Little Known Facts About The Music
  5. Which is the best solo Motown album?
  6. Best concert opener
  7. 2000 Watts...meaning??
  8. Quincy Jones or Teddy Riley
  9. Blood on the Dance Floor
  10. Would you like to see MJ work with Rod Temperton again?
  11. List of bands/artists that Michael is a fan of
  12. Thriller Live: The Musical at the West End. You opinions? Will you go?
  13. 'I'm gonna eat a dog!..."
  14. In The Closet song
  15. The Best 'Get Your Own Back On Noisy Neighbours" Album?
  16. "Money"
  17. Shout
  18. The "ULTIMATE" Humanitarian~~~
  19. Misheard MJ lyrics
  20. Favorite Moonwalker cover art
  22. Get Away From Mae
  23. what was michael best tour
  24. Trouble vs. Niteline
  25. Invincible vs. HIStory
  26. I got my souvenir tickets today.
  27. Bal ā Versailles:MJ's favorite perfume.(By Karen Faye)
  28. If you could get MJ to cover ANY SONG
  29. Book about Michael & his fans -"It's all about L.O.V.E." - Out now!
  30. Michael Jackson Album Sales After Death: An In-Depth Look
  31. 'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)
  32. Light a candle for Michael [Merged]
  33. Will you buy the THIS IS ALBUM?
  34. Do you like TII (song)?
  35. For All the Time - Dangerous and Thriller version
  36. any MJ fans want to Tiny Chat?
  37. MJ's religious beliefs.
  38. MJ was a Sex God -- While Media Pretends Not to Notice
  39. The 1993 case. [Threads merged, All discussion in this one thread]
  40. I just love the way he sings certain parts of songs
  41. J5: I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters (The Official Thread)
  42. which tour is your favourite????
  43. "Captain EO" Will Return to Disneyland-Update pg28. Paris confirmed (threads merged)
  44. The Magic, the Madness, the Whole Story
  45. Was you fan of MJ before or after his death?
  46. have u ever caught an MJ hater listening to MJ music?
  47. Happy New Year to all of you!!!!
  48. Michael's voice in "Man in the mirror"...
  49. New Line of Collectible Memorabilia to Feature the King of Pop, Michael Jackson
  50. Is Michael Jackson Underrated?
  51. IQ of Michael?
  52. Michael Jackson Fans -A beautiful Love affair
  53. Where can u buy this necklace that Michael wore before the concert rehearsal?
  54. Was MJ still signed to Sony?
  55. Wanted to Share This Pic of MJ and Me ...........
  56. Lady Gaga 's producer Red One on Michael Jackson
  57. Quick question about Man In The Mirror
  58. Michael - The Official New Album - Out December 14th - General Discussion Thread
  59. Brunei - Royal Concert...
  60. Michael Jackson documentary avoids the hype
  61. Before reading this thread, how many of you..
  62. Have Michael ever sing LIVE TWYMMF?
  63. Michael Jackson Mural to Adorn "Bad" Brooklyn Subway Station
  64. When I was born, MJ was... (merged)
  65. New HOT TOYS, BAD/Dirty Diana DX Michael Jackson action figure.
  66. Songs that sound better live than on the cd
  67. Movie characters that reminds you of Michael
  68. This animated gif has me rolling over the floor laughing.
  69. Nate Giorgio Painting
  70. Dirty Diana Music Video Info
  71. Vietnamese Fans honour Michael
  72. Aphrodite Jones Michael Jackson Conspiracy
  73. MJ in your dreams, After June 25th... Did he give messeges to you?
  74. Does it frustrate you when people call you "blind"?
  75. Hospital in Manchester UK uses Beat It to promote handwashing! (watch the video :D)
  76. MJ well P**sed in this
  77. Julienīs Auction House - online catalog
  78. Glitter Michael Jackson Pictures
  79. MJ dance class for kids in Norway
  80. The best voice close to mike! Wow
  81. Very good article on Michael beatboxing
  82. What was up with MJ on 9/7/01 at MSG?
  83. The Silenced Truth..... Site about Michael
  84. what michael songs can u guys really dance to
  85. True Story: B.J. Novak Played Scattergories with Michael Jackson (VIDEO)
  86. She's out of my life
  87. Awesome video montage of Michael :)
  88. I want to go deep with our Michael: Do you feel Michael was re-birth of The Archangel St. Michael
  89. Google This: I Met Michael Jackson
  90. Your favourite remixes of MJ songs?
  91. do your family members feel MJ was the king?
