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  1. London 2016 Fireworks - 'Don't Stop' and 'Can you feel it'...appx 5.30
  2. Monster plans Michael Jackson tribute at CES
  3. The Michael Jackson Bonus Cuts Collection: POLL on potential cover art.
  4. Girl with Asperger Syndrome (MJ Fan) Gives Back
  5. 30 Years of BAD: 1987 - 2017
  6. Which music style suit MJ most?
  7. Grammys & MJ post 1984 - can someone please explain to me how...
  8. This Time Around
  9. The Ellen Show - Kid Performing Smooth Criminal (7th Jan)
  10. Best Beat It tuning
  11. The top 10 most edited pages on WIKIPEDIA- ... Michael Jackson ....
  12. Dangerous tour 1993: Anyone know the reason for dropping Beat It?
  13. Teens Play and React to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Genesis Game
  14. The "one of my friends had to die" in Privacy
  15. Dan Beck On Marketing Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson manufactured "King of Pop"
  16. Best songs for opening and closing the concerts
  17. Leonardo Dicaprio in Neverland, video?
  18. Rank the slow tempo songs from Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible
  19. A little detail about the thriller video that has always bugged me out.
  20. HuffPo article provides more details on Michael's involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  21. Great quotes from others about MJ.
  22. Why Michael Jackson was alone (youtube) Very very sad
  23. Had MJ known he was going to die, what would he have done?.. (Material wise)
  24. Vincent Price on The Tonight Show doing Thriller rap in 1987
  25. Which tour had the best set list?
  26. HIStory 20th anniversary to be celebrated in France this saturday
  27. Lavelle Smith released a short video of VMAs Rehearsal 1995
  28. How Did Michael Lose Control of his Empire?
  29. Who have been played the videogame mj the experience?
  30. Which do you think is the best commercial that Michael did?
  31. Hey mates , let´s vote michael jackson for best dancer of all time , and best singer of all time
  32. Favorite Era
  33. Bremen vs Bucharest
  34. LA Reid memoir, MJ bit
  35. Michael's Career After Thriller
  36. Thriller is now 32x Platinum due to the RIAA's new rules
  37. Should MJ Be Awarded A Presidential Medal Of Freedom Posthumously.....
  38. Question about Beat It live
  39. Bad Tour 1987 Appreciaton Thread
  40. BAD 25 vs OTW 37
  41. Was any video filmed during the Thriller recording sessions?
  42. Have You Noticed All the Nods to MJ during the Super Bowl Halftime Show?
  43. Next posthumous album without original versions?
  44. Dangerous Tour ( Orange Shirt Rehearsal 93)
  45. IDEA/THOUGHT - Documentary with Michaels Archivist Karen Langford.
  46. Had to post this again, Tribute song to Michael from The Game, Chris Brown and Boys 2 Men
  47. Little Prince (1974) Snake in the Grass
  48. Is Michael Jackson The MOST INFULENTIAL Artist Of The 21th Century?
  49. The Dangerous Tour Rehearsals 1992 is the best Dangerous concert EVER!
  50. Miguel to Perform a Michael Jackson Tribute at Grammys
  51. The Importance of 'Smile'
  52. Smooth Criminal being sung live on the BAD Tour
  53. This Is It costumes: Cool or Tacky?
  54. Michael Jackson's: L'UOMO Vogue Making Of
  55. Handwritten Lyrics
  56. Which are the least/most memorable guest appearances?
  57. New Home Videos of Michael With His Children (more in post #20)
  58. VIMEO: MOS DEF sings Billie Jean at his gig (tribute)
  59. NEW Black or White Behind The Scenes
  60. MJ Video Series?
  61. Even Google knows this truth about MJ
  62. Jurnee Smollett remembers a special Michael Jackson moment for Ebony
  63. From motown to off the wall premiere London tomorrow
  64. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson Scream Recreation by Youtube Infamous dancing duo
  65. One More Chance
  66. Is anyone aware of this book?
  67. The original Off The Wall
  68. "I'm So Blue"...A Song About Diana Ross?
