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  1. You know you're obsessed with MJ when...
  2. RARE Footage of Michael Jackson Recording in Studio!! (from Invincible Era?)
  3. Your Rarest MJ Item?
  4. some sweet and proud stuff from my collection!
  5. The Legend Lives On - Official Cirque du Soleil 'Immortal World Tour' Discussion
  6. MJ HONORS 2011 - Germany's biggest MJ Event in Cologne
  7. Book by Dieter Wiesner - "Michael Jackson: The True Story" [ Summary Pg 7 ]
  8. Motherload of autographs!
  9. Message From MJ Estate : "Regarding Michael's Wishes - Children's Charities"
  10. US Seeks Mansion, Michael Jackson Gear Belonging To Equatorial Guinea Minister - Corruption Currents
  11. United we stand-speech
  12. NEW BOOK- Defending a king----by Dr. Karen Moriarty
  13. MJJC Donation Drive And Update Thread
  14. An Interview with THIS IS IT Associate Choreographer Stacy Walker
  15. Billie Jean live in Bucharest Dangerous Tour lyrics (need help)
  16. Michael’s personal chef Kai Chase talks about upcoming book ‘Fit for a King’
  17. Future Michael Jackson Projects: What do you want to see happen?
  18. I Searched For My Star -Dancing the dream
  19. That one in the mirror-Dancing the dream
  20. Complete list of the official versions of songs by Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons
  21. Will Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary ever be released on DVD/BluRay?
  22. Attention: Scammer Report [mickyj007/mjtkop07/Invincible91/DJP777/MixMaster] and Others
  23. [History concert] From the MJ2040 Spaceship to 3D Cinemas!
  24. Stylist Rushka Bergman Talks of MJ
  25. Angel of light- Dancing the dream
  26. Please Help Support Your MJJCommunity
  27. Please Help Support Your MJJCommunity
  28. Your most-intense-goosebumps-Michael moment?
  29. The Most Famous Person Awards / Not official organization
  30. Aphrodite Jones: CONSPIRACY book reedition
  31. "Don't cry Palestine" by Michael Jackson
  32. Wikipedia describes which songs are live and which one are dubbed in This Is It.
  33. Planet Michael?
  34. Songs for Michael´s Oxford speech
  35. MJJCommunity Statement Re: Trial & Tribulation forum closure to the public.
  36. If MJ 'had' a Childhood
  37. P.Y.T Extended Version
  38. Looking for an interviw
  39. Message From The Estate Of Michael Jackson Re: Channel 5 Autopsy Program
  40. The Michael Jacksons/ new Book by Lorena Turner
  41. Funny Video: A Tasteful Comedy Act
  42. The WBSS 2008 Appreciation Thread
  43. The Man > Say Say Say > The Girl Is Mine
  44. Aaron Paul received life advice from Michael Jackson
  45. Michael Jackson Bad Tour Blu-Ray & Cinema Release Petition
  46. Different years, similar adlibs..
  47. Zimbio: Most deserving Grammy winners of the past 30 years.
  48. mj sneeze! :)
  49. About The Bad Tour
  50. Hungarian MJ-stamps for 5th anniversary of his death
  51. 2014 US FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS - BOSTON - Maia & Alex Shibutani Perform Routine to MJ
