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  1. Sexiest Michael Jackson Song
  2. Off the Wall or Invincible?
  3. What Is Michael's Most Underrated Album?
  4. What is mj's best closer
  5. What's better? Yokohama 1987 or Bucharest 1992?
  6. What is MJ's Best Song with Another Artist?
  7. Which rapper(s) should feature on Michael's new album?
  8. Dangerous Tour Leotard - Love it or hate it
  9. You Meet MJ in an Elevator - Reaction?
  10. Who is most likely following in MJs footsteps?
  11. Which album(s) had the highest expectation?
  12. Best song written by R.Kelly?
  13. Self Written tracks vs Co-written tracks vs tracks written by other people
  14. Michael Jackson: LIVE - Video Album?
  15. "Thriller" or "Invincible"
  16. Bad or HIStory
  17. Best concert closer
  18. "Thriller" vs "Bad"
  19. If you could have anyone of MJ talents which one would it be?
  20. Which Female R&B Singer Do you Want MJ to Work With?
  21. >>> now "Thriller" vs "Dangerous"
  22. Your fav album cover?
  23. your fav song of Michael written by himself alone?
  24. Best live Smooth Criminal look
  25. how about.................... HIStory vs Thriller?
  26. Beat It Guitar Battle: Eddie Vs Slash
  27. Off The Wall or Thriller
  28. This time --------------------> Dangerous or Invincible?
  29. Best album overall
  30. How Large is Michael's Fan Base?
  31. Best Choreography in a Music Video
  32. The sexiest part of michael is...
  33. Thriller 25 versus BOTDF
  34. another album battle poll >>>> "HIStory" or "Invincible"