  92. MJ's Bodyguard Answering Fans Questions
  93. Some tech questions about Dangerous Tour
  94. Michael Jackson: An Ass Man
  95. Drugs, Meaning of Morphine/Is it scary...
  96. Julien's Auctions - ALL ITEMS - BIDS
  97. Battle Royale
  98. MJ has made You Rock My world in 1993 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Best Charity Healing Peace Song
  100. Days Without Michael Jackson...An Angel Tribute..
  101. Funny Michael Jackson facts
  102. MJs most SHOCKING lyrics!!
  103. Now: new official puzzles :-)
  104. Gary Mayor to Announce "Move Forward" For Jackson Center *Merged*
  105. So Dirty Diana was part of TII.
  106. Michael Jackson Custom Trainers
  107. Proof that Michael Was a Marilyn Monroe Fan
  108. What does this line from the song 'Ghosts' mean?
  109. New(?) Michael Jackson 5 Figure Set on eBay
  110. Discarded 'Thriller 2001' artwork
  111. TV Alert - "The Trials of Michael Jackson"
  112. Michael Jackson describes a first kiss...
  113. Fantastic acapella cover!!
  114. MJJC Chat room.. Come join us. :)
  115. michael Jackson sends a message from Heaven - "Michael" by "Andy Ruck"
  116. *R RATED* Urben Dictionary: Mikegasm
  117. Unreleased pictures of MJ from 1999 up for auction: Updated pictures, p12.
  118. Michael & Prince - Duality
  119. Michael is Peter Pan
  120. Teaser : *Flow Jackson THIS IS HER*
  121. MJ's Music On Glee Episode: All rumours here (Merged)
  122. Which Tokyo 87' show you love best?
  123. Michael Jackson and The Tree
  124. A Michael Jacksonīs bar in Rome
  125. mj rare interview 1999
  126. Smooth Criminal Rehearsal Bad tour ?
  127. MJ school supplies & other things!
  128. Michael Jackson’s Facebook page News-Update Eminem surpasses MJ in 'Likes'
  129. A wish for a new dancing the dream
  130. MJ legal seminar in Sept: Mesereau, Feldman, Melville, Zonan amongst speakers
  131. In Defense Of The King (MJ's Bodyguards possible book?)
  132. My ( Brunomj ) Collection From Portugal
  133. Blood on the Dance Floor on HIStory on Film
  134. MJ & LMP portrait
  135. When you hear an MJ song in public
  136. MJJC Legacy Project - Join us on our Twitter
  137. Ad-libs in Beat It
  138. Do you think it's possible MJ "held back" the best songs from the Invincible sessions?
  139. Michael Jackson Themed Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoe + Air Force Shoes / Runners
  140. how much are original vinyl singles worth
  141. Different versions of MJ porcelain statuette?
  142. different version of YRMW?
  143. Star Gazing on MJ's bday- continuation from last year!
  144. Dangerous (the song)
  145. Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story movie..
  146. family members, friends & admirers take to twitter on MJ's birthday.