  52. Do you think this is possible?
  53. Michael's childlike behavior and how it is not childish
  54. Lupita Nyong'o: Michael Jackson's "Childlike Quality" Inspired 12 Years a Slave Character
  55. Number Ones is the 4th best selling album on iTunes right now
  56. Disney star/singer Zendaya Coleman reveals MJ as her #1 Inspiration
  57. Madonna Remix Video - Featuring Michael!
  58. A Place With No Name is played by radios
  59. Dancing MJ panda: Taiwan megastar made MJ statue for panda protection
  60. Unreleased song called " Doggone Lover" ?
  61. Timor Steffens meeting
  62. Penny Coomes and Nicholas Buckland win European Ice Dance bronze dancing to 'Immortal'
  63. A Wedding Party Surprises Guests with Awesome Dance
  64. Was They Don't Care About Us Suppose to be Michaels "Rhythm Nation"?
  65. Guitar World: Carvin Creates One-of-a-Kind, MJ - Inspired Guitar for Jason Becker
  66. Alternative Invincible Producer
  67. Is Michael's voice/vocals.....
  68. Inside Hollywood Tonight: New Video
  69. Best MJ Songs of all time
  70. If the "collaboration" with Timbaland.....
  71. Jennifer Batten (video) pays tribute to Michael Jackson- several MJ classics
  72. Michaels Armband?
  73. John Branca ranks at number 47 at the 2014 Billboard Power 100 list
  74. The Trials of Michael Jackson Documentary
  75. Sheryl Crow talks about Michael
  76. Which Bad tour Date website is right?
  77. "Wanna Be Startin' Something" on the Sony commercial
  78. APWNN Short Film Any Ideas ?
  79. The Jackson 5 - 'Big Boy'
  80. [MERGED] MICHAEL JACKSON & PRINCE : Friends or Foes? (The Historic Rivalry)
  81. Will You Be There Live
  82. Value of MJ Memorabilia in the future
  83. GRAMMY: 30 Years Later: Michael Jackson's Thrilling GRAMMY Night
  84. FULL Rock and Roll Sports Classics 1978
  85. Unreleased HIStory cuts?
  86. Making of- In the closet
  87. Best MJ Interview
  88. If you could ask Michael a question, what would it be?
  89. The "Slave To The Rhythm" Thread
  90. Dancing Hippo: Ukraines' Got Talent
  91. Insane Michael Jackson Auction on eBay!!!!
  92. The best Super Bowl halftime show musical performance ever? (POLL)
  93. [Update] Michael Jacksons Billie Jean is Certified by Vevo for 100 Million views
  94. RIP Maximilian Schell
  95. Missy Elliot's favorite memory of Michael
  96. [Update - MJ WINS !] POP ICON"S best male icon!
  97. Animation Legend Arthur Rankin Jr. Dies at 89
  98. The Estate's Change In Mastering Companies
  99. Michael cursing a paparazzo, true or false?
  100. Greatest Live Vocals ?
  101. Interesting MJ auction......
  102. Real lyrics "Come together" in english
  103. Blue Thingy on Michael's ankle in Bucharest?..
  104. All interviews of Black & White magazine
  105. Michael's Best Motown Solo Album?
  106. Best MJ tribute videos
  107. Lady Gaga song inspired by our very own MJ!
  108. Was the BAD Tour perfect ?
  109. Michael Jackson - Oprah Interview ( New Outtakes )
  110. Michael Jackson, Queen & Tupac Shakur 2014 Unreleased Albums
  111. Rare Footage Brazil > Making of the video "They don't care about us" - February 11, 1996
  112. Shirley Temple Black, Screen Darling, Dies at 85.
  113. BET Honors 2014
  114. Toaster
  115. Track Order of Michael's Albums
  116. Dancing for Michael Jackson Taranto Kids Remake - Hollywood Tonight
  117. Kobe Bryant is working with Nike to produce MJ
  118. question about a strange lp of bad
  119. You Were There Studio Recording?
  120. Happy Valentine's for Michael 2014 - Forest Lawn
  121. Michael Jackson Repeating Pattern
  122. Moonwalker DVD NTSC?
  123. What More Can I Give..
  124. ITSWMJ - Stockholm, questions
  125. New MJ figure "Smooth Crimnal" (Bandai) at the Toy Fair 2014
  126. When Anjelica Huston scared Michael...
  127. Where is this in private home movies?!!!
  129. Book: "Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood" by David R. Holloway
  130. misspressing of History - silver discs & disc 2 only 14 tracks?
  131. Michael Jackson, ice cream and kindness
  132. Michael Jackson Flavor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream?
  133. Exclusive Q&A with J. Branca (Hits Daily Double)
  134. NEW BOOK: Broken Heart Stone - World’s Most Famous Hand Print
  135. MJ Estate Third Accounting - Document & Summary & Discussion
  136. Exclusive footage from Cork 88' BWT
  137. Michael Jackson Approved For US Commemorative Postage Stamps
  138. WMA '06 red carpet transcript
  139. Kids make their own music video for 'Hollywood Tonight'
  140. Official Victory Tour Release on the Horizon?
  141. [MJ Estate] Monday an announcement coming your way
  142. The Estate of Michael Jackson enters partnership with Sony Mobile
  143. Rapper Stat Quo raps about three Michael's in new song, one of them is MJ
  144. Michael Jackson painted with Nutella and a Knife !
  145. LL Cool J Talks Michael Jackson
  146. Kylie Minogue on Michael Jackson?
  147. Rev. Jessie Jackson Talks About Praying With Michael
  148. Which Michael Jackson Song Are You? (Zimbio quiz)
  149. How many unreleased songs are left ?
  150. Signature Michael Songs from the five Jacksons Albums
  151. People showing Michael love after the 2005 trial
  152. diversity (with Ant and Dec) dance to MJ
  153. MJ Hologram ONE
  154. Video Killed the Radio Star: Michael Jackson, Sky Arts 1 this week
  155. MJ Museum Design
  156. POP ICONS - The Best Iconic Music Video/Short Film [Poll closed]
  157. Michael Jackson's Snakes Find New Home in Fruita Children's Nature Center
  158. Search english dialog of full minimovie "you rock my world"
  159. Studio songs almost all leaked?
  160. THIS IS IT! 5 years later...
  161. Jackson 5 visit to Gloucestershire inspires unreleased Michael Jackson recording three decades later
  162. Not every unreleased song needs to be updated
  163. Last song Michael used " Hee-hee" ?
  164. Michael Jackson is Hero to African banker and philanthropist
  165. Days In Gloucestershire Thread
  166. Does anybody have The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story, 1958-2009 By J. Randy Taraborrelli?
  167. Michael's Humanitarian Side- A live show
  168. RARE Michael Jackson Outtakes From Oprah interview
  169. Justin Timberlake Breaks Down Michael Jackson Lyrics | Video | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy..