  35. How Old Are You and How Long Have You Been an MJ Fan?
  36. A Fool For you
  37. Favorite Teddy Riley Track
  38. Smooth Criminal suit or Dangerous suit?
  39. Poll for the girls
  40. Thinking of getting a MJ tattoo - Tatoo advice/tips [ Merged ]
  41. Do you like the "don't stop til you get enough" music video?
  42. Michael v/s Jermaine
  43. Thriller or Ghosts
  44. Most beautiful ballad on Invincible
  45. Most Romantic MJ song?
  46. Best song on HIStory
  47. Dangerous Tour outfit or HIStory Tour outfit?
  48. When do you think Michael and Lisa last spoke?
  49. Older Mike
  50. Best rock song?
  51. Favorite MJ Dance Performance
  52. Can you feel it vs This place Hotel(aka Heartbreak Hotel)
  53. Your Favorite MJ "Noise" ? Chamonah!!
  54. Do you think he's sexy?
  55. Is Invincible a good album ?
  56. When you listen to Billie Jean what do you picture in your head?
  57. Favorite Black or White Performance
  58. Your fav tour-MJ
  59. Favorite Dangerous song
  60. Thriller or Thriller 25
  61. Will you marry Michael if you had the chance?
  62. Poll: A Place With No Name or Another Day
  63. Best "Make a Better World"-Song?
  64. Is "Invincible" as good as previous MJ's Albums ?
  65. Poll : what's the best Ebay or Amazon?
  66. This Is It DVD - POLL.
  67. Michael Suited Purple soooo much ....
  68. Which MJ music video had the hottest girl?
  69. Have your opinions changed? (Cascio Tracks)
  70. Best Song on MICHAEL?
  71. Poll: What is Your Favorite Michael Jackson Decade as a Performer and Why?
  72. What Dangerous Live Version do you like the most?
  73. Do you believe Michael had reached his full potential????
  74. What is your favourite album outtake that has been officially released?
  75. Poll: Are you interested in new books about Michael's personal life?
  76. Is Billie Jean really the best MJ song?
  77. The best show opening outfit?
  78. Gender Poll: Are You a Male or Female MJ Fan?
  79. The Great Debate - MJ3
  80. The best Smooth Criminal?
  81. Favourite New Jack Swing song from Dangerous?
  82. Favourite MJ 'Falsetto' Song?
  83. Jackson family tribute concert / October 8th, 2011 / Initial details @ post 87
  84. Battle of the Album Closers - Which is best?
  85. On which album do you like Michael's voice best?
  86. Michael a special kind of person
  87. Your favorite Beat It jacket?
  88. Who Is It vs Stranger In Moscow
  89. [spin-off] Remember The Time vs. Can't Let Her Get Away
  90. The best Working Day and Night live outift?
  91. Would fans be interested in an official MJ collectors label?
  92. The Jackson 5 or The Jackson's
  93. BAD World Tour: 30th Anniversary 5 show Deluxe Package (idea)
  94. Producers/Tracks You Would Like to See on the 2013 Studio Album
  95. The Estate's Five Project Ideas for 2013 - What's Your Favorite?
  96. BWT Tokyo, Japan. Korakuen Stadium. September 12th 87' photo restored by me.
  97. Poll: Favorite Man In The Mirror Outfit
  98. POP Crush 'Billie Jean' vs. 'Like a Virgin' - Greatest Pop Song Round 2 [Poll closed - MJ Won]
  99. HIStory Tour Discussion - Should it be released? [Merged]
  100. Favourite Michael Jackson Song - World Cup Style
  101. POLLS: Name Your Favorite Album in 2014ůSo Far
  102. Do You Like Morphine?
  103. Billie Jean. Sung live or lip synced?
  104. Thriller Night: Movie Poll
  105. Inspirational Songs War!!!!
  106. 'Dirty Diana' which do you prefer?
  107. Your Number One Fav. Michael Jackson Album Of All Time
  108. Michael Jackson's BAD World Tour: Future Blu-Ray Release?
  109. The best song written or co-written by MJ but performed by others
  110. Poll: Michael Jackson's Greatest Album Opener
  111. Best album cover
  112. Poll: Best Guitarist?
  113. Best Femme Fatale Song
  114. A Possible Third Michael Jackson Documentary
  115. DWT Poll: Bremen, Bucharest or Buenos Aires?
  116. Favorite album cover?
  117. Billie Jean VS Thriller: which do you think is more iconic?
  118. Favourite Era for Short Films?
  119. Most visually stunning MJ short film?
  120. Beat It VS Dirty Diana VS Morphine VS Give In To Me VS Black Or White.
  121. Leave Me Alone VS Speed Demon.
  122. Man In The Mirror VS Earth Song.
  123. Lady In My Life VS Butterflies VS Break Of Dawn.
  124. Who Is Vs Give Into Me Vs Will You Be There
  125. Rating Rod
  126. Liberian Girl Vs I Just Can't Stop Loving You
  127. 2000 Watts VS Heartbreaker.
  128. Best title track
  129. Faceoff: 2Bad Vs Ghosts
  130. Faceoff: Why You Wanna Trip On Me Vs Speed Demon!
  131. Poll thiller25 or bad25
  132. Dangerous or history
  133. Ultimate Faceoff: Will You Be There Vs Earth Song
  134. Member Feedback Poll - Separate News and Bring back Michael Mania?
  135. Thriller or bad
  136. Michael or xscape
  137. Scream (compilation album): Like or Dislike
  138. Little susie or is it scary
  139. Tabloid junkie or scream
  140. Can we expect a new album of unreleased material in 2018?
  141. Did You See Michael in Concert?
  142. Dangerous: The Demos Album Art
  143. Favorite Michael documentary?
  144. What's the Most Overrated MJ Album?
  145. What's the Most Overrated MJ Album?
  146. Favourite Dangerous Tour concert
  147. 'Rock With You' - With, or Without the Handclaps?
  148. Which Tour had the Best Band?
  149. Which Hairstyle Do You Prefer? :DD
  150. HIStory Album Anniversary Poll :DDD
  151. Best Song as a Featured Artist?
  152. Best Concert Opener?
  153. Happy birthday off the wall
  154. The Best Mccartney/MJ Collaborative Song
  155. The Essential Michael Jackson vs Number Ones?
  156. The End of Thriller-Dangerous Bucharest or History Munich?
  157. werecat or zombie
  158. Can Moonwalkers Moonwalk?
  159. What are your favorite early Humantarian-/ Serious Themes Songs fom MJ/The Jacksons
  160. Poll: Your favorite Motown MJ Solo Album & Jackson 5 Albums
  161. Poll: Your Favorite Story(s) in MJs Short Films
  162. Let's make sure we boycott the doc .
  163. Stan Tournament :Vote for Michael .
  164. What stage of life did you like Micheal the most?
  165. This should be fun. Valentino or Navi?
  166. Best Opening song of MJs adult studio albums
  167. The MJ album with the best love songs
  168. Best Musical Riff?
  169. What do you admire about Michael?
  170. Have You Ever Dreamed About Michael?
  171. Do You Like The Xscape Album?
  172. For which demo/leftover track are you most hyped ?
  173. Favorite anthem?
  174. What's Your Favorites Off The Album Goin' Places?
  175. She Drives Me Wild or Can't Let Her Get Away?
  176. Which tour had the best Billie Jean performance?
  177. Your favorite Dangerous Tour concert that is available?
  178. Your favourite HIStory tour concert(s)
  179. Black or red Bad Tour shirt? (1987)
  180. Best MJ remix
  181. What May Be Released In 2021?
  182. Royal Brunei 1996. Dangerous Tour or HIStory Tour?