  147. Michael Jackson's Official Sales: A Detailed Look!
  148. footage of Michael jackson naming unreleased songs
  149. Would You Bid On Michael Jackson's Toilet?
  150. If You Had the Chance to Work with MJ As a Producer
  151. intro music in TWYMMF VIDEO
  152. How many copies will the New Album sell?
  153. The origin of 'Shamone' Revealed?
  154. Billie Jean vs Smooth Criminal
  155. World Exclusive Photograph: The Sphinx - update: Picture Now posted
  156. MJ You Tube Vids! Eddie Murphy voice overs! SOO funny!!
  157. MJJC Legacy Project Facebook Page Now Open!
  158. New Job (MJ Related)
  159. MJ - "Hey, why down there!?" + other Schaffel documentary clips
  160. The MJ TIME CAPSULE - Binding MJ's work to Planet Earth
  161. OmG! Extremely hilarious Michael stories from friends!
  162. Real opus?
  163. The greatest concert ever!!!
  164. Heart wrenching-My conversation with Dieter Wiesner
  165. Update: Behind the Scenes on Jan 28th 8PM ET OWN Channel / Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound
  166. Dancing the Dream
  167. Legal Cases Updates
  168. Guangzhou home for MJ, first MJ statue in China(update:China Daily story, photos posted on page 3!!)
  169. Michael Jackson's Vision' DVD Boxed Set Available Everywhere Monday November 22
  170. Ebay Question
  171. Sony releasing "One More Chance", Do You Agree
  172. Most unusual MJ 'collectable'? (Just for fun!)
  173. Did Invincible have too many songwriters?
  174. Hot Toys teaser, 1/6 scale Beat-it Michael Jackson!
  175. Michael Jackson on Glee - Key of Awesome "parody".
  176. How do you like Billie Jean the best?
  177. Billie Jean vs Like a Virgin
  178. What is your favourite MJ collaboration
  179. NEW MJ - Do you know Where Your Children are
  180. Pete Wentz tweets about Michael's new album :)
  181. The Michael Jackson Eras; Share Your Memories!
  182. Nobody can sing "My Girl" better than Michael
  183. A dream that I had many years ago which may have predicted the way MJ's life ended?
  184. Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread
  185. What's your favourite non-studio album MJ single?
  186. 'Glee' to Take on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in Super Bowl Episode
  187. "michael diary of a fan" ebook
  188. "REQ" ( IM LOOKING FOR) Michael Jackson Julien's Auctions Catalogues!!!
  189. OPEN LETTER: If Michael Jackson and HIS Family was reading THIS Thread: What would YOU say...?
  190. What would you think of a 10th anniversary Of "Invincible" in 2011?
  191. If 'Dangerous', HIStory' & 'Invincible' were only 10-track LP's
  192. REQ : Black and White Tribute Edition
  193. Michael Got Another Grammy Nomination
  194. Dance at MJ's music - IDSF World Formation Latin Championship, Russia
  195. Justin Bieber Talks about Michael & Something Ironic Happens :)
  196. Vote for your favorite "Michael" album songs & post your top 10 !
  197. Whatever happened to MJTKOP?
  198. Brenda Song: I Sang Michael Jackson with My Mom!
  199. Michael Dance Theory *~ Crotch Grabbing offends people
  200. SOS: VOTE This is it as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at Grammy Awards
  201. Mini-game: Find the copy-paste bg vocals on "Michael"
  202. Documentary Being Aired About Events Surrounding Michael Jackson's Death! - NOW CANCELLED!
  203. VOTE Michael as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at tweeter
  204. The Original Soul Of Michael Jackson
  205. VOTE THIS IS IT as the Best Video MTV Top 50 2010!
  206. Sexiest lyrics of an MJ song
  207. What Michael song is in your head right now ?
  208. Why do some people say Michael couldn't have done the 50 shows?
  209. ~ * ~ Goodnight ♥Michael * ~ * Good morning ♥Michael ~ * ~
  210. Make your own MJ album
  211. some new news about thriller!
  212. Neverland Ranch -- Returned to Former Glory
  213. Is Who Is It the best song that MJ has ever written?
  214. Commercials you would have loved to see MJ in...
  215. Four Rare interviews of MJ from 1979, 1982, and 2003
  216. Most played song on the new album
  217. Michael Jackson's 'This Is It - 3D' (Sony exclusive version) (Blu-ray)
  218. Making "michael" shoot to number one is very possible if... Readdd
  219. 'Michael' Jackson Album Sells 3 Million Globally in First Week (?)
  220. "Big Boy": Michael Jackson's First Recording, Found After 42 Years
  221. Your MJ Collection Pt. 2
  222. Are we MJ female fans the only ones who consider Michael physically attractive?
  223. MJ Tunes
  224. Man In Black and Slave To The Rhythm full leak? is this true?
  225. Handwritten MJ Note -- I'm Gonna 'Make Huge $'
  226. Japan Oricon 2010 Rankings: THIS IS IT top seller, selling a million
  227. Remembering Michael at Christmas......
  228. Songs (by other artists) that remind you of Michael
  229. Reproduction of Michael Jackson's TII concert in Japan
  230. OT: Steve Nash loves Michael Jackson!
  231. For the MJ fans... A true "Christmas story"... about Michael!
  232. Chris Brown's Twitter Page...MJ!
  233. poll: MJ's best unreleased song, so far
  234. Slave to the Rhythm appreciation thread
  235. MJJC Podcast EP 02.5 - Bonus episode!!
  236. Cute little girl calls Michael Jackson her "best friend"
  237. Your favourite word, line or adlib in a MJ Song?
  238. Songs written and reccorded during the Dangerous Sessions.
  239. Calling for a boycott of Discovery Channel's advertisers - NOW SUCCESSFULLY CANCELLED!
  240. Why no Bad era demos?
  241. New song: Michael Jackson - Water (??)
  242. Vote Hold My Hand on Mtv Hit List Hellas!
  243. Happy new year Sir Michael Jackson
  244. About Immortalizing
  245. Michael being honored by the AASA back in 2004 :)
  246. Happy New Year from Team MJJC!
  247. Discovery Cancels MJ Autopsy Show
  248. Michael Jackson moves and natural disasters among China's top videos
  249. The whole Michael album is on Radio 2's A Playlist
  250. Why do even some fans say this?