  69. Man In The Mirror sells OVER 30 million copies worldwide
  70. Upcoming Book On MJ's Artistry....(August 28th)
  71. Joe Vogel's Incredible Article on Michael Jackson and Black Music
  72. MJ Church Organ Tribute
  73. Why Aree These Videos Missing from MJ's VEVO?
  74. The Connection Between Michael Jackson & The Neptunes + Pharrell Williams Interview (2003)
  75. The impact and influence thread.
  76. Working Day And Night and Beat It live
  77. Spike Lee should stop making MJ documentaries ? Your thoughts ?
  78. Does MJ's estate look at this website
  79. Michael's $1.5M 'Gone With the Wind' Oscar Is Missing
  80. Where should a Michael Jackson fan visit while in Florida?
  81. How RIAA certified do you think Thriller will become.
  82. The concerts you want to see in full?
  83. Favorite ''Dad gone it'' moments
  84. MJ, the most versatile artist and entertainer ever!
  85. Experiental Style Film About MJ.
  86. Off The Wall vs. Thriller?
  87. The King of all music & entertainment has the most hot 100 number ones of any solo male!
  88. Off The Wall Doc any good?
  89. Thriller's music video
  90. Working Day And Night Victory tour Toronto question
  91. Pitchfork rates Off The Wall album 10/10, Best new reissue!
  92. Check out this video
  93. Song Connectivity
  94. Oksana Grishina performing "Dangerous"
  95. Rate the Estate - Rank the Projects from Best to Worst
  96. Berry Gordy speaks about Michael
  97. As anyone played the 3DS/Ps Vita/mobile version of MJ:The experience?
  98. Did Michael make a fashion statement?
  99. Off The Wall 2016:The cancelled project
  100. The best performances thread.
  101. Nancy Reagan and Michael at Trump Tower
  102. Jennifer Batten talks about touring with Michael
  103. Rank best to worst estate videoclips
  104. The Wild Bees - Film About An MJ's Impersonator
  105. Canadian Boy Dancing In The Streets Like Michael
  106. Michael Jackson is #17 most popular artist on YouTube
  107. Billie Jean reaches 200,000,000 views on YouTube!
  108. How much do you stream Michael?
  109. Rare Dangerous Tour Rehearsal: Black Or White (3rd Leg)
  110. YT Video: President Obama does Thriller - well not really but it is a cool video
  111. MJ Decade Album 79-89 or 80-90
  112. Michael Jackson is NOT the King of Pop.
  113. The name of Michael's tarantula
  114. 3 Very funny stories about Michael Jackson
  115. Sony and Jackson Estate reach agreement for Sony to acquire remaining half of Sony/ATV Music Publish
  116. What could MJ's estate do to make you happy right now?
  117. Human Nature (Groovefunkel remix) with new vocals
  118. | thriller / ghosts |
  119. YOUTUBE cover of Get On The Floor - really good i wouldnt share it otherwise lol
  120. Michael Jackson's HIStory museum.
  121. NEW videos/Outtakes from Ghosts
  122. The estate predictions thread.
  123. Celebrating Easter around the world...with Michael
  124. No other artist dead or alive has this is ANY country
  125. Why Michael is indisputably the greatest artist and entertainer of all time.
  126. Michael was trained in Kung Fu
  127. Watch: U.S.A. Navy Band Performs Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' Zombie Dance
  128. What exactly was so groundbreaking about MJ's MUSIC?
  129. Your Most Wanted Demos and/or Unreleased Songs?
  130. Would you go see a MJ hologram concert?
  131. Neverland
  132. MJ's Deaf Impersonator
  133. Moonwalk on …moon: Would MJ have fulfilled his dream later in his life?
  134. They Don't Care About Us turns 20
  135. Did Michael only have one pair of loafers?
  136. Countries Michael Has Been To
  137. Did he even like Pepsi?
  138. The History 20 discussion thread.
  139. Man In The Mirror American Idol
  140. Leave Me Alone Appreciation
  141. Should the ‘Bad’ album have been released with more songs?
  142. What was it like waiting for an MJ album or music video to be released.
  143. Speed Demon appreciation
  144. Michael Jackson statue unveiled in India.
  145. "Girls of Another Love"... a "new" snippet from the Bad sessions..
  146. When did Moonwalkers become MJfam?
  147. Rare footage of the Jackson 5 Rehearsing....
  148. The Evolution of MJ's Singing Voice
  149. They was playing his music everywhere I go
  150. 2002 Apollo performance.
  151. The social media thread.
  152. The YouTube video thread.
  153. David Gest Found Dead
  154. Was MJ a dancer who could sing or a singer who could dance?
  155. Michael tops list of solo artist that left their groups.
  156. The Ultimate Thriller - The Michael Jackson Tribute Live in Bucharest 07.07.2016
  157. Who Was Susie?
  158. What Disney songs would you have loved to hear Michael sing?
  159. Anyone seen the movie Insidious?
  160. Thriller on Your Face Sounds Familiar
  161. If you could watch King Michael perform one last time what would be the setlist?
  162. What did MJ exactly say during that over one-hour interview to his fans in 1999 (Park Lane, London)?
  163. Threatened Appreciation Thread
  164. The History tour in INDIA
  165. What do you think the best MJ hype song is?
  166. MJ's BAD World Tour Voted 3rd Greatest Tour Of All Time.....
  167. What is it about Michael?
  168. About Michael Jackson neverland ranch
  169. Invincible or Xscape-Deluxe? Wich is your favorite?
  170. Article: Will Pop Music Ever Produce Another Michael Jackson?
  171. So who wrote "On the line"?
  172. ‘2000 Watts’: a love-or-hate song?
