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  1. Favorite title track(s)
  2. Am I too obsessed with Michael Jackson?
  3. Should ESCAPE be released on the new album ?
  4. >>>> Rate Invincible....
  5. Which Bad Tour location is best?
  6. Michael Jackson's Record Sales ~merged~
  7. Which blu-ray do YOU want?
  8. Rap spots in MJ tracks
  9. What Michael Jackson song are you listening to now?
  10. Best song on Invincible
  11. I want you back vs. A-B-C
  12. Got the Hots vs. Hot Street
  13. Siedah Garret or Sheryl Crow?
  14. Thriller Special Edition or Thriller 25
  15. What is mj's best first single
  16. The Ultimate Break-Up Song?
  17. This Is It vs. The Place With No Name
  18. 2000 Watts VS. SHOUT!!!
  19. Good books/Bad books on Michael - Holiday Gifts
  20. Favorite Thriller song
  21. Favorite "non front-runner"?
  22. Anticipations vs. Expectations = The Michael Jackson Factor
  23. 'Monkey Business' appreciation thread
  24. Keep The Faith
  25. Escape
  26. ** Can all members please read **
  27. MJ iPhone / iPod App
  28. Michael's harmonies
  29. Michael Jackson The Political Activist
  30. Michael Jackson Treasures book
  31. Favourite Jacksons Album?
  32. EXTRA - Trading Cards by PANINI - The First Michael Jackson Memorabilia Cards
  33. Mini MJ Collection :)
  34. William Wagener: Sneddon should be in jail!!!!
  35. Michael Jackson: The Experience - Discussion News And Updates Thread
  36. Song, Morphine what is it about?
  37. MITM, HTW or WYBT
  38. Handpainted mj dolls
  39. What is MJ's best album opener?
  40. MJ's best album
  41. Michael - The Lyrics
  42. Blue Gangsta [Discussion]
  43. BAD 25 - 2012 - General Discussion [Closed] please cont. discussion in BAD25 Announcement thread
  44. Favorite MJ quotes
  45. UPDATE Audio Added - ATTENTION ESTATE We want the Bad Tour 1988 on DVD as It WAS!!!! Campaign
  46. 'One More Chance' extra Ken Yesh speaks to Charles Thomson about inaccurate media reporting
  47. Frank Cascio "My Friend Michael"/ Excerpt @pg151/New Interview Post 3743
  48. Best Opening
  49. How compatibile are you with Michael ?
  50. M a n i n t h e m u s i c the creative life and work of michael jackson
  51. Could this be the setlist for the BAD tour release?
  52. "This Is It" or "Best of Joy" for the ending credits song of the film?
  53. Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon by David Gest (merged)
  54. The best show opening outfit?
  55. One rose for Michael Jackson
  56. Does Quincy Jones get to much credit for producing Michael?
  57. Celebrites and friends supporting Mj during 1993 and 2002-2005
  58. Never-before-seen Michael Jackson’s photos revealed!!!!!
  59. Larry Nimmer's visit ( June 17, 2011) to Neverland Ranch [Update New Videos: Pg. 4 #57]
  60. 'Rock With You' or 'You Rock My World'?
  61. Michael Jackson: Singer's 'Number Ones' album #122 on Billboard 200 chart
  62. What is your favourite section on the Thriller album?
  63. delete! oops!
  64. What is your favourite section on the Invincible album?
  65. Michael In The Moon (pictures)
  66. Which singles from Invincible would you have picked?
  67. What do you think of the song Thriller?
  68. Favourite Love Ballad?
  69. Projects That I Wish The Estate Would Release
  70. Thriller vs Bad: Track By Track
  71. CA Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Group (MJ Related)
  72. Dangerous vs HIStory: Track By Track
  73. Copy of Captain EO original film up for sale (promo) ...soundtrack on separate DVD
  74. What is Michael's smartest quotes
  75. Which wife do you prefer ?
  76. Do you like Lisa Marie Presley ?
  77. Would you name your son after Michael?
  78. Favourite MITM outfit?
  79. Michael Jackson Slot Machines!
  80. Someone Put Your Hand Out Vs The Lady In My Life
  81. Wanna Be Startin Somethin live appreciation
  82. "behind the mask [romanian version]"
  83. What genre were the up-tempo songs on Invincible?
  84. Do you like 'The Girl Is Mine'?
  85. Favorite Jam outfit on the Dangerous tour?
  86. Good amateur concert videos
  87. Celine Dion talking about Michael on 6/25 in Quebec news (RARE)
  88. Reviews Of Man In the Music By Those Who Bought And Read the Book
  89. EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT From Carrie Fisher's New Book 'Shockaholic': Michael Jackson's Last Christmas