  170. Naomi Campbell opens up about her close relationship with Michael Jackson
  171. Mj reborn cell phone??? [Update Unauthorized ]
  172. Why does MJ never get proper credit for his voice...
  173. i got a question
  174. Newsweek's new MJ special issue?
  175. Jennifer Battens' MJ Webpage
  176. Newsweek Special Issue
  177. Michael Jackson’s Musical Treasure Trove: Looted and Leaked
  178. Tame Impala Unveil Michael Jackson Cover, ‘Stranger In Moscow’
  179. What type of sound?
  180. How old were you when you started listening to Michael Jackson?
  181. Write a song for Michael Jackson
  182. German speaking MJ fans are calling - I'm a Newbie - Ich bin neu hier! Über mich und Michael
  183. Five minutes with Jackson?
  184. Playing Michael Jackson - Die "King-Of-Pop"-Video-Slot-Machines bei Westspiel
  185. Michael Jackson auf Briefmarken
  186. Sony Xperia Z2 - Slave To The Rhythm - Details Make The Difference
  187. The arcade version of the Moonwalker video game should be released
  188. Michael Jackson and the German media - Presseschnipsel, Michael Jackson in Film, Funk und Fernsehen
  189. Would you want...
  190. So what's this funky song during BET 2003 MJ performance?
  191. Original MJ symbol/logo question
  192. Michael Jackson Everywhere - Events, Shows, Theater - Begegnungen mit Michael Jackson
  193. Michael Jackson - Musik: Neuerscheinungen
  194. Michael Jackson Collaboration Edition - Der unbekanntere Michael Jackson
  195. Would U Like To Be In My MJ Tribute VIDEO??
  196. Michael Jackson - Neuerscheinungen: Bücher, DVDs, Blu-rays
  197. Tom Mesereau Returns To King Jordan Radio: March 26; Former MJ Bodyguard on March 20
  198. Dancing Michael Jackson - Wir tanzen Michael Jackson
  199. Michael Jackson's Tees - Sammlerecke für (offizielle) Michael Jackson T-Shirts
  200. Michael Jackson Exhibitions - Ausstellungen rund um Michael Jackson
  201. Michael Jackson's German Giving Trees - Wir pflanzen einen Baum für Michael
  202. Michael Jackson ONE - Cirque du Soleil®, Las Vegas
  203. Best Live Performance by MJ or any other artist
  204. Dangerous Tour 3rd Leg Band changes
  205. Tame Impala Cover Stranger In Moscow
  206. Michael's favorite movies, actors, etc.
  207. Researchers compare Michael Jackson to show what women feel is most attractive dance moves
  208. MJ fans and Youtube Advertisments
  209. Re: POP Crush 'BILLIE JEAN' vs. ‘GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN’ [ Poll Closed MJ Won]
  210. German HIStory of Michael Jackson - Panoptikum der kleinen Fundstücke. Habt Ihr das gewußt?
  211. Béla Farkas (Hungarian boy, whose liver transplant was paid by Michael 20 years ago) has become a da
  212. Dangerous 25
  213. Michael Fans Around The World!!!
  214. Germany - "Thriller Live" in Deutschland 2014
  215. 'Behind the Mask': An Appreciation
  216. German HIStory - Michael Jackson in Musikladen, Wetten Dass?, Bambi 2002
  217. You Are Not Alone outro..
  218. History-Past, Present And Future....sound quality?
  219. Michael Jackson: Singer, Songwriter, American Inventor
  220. Michael Jackson - Offizielles Merchandising
  221. POP CRUSH: ‘Billie Jean’ vs. Britney Spears, ‘Baby One More Time’ [Britney wins]
  222. Sweet interview from 1979
  223. Was Ghosts filmed in widescreen?
  224. Magic Johnson Shares Memories Of Working With Michael Jackson
  225. Susan Fast's 'Dangerous' book is scheduled to come out in September!
  226. Missing You: 10 Heartfelt Diana Ross and Michael Jackson Moments
  227. Beat It Acapella Goes Viral On The Internet!
  228. Michaels Music
  229. Michael Jackson Album "Xscape" - Release Date: 13. Mai 2014
  230. XSCAPE: Pre-order starts NOW!
  231. This is a *MUST HEAR* for any MJ fan!!
  232. Xscape Official Pre Order Links [no discussion]
  233. Xscape Facebook Covers
  234. Xscape News Only [no discussion]
  235. XScape media reviews
  236. Xscape chart positions. (incl. singles)
  237. Suggestions for promotion by fans
  238. Rob Disner - Dangerous 25 related post
  239. The Beauty of The Xscape Cover Art ( Pictures. Wall Paper, Banner, Video Art )
  240. Xscape Related Pictures and Videos [No discussion]
  241. Xscape - The Lyrics
  242. RE-mixes
  243. XSCAPE: The singles
  244. XSCAPE ad played at NY Times Square!
  245. Stranger In Moscow given a new sound!
  246. XSCAPE - Do You Know & Love Never Felt
  247. Got The Hots
  248. Heartbreak Hotel or This Place Hotel?
  249. "It's 10 pm - Do you know where your children are?"
  250. question about this jacket