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  1. Who Is It
  2. Tdcau
  3. HOLY CR... Dangerous Tour Souvenir Cassette... Just Sold For $840 USD on eBay!!!
  4. What is MICHAEL's Funniest Quote ?????
  5. One million kisses for michael..
  6. Lady In My Life vs Break Of Dawn
  7. Don't Walk Away - Love it or Hate it?
  8. Michael Jackson - Oxford Union Speech March 6th 2001
  9. MJ Unreleased Song Titles (paper from inside his house) am I late on this?
  10. Look Again, Baby Seal - Dancing the dream
  11. Westlake Recording Studios offers tour to MJ Fans June [Update] New Tours for 2013
  12. Signed Beat It Poster
  13. Lets Discuss BAD concerts footage and what may have been shot on film ?
  14. Bruno Mars: Love and Respect for Michael Jackson
  15. Auction > MJ's personal unreleased composition "La Mia"
  16. [DISCUSSION] Which producer did the best job? (Xscape & Michael)
  17. Michael having fun during Smooth Criminal shooting
  18. is this YRMW story about nose-remodelling true?
  19. Just a Little Bit of You
  20. Michael Jackson - She Was Lovin' Me [Demo] (Remastered)
  21. She's Out Of My Life, You Are Not Alone [The Girls During Dangerous & HIStory Tour]
  22. What will the Estate release this year?
  23. Michael Jackson Fan Strikes MJ Pose at Over 100 Different Locations
  24. M. Jackson, F. Sinatra & E. Presley Return as Holograms?
  25. Unreleased song
  26. The Infinite Jukebox - Makes Interesting Remixes
  27. Gospel great Andraé Crouch Passes Away [Updated 01/08/15]
  28. This Is It footage coming at 8pm Brazil time?
  29. private home movies on ebay
  30. Jermaine & Michael duet
  31. Things I Do For you appreciation
  32. Next Galaxy to Create VR Concert with Michael Jackson Producer Teddy Riley (BIG Summit)
  33. MJJC Q&A: Steve Barron- Submit Your questions now!
  34. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino discusses his love and appreciation for MJ and The Jacksons
  35. Adrian Grant Visual Versions Question
  36. Brian Vibberts did a Q&Q-session about his work with MJ
  37. 'CTE' Star?
  38. Attention Australian Fans
  39. We Are The World sung at Paris anti-terrorism demonstration
  40. Which MJ tracks do you love but rarely listen to?
  41. Buy concerts
  42. Dangerous world tour bangkok 1993 cassette ebay
  43. Michael Jackson BAD TOUR HD Videos
  44. The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson
  45. Michael Jackson Legacy AEG tv special
  46. @michaeljackson Profile photo change! New project coming soon?
  47. Dirty Diana Vs Give Into Me
  48. MJJC Q&A: Kerry Anderson
  49. Announcement FROM MJJC
  50. Aintree 1988 Appreciation Thread
  51. They tried it again: Katy Perry is again compared to MJ (LOL)
  52. Michael singing acappella A Place with No Name in The Studio back in 1998.
  53. Short video of Michael singing APOM (1986)
  54. BBC-documentation about history of music fans will air in 2015
  55. Exquisite BAD Tour Rehearsal footage + Discussion
  56. Can Anyone Help Me Improve?
  57. Brett Nicholas: Billie Jean Performance Review- Your Thoughts?
  58. TLC: "There are no great superstars anymore - like Michael Jackson"
  59. Xscape world tour- help!!
  60. People who write names/notes on Items
  61. Leaked emails update (Michael Jackson)
  62. Michael an alcoholic?
  63. “We Are the World” On Its 30th Anniversary: 5 Things To Know
  64. Good Times Appreciation Thread
  65. Normal mic or headset mic?
  66. Rumor: Michael Jackson - HIStory Tour Prague 1996 (In cinema and dvd/blue ray in 2016)
  67. Which Is the Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever? (Billboard.com)
  68. Naomi Campbell Weighs In On Michael Jackson...
  69. MJ documentary by Diversity?
  70. Signed Memorabilia Thread
  71. Elle Macpherson Talks '80s; dinner with Michael and Donald Trump
  72. How do you answer this question.....
  73. Michael and katy perry at superbowl 49?
  74. How the NFL convinced Michael Jackson to perform at Super Bowl XXVII
  75. 'She's Out Of My Life' 1981 - 1992
  76. I don't understand why (insert song here) gets so much hate
  77. This is it extended version - release?
  78. 'Off The Wall' appreciation thread
  79. Abraham, Martin & John
  80. What Was "Michael Mania" Like?
  81. Michael's darkest song
  82. Bad- Drum sounds
  83. Songs with indifferent opinions
  84. New Movie: Desert Dancer (MJ related)
  85. Has the Thriller album become underrated on this forum?
  86. Two MJ related movies win at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  87. Let's create the ultimate MJJC chart of MJ's songs!