  90. Immortal Megamix
  91. New documentary about 1993-concert from Michael in Moscow
  92. Unconfirmed Reports: Bad album set for re-release with previously unreleased tracks
  93. 100 North Carolwood Contents to go on sale - Julien's 17 December 2011
  94. Songs recorded by Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury to be released "within the next year"
  95. Investor Group Inc. Sony Corporation of America Completes Acquisition of EMI [Update] Pst #54
  96. Sexiest MJ quote.
  97. Unseen Jackson footage sparks £4m bidding war/ Film fails to sell
  98. Michael Jackson estate thrills to biopic
  99. Favourite Songs on Immortal?
  100. wil.i.am Talks About The MJ Tracks on RoveLA
  101. Glee Covers MJ Again - Update: Show to air Jan 31, 2012
  102. We've Had Enough - Too Political?
  103. If you were only allowed ONE Michael Jackson album...
  104. Dangerous Short Films: Which is Best?
  105. Track Seven: Which was best??
  106. Dirty Diana vs Billie Jean
  107. Favourite Quincy produced MJ Album?
  108. Most rare item
  109. Vote! If you could travel back in time who would you like to meet the most?
  110. Dennis Thompkins (MJ's costume designer) has passed away
  111. Who's your favorite woman in Michael's life and why?
  112. 2 new books about Michael
  113. New Pop Rock mini MJ figures
  114. Some Info on MJ's relationship with Diana from a friend
  115. All In Your Name feat. MJ - Video AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD barrygibb.com [UPDATE] New Clip pg 10
  116. We are?
  117. MJ moves up Soundscan's 'best selling artists chart'!
  118. Underrated live performances
  119. The Weeknd's cover of Dirty Diana
  120. Christmas Message to MJ Fans From Jonathon "Sugarfoot’ Moffett
  121. Michael and Carol Bayer Sager - Just Friends
  122. How great did Michael look in This Is It?
  123. Thriller named greatest music video of all time
  124. When Planet Michael will be released?
  125. Famous R&B band New Edition talks about MJ/J5 influence :)
  126. Who ever thought Michael Jackson would be dead when he was totally fine..
  127. Jimmy Jam - Recording 'Scream'
  128. Love Is My Message - Suzuki Commercial
  129. Postcard from the Rose Bowl: King of Pop MJ Items @ Grammy Museum
  130. Glenda Tapes are real?
  131. MJ's Greatest Hits Albums Shoots Up The Itunes Pop Charts In 10 Countries!!
  132. Your human rights hero is...
  133. Singles That Should Have Been Released
  134. Can anyone answer this for me please :)
  135. New video in production for Joe Vogel's book-"Man in the Music..." - Fans can participate.
  136. Michael Jackson symphony concert in Kraków, Poland
  137. Pay Michael Forward - Man In The Music
  138. Michael didnt sell 750 million?
  139. Rare Michael Jackson warming up his voice
  140. Billyjeanplxiv's Michael Jackson Lyrics in detail
  141. Did Michael really have HIO in golf? And there's even a video about it?
  142. Remembering Michael Jackson in 2012
  143. Blemishes mar celebrity dermatologist's reputation - Dr. Arnold Klein
  144. Your New Year best wishes for Michael, his family, fans and the world!
  145. Michael Jackson laughing in Italy with man dancing in shop (RARE)
  146. NHS Student to Put on Michael Jackson Concert to Benefit Drama Club, Food Bank !
  147. Chris Tucker - Comedy Jam August 2011 (Talks & Sings About Michael)
  148. Michael loved animals
  149. Court Coursey
  150. Is this official ?
  151. Seperate the man from the music? I say never!
  152. Expectations of the next album of unreleased material
  153. Michael Jackson's Officially Licensed Earbuds By Section 8
  154. University of Rochester Scholar Explores Cultural Legacy of Michael Jackson
  155. Will.i.am spoke about Mike recently on Access Hollywood
  156. Dr. Arnold Klein To Sell Michael Jackson Memorabilia
  157. Hollywood boulevard event Grauman's Chinese Theatre with jackson's children, cirque du soleil & more
  158. DJ WHOO Kid on Meeting Michael Jackson
  159. Lesser known J5 era gems
  160. T-Pain On Meeting Michael Jackson
  161. Michael Jackson's Estate Wants to Keep Thrilling
  162. Please vote for Michael!!!! he must be #1!!
  163. Michael Jackson's Number Ones Album Comeback !
  164. Need help
  165. Actress/Singer Keke Palmer singing "Man in the Mirror" in new film "Joyful Noise"
  166. 2 second clip of Smooth Criminal live in Dangerous Rehearsal. Fake?
  167. The This Is It Rehearsal Dates Thread
  168. MJ Attorney John Branca receives Grammy Service Award- [Update-Pics] Pg 2
  169. REAL RARE: MJ California Raising commercial
  170. Full Royal Brunei Concert July 1996
  171. Justin Bieber talked about Michael recently
  172. A Michael Jackson Street Dancer found 'buried in shallow grave' .. BBC News Report Confirms..
  173. Gospel music legend Andrae Crouch talks about Michael :)
  174. "Starlight-Acetate Prom LP" for SALE
  175. THE WIZ 1987 - full movie
  176. Flo Anthony Returns to "The Michael Jackson Preservation Project"
  177. Is this real or am i just going crazy? :/
  178. Katy vs. MJ: Who’s Bad? (Yahoo news article)
  179. Request: Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 performed live by Akon on TV network.
  180. " I Remember Mama" : One Evening with the young Michael Jackson...A 37 Year Moment with MJ..
