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  1. New pics of Josephs other child
  2. The premiere of Why Did I Get Married
  3. >> Jermaine Dupri on the Jackson family
  4. * Why Did I Get Married * ~ No. 1 Movie!
  5. Jermaine Jackson can't pay child support? Hmm
  6. janet answers somewhat of a rude queston about michael
  7. The Court Says Jermaine MUST Pay $11,511 a Month!
  8. good news for tito s and deedee kids
  9. Randy the AI producer, not MJ's bro producing B2M CD
  10. "Where are you now?" by Janet
  11. The Jackson Family on Phil Donahue
  12. Jermaine on UK t.v
  13. Janet's New Album Coming Out Next February [NEW SINGLE 12.15.2007!!]
  14. Randy bringing out a new album 2008?
  15. Janet's New Single - Feedback / video on pg. 10 - Discipline cover pg. 15
  16. DefJam Press Release: New Janet's album is called 'Discipline': out Feb. 26th 2008!!
  17. The Jacksons: America's First Family Of Music
  18. I often wondered about this..
  19. Whats your fave song from Rhythm Nation
  20. Austin Jackson (Rebbie's son) comments Janet's "feedback" !
  21. Jackson Family Interviews
  22. New Janet interview and Photoshoot
  23. Joe Jackson's new year party
  24. JACKSONS NY party in Atlanta (photo??)
  25. Janet talks about Discipline
  26. 3t :)
  27. New Austin Forum
  28. any news on jackie's son?
  29. jackson source site
  30. ~* The Jackson Family*~ Dedication