  88. Frank Dileo...a book seems to be coming...
  89. Little Susie Story.
  90. 'Bad era' Michael in THE 90's
  91. The Beginning Of "You Are Not Alone" during HIStory World Tour
  92. Michael Jackson wax figures unveiled in Beijing China
  93. Michael's Technical ability?
  94. The Man Behind Michael Jackson's Signature Style (Michael Bush Interview)
  95. First words of Black or white
  96. Never before seen video about MJ in Moscow in 1996
  97. For Me, Michael Jackson's Greatest Song of the Past 25 years.........
  98. (Formula 1 fans) The two Michael's together!
  99. Valentines Day at Forest Lawn and around the world
  100. Rank the album tracks
  101. The real genius behind Thriller...
  102. Favourite dances & choreographies
  103. Your favorite concert outfit?
  104. Info for next-release?
  105. Name That Michael Jack5on Song!
  106. MJ with Australian actress Rebecca Gibney
  107. The "Video Medley" that was played during HIStory World Tour
  108. Give Me Half A Chance vs. Doggin' Around
  109. Performances that show Michael's vocals
  110. Don't You Wish Morphine was on HIStory?
  111. The greatest HIStory Tour concert (pro versions)
  112. HIStory World Tour Blu-Ray & DVD Requirements
  113. Idea for a feature film based on 'Little Susie'
  114. Maker of Dreams: Creating Michael Jackson's "Neverland Valley Park"
  115. Where Is This From?
  116. Song(s) that MJ didn't write but captured his style the best
  117. Does anyone have the article where Diddy talk about working with MJ?
  118. Michael Jackson's BAD gets VEVO certified
  119. New footage of Michael reading to Prince and Paris
  120. Spoken intros, yay or nay?
  121. Guest Raps - those that work & those that don't
  122. A tribute to Michael Jackson: This is it
  123. Choose who must hold the title of the king!
  124. The countries that MJ had his greatest impact
  125. 'Electric Eyes' Human Nature / Xscape
  126. Join us for #ClubMJJC Party on MJJCommunity Chat
  127. Songs you loved but now rarely listen to
  128. Omer Bhatti
  129. Kobe Bryant Shares Lessons From Michael Jackson
  130. Michael Jackson LA mural removed?
  131. Remember The Time Vs You Rock My World
  132. What made Invincible such an expensive album ?
  133. Whatever Happens vs. Keep The Faith
  134. Michael Jackson-Signed 'Thriller' Contract To Be Auctioned This Week
  136. Make That Change
  137. Interview with "Monument to Michael Jackson" director
  138. Dangerous - The cover
  139. In What Order Do You Rate MJ's Solo Albums
  140. Which Billie Jean live version is your favorite?
  141. MJ live concerts
  142. Would Invincible have sounded different with Pro Tools (instead of Analog) ?
  143. Is this figure worth real money
  144. If you could meet Michael in a chosen era?
  145. Laura Chaplin about Michael
  146. Was 'This Is It' always planned to be called that?
  147. Create a different title track
  148. Best parts of Michael Jackson's videos
  149. Rehearsals during HIStory World Tour
  150. Motown 25 Rebroadcast Airing Tonight at 8PM
  151. What was Michael's greatest talent?
  152. Michael should have released this song, it had #1 written all over it
  153. Stranger In Moscow- Knees?
  154. USA's attitude towards MJ
  155. Should HIStory have been a single album?
  156. Opportunity to choose Mike's 13 #1 singles
  157. (INFOS!!) Kick It & How Am I Snippets
  158. 30th Annual Grammy Awards (1988): What really happened ?
  159. Maxee Maxwell of Brownstone died
  160. List MJ's music videos from 2000 onwards
  161. One of Michael Jackson's best songs from the History Album
  162. I always felt this song should have been the debut single for the History Album
  163. Michael's Spotify Statistics
  164. Al Bano's Copyright Cases against MJ
  165. All Night Dancin'
  166. Should have BAD been released as a triple disk album like Michael wanted?
  167. What Message was Michael trying to convey in Stranger In Moscow?
  168. Kanye West mentions MJ in a new song.
  169. E'Casanova Live 1992 - Soul Train Line
  170. My favorite song on Bad
  171. The Mask
  172. The truth behind "No Friend Of Mine/Gangsta" (Pras, Tempamental ft MJ)
  173. Björk recommends We Are Almost There
  174. The Ultimate Billie Jean Thread
  175. If two time travelers appeared at your doorstep...
  176. Invincible Cover: Gold Vs Coloured Versions
  177. HIStory World Tour Dress Rehearsals
  178. Triumph tour was better than Victory (IMO)
  179. Graffiti art (helps) preserves Jackson legacy
  180. Michael's appearances on different singers' albums and other projects
  181. Evan Ross-interview (MJ-related)
  182. MJ at the height of his success
  183. Questions about the Destiny Tour..
  184. Michael at the James Brown concert at the Beverly 1983
  185. The hidden track on HIStory album
  186. The Consensus about This Time Around?
  187. Indonesian fans movie...tribute to Michael
  188. Weakest MJ’s Lyrics
  189. A Place with No Name and A Horse with No Name
  190. MJVLOG mjrico auf TRÖDELJAGD #1
  191. Children who were Michael's friends
  192. Inspiration behind MJ songs
  193. Singles that should have been visualized in a different way
  194. Michael Jackson Fans Fired Up Worldwide — New European Commercial
  195. Is Michael really playing the piano on Pepsi Commercial?
  196. Rock Hall exhibit debuts iconic photographs in rock history (Cleveland R and R Museum)
  197. Has anyone ever done it ?
  198. How good did MJ sound after 2005 ?
  199. Best MJ lyrics
  200. Billie Jean Background
  201. Videos that should have been
  202. The most boring & unnecessary songs intros
  203. Question about Hold My Hand
  204. The Thriller Outtakes and Demos [Discussion]
  205. Does it matter who puts together an album/project?
  206. Michael As An Influence
  207. THIS IS IT! 10th Anniversary Request Thread
  208. The UN And MixRadio To Celebrate International Day Of Happiness - Happiness sounds like
  209. Shake Your Body Down Vs Working Day And Night (Live)
  210. Was Billboard treating Michael unfair?
  211. Do you ever get sad while listening to a particular MJ song?*
  212. "I don't do dirty dancing" - new Black or White behind the scenes
  213. human nature extra vocals
  214. How many different versions of the “BAD” album really exist?
  215. Barber in viral prank video is wearing an MJ shirt!
  216. The connotations in “2000 Watts”
  217. Best adlibs
  218. Suspicious call at Neverland-victim of swatting
  219. MJ’s most recognizable song of all time
  220. 2CELLOS - Smooth Criminal
  221. What are the best books about Michael Jackson?
  222. Most underrated MJ’s work
  223. A Michael Jackson Rock Album
  224. Siedah Garret recent twitter post
  225. The Perfect Concert
  226. MJJC Announcement
  227. Indians from Amazon Forest that knew who Michael Jackson was
  228. Michael and Katherine Hepburn
  229. “Another Part Of Me” [Studio Footage from Recording Session]
  230. Michael performing at Studio 54?
  231. Russell Crowe says Michael used to prank call him
  232. Collaborations that shouldn’t have happened
  233. The Michael Jackson Social Media Thread
  234. (Fake?) River Ripple - Snippet
  235. The Wiz' Set as NBC's Next Live Musical
  236. Preview: "Scream" an IMWhizzle Production
  237. Alright Now or Joy ?
  238. NEW rare amateur footage of Michael at a dance club
  239. MJ Estate teams up with Yonder & Beyond to create US-based social media application PlayMeet
  240. MJ Live in Tel Aviv 1993- GottaHaveRocknRoll
  241. The original version of the song “Butterflies”
  242. Happy Easter...around the world
  243. My ideal "dangerous", History" and "Invincible" albums... what is yours ?
  244. Michael Jackson's pet alligators in animal park fire
  245. On Set with Michael Jackson
  246. Brian Grazer compares Michael to Mozart on the Morning Show today...
  247. Funniest This Is It moments
  248. Victory finally being released ?
  249. MJ’s most unusual track
  250. Your Favorite Interviews!