  181. Michael Jackson And Elvis: In Vegas, Two Kings Rise And Fall
  182. Snapshot: Michael Jackson Autopsy Doctor Talks to Oswego Students
  183. Panini Michael Jackson Binder
  184. New prehistoric lobster family, found on June 25 ’09 named after Michael Jackson
  185. Michael Jackson Mourns Maurice Gibb .. January 12th, 2003 - 9th Anniversary of Passing..
  186. Michael Jackson Charting Return 2012
  187. Johnny Depp Looks Like Michael Jackson In “Dark Shadows” Set Image?
  188. MJ Global Family: Vote For Joe Vogel For A Shorty Award In Author
  189. Brooke Shields talks about her relationship with Michael
  190. Michael visit Marvel studio
  191. "Thriller Wolf" Body Double on Dangerous and HIStory Tour?
  192. Vote for MJ for a Shorty Award in Music
  193. D.I.E Snippet? Real or Fake?
  194. Michael Jackson Sells Over 1 Billion Records Worldwide (Still waiting to be confirmed))
  195. The immense difference between MJ's video for "Childhood" & his other ones like "YANA"...?
  196. Michael recorded an album inspired by famous poet Robert Burns before his passing
  197. Karma is a bitch.... Karma list...
  198. Any info on this Unreleased songs?
  199. LMFAO Sexy and i know it feats Sample from thriller?
  200. Bad 25 - Favorite song on Bad?
  201. 23 Years Ago Today ..Michael Jackson and The Cleveland School Massacre .. January 17th, 1989
  202. Michael in glasses - since when?
  203. Which moves did Michael invent or perform first?
  204. Who is the boy with Michael , Bad Tour?
  205. Fictional book > Michael’s Magic Box
  206. Two 'American Idol' auditions last night channels MJ :)
  207. Your favourite tour personnel?
  208. Michael Jackson Interview with Sylvie Simmons 1983
  209. Is This a Real Picture Of Katy Perry Wearing A MJ Skirt
  210. The Finished Lyrics: Hollywood Tonight
  211. UPDATE: Michael's Elementary School Launches Music Lab in His Name (Open House next Monday)
  212. I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Revolution
  213. I know I'm late but I just got "This Is It 3D"!!!!!!
  214. Michael Jackson: King of Pop and Entrepreneurs
  215. Who would you have liked to see Michael Jackson duet with?
  216. I made this Video For Michael...
  217. Chris Martin (Coldplay) defends Michael against Howard Stern
  218. Over 27 Years Ago Today - The 1984 Michael Jackson Hand & Footprint Ceremony - January 26th 2012
  219. Michael Jackson biopic may be in the works thanks to good friend Brett Ratner, 'Tower Heist' directo
  220. Officially Declared "Michael Jackson Immortal Day" in Los Angeles.. January 26th, 2012 (UNCONFIRMED)
  221. Production Journals - Day 1-8 for Michael Jackson's THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil
  222. Today in history: Michael Jackson's hair catches fire
  223. MJJC is looking for Moderators and News Staff
  224. Harry Shum, Jr. from 'Glee' writes nice blog on MJ
  225. IMWT Announcement Pre-sale tickets on sale tomorrow
  226. Dutch personal assistant during History Tour in Holland speaks
  227. Michael & Fleetwood Mac, Don't Stop Live 1993
  228. Michael Jackson named as the 'Death That Most Shocked the Net'
  229. MJ and William Bouguereau art
  230. Can you see Michael in this Peter Pan painting?
  231. Bad (Metal Version)
  232. Cirque's Michael Jackson Show Is Breathtaking -Huff Post Review - January 30th, 2012
  233. Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour ~ The O2 Performance ~ October 12th, 2012
  234. Smooth Criminal by 2 Cellos
  235. Michael Jackson - This Is It Opening / WBSS / HD montage
  236. R.I.P Don Cornelius - Thanks for The Love, the Peace your Soul & MJ ~ Sept.27, 1936 – Feb 1, 2012
  237. Michael Jackson & Glee are taking over the iTunes charts today.
  238. How long is a tour?
  239. Quincy Jones: Jackson friendship wasn't poisoned
  240. Someone put your hand out (Promo CD Single, Japan) on Auction, FAKE?
  241. Céline Lavail a french artist on Michael Jackson
  242. The Jam short film is very underrated
  243. Interview with Travis Payne ~ Michael Jackson's IMMORTAL Album & Tour .. KLAS-TV
  244. MJ's IMMORTAL set to be a Thriller ...
  245. HIStory
  246. Are these raritees for real?
  247. Bad Tour US - Smooth Criminal rehearsal clip
  248. Does this Pepsi commercial reminds you of something?
  249. My MJ song....
  250. O2 Arena sitting plan - which seats are best?