  173. Michael Jackson numerology
  174. If you could've took a trip to anywhere in the world with MJ where would you have gone?
  175. Did Michael ever meet Charlie Chaplin?
  176. Michael Jackson Vs. Prince: An Oral History
  177. Prince vs Michael Jackson Film
  178. So, do y'all think MJ's estate is going to do something involving Thriller this year?
  179. Michael's Spanish and French singing
  180. New Book: MJ Off The Wall For The Record
  181. Who Is It - Fan favourite and underrated?
  182. MJ Funky Outtakes, Demos & Unfinished Songs Appreciation Thread
  183. Prince and Michael Jackson The Rivalry and the Revolution
  184. Michael Jackson Emojis!
  185. The "Science" Behind MJ's Voice
  186. Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 "Buttercup" (Original Extended Version)
  187. The very fact Michael was born/existed is amazing.
  188. A NEW MJ Hologram Is Arriving!
  189. Apollo Theater: Bad/Dangerous/Invincible: Michael Jackson’s Epic Years
  190. Wendy Williams On Meeting MJ
  191. Did you ever see Michael live?
  192. Michael Jackson "Rock With You" (ArX Quiet Storm - Slow Mix)
  193. Michael visits an Orphanage in Bucharest (1992)
  194. "Unity 4 the people" - Charity single by MJ & Prince
  195. History Rehearsal Tape 1 - 1996-97 ( long video teaser )
  196. Similar Melody line?
  197. How Meeting Michael Jackson Changed Her Life
  198. looking for some "Steeltown Era" Song lyrics
  199. Engineer Rob Hoffman On MJ role as a Producer
  200. TheJacksonsVEVO - New Youtube Videos
  201. Madison Square Garden 2001
  202. What was MJ better at singing or dancing?
  203. Shana Mangatal is publishing a book on Michael's Birthday 2016
  204. Do you ever wish that MJ & JJ performed SCREAM live together?
  205. What things would you have liked to do with Michael, or see Michael do in person?
  206. Anyone know how often the estate pays for MJ's RIAA certs?
  207. Breathtaking Cover of 'Man in the Mirror' on Korean Show
  208. Will You Be There (Live) mystery
  209. Post Your Favourite MJ Notes
  210. Short new footage from Japan 2007
  211. fake MJ song the game?
  212. Billboard chart shows just how long King MJ has been slaying the entire music industry.
  213. Dangerous Tribute Performance
  214. 14-year-old uses his love of Michael Jackson to beat cancer
  215. Who's Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 8:00PM
  216. Vote for our King Michael.
  217. Michael jackson quiz 1 – (how well do you know about michael jackson)
  218. Exactly when did Michael become part of music's most important/biggest trinity?
  219. Michael's Billboard Music Awards wins?
  220. Am I the only one annoyed at how neglected the '87 leg of the Bad Tour is?
  221. short films MJ should have produced while alive
  222. BAD Tour Vs Dangerous Tour (Song by song)
  223. Do any of you guys remember LOUNIS PRODUCTIONS?
  224. Did anybody else get tired of MJ's "anti-tabloid" songs?
  225. What MJ concert do you want released most?
  226. This Is It Billie Jean costume
  227. What is your least favourite MJ song?
  228. Beyoncé's latest outfit: MJ tribute?
  229. BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME (New Book on MJ's Last Days)
  230. Human Nature - RARE extended version
  231. Was "30th Anniversairy Concert" redubbed (for the release)?
  232. The Invincible Tour (KaiD Records)
  233. Michael is the undisputed standard for all entertainers and performers today.
  234. 107 Facts about MJ
  235. Muhammad Ali's funeral procession
  236. RIP Mihaly "Michu" Meszaros
  237. Giant MJ on giant Shanghai screen amazing
  238. Why did Michael release so few Studio albums?
  239. 400 people sing 'Heal the World' for Orlando victims
  240. Michael's best LIVE performance videos?
  241. Order MJ's songs by album, your best to worst.
  242. Awkward dance move in 'Beat It'?
  243. In opportune moments, Michael in strange places
  244. Funniest MJ Moments
  245. Greatest Key Change in Pop Music History
  246. Who Said It: Michael Jackson Or Freddie Mercury?
  247. Earth song has reached (and surpassed) 100million views on Vevo!
  248. Article: Black Music Month: Record Exec Shares Memories of MJ
  249. What is your favourite live MJ song?
  250. Looking for someone with mass knowledge on cover songs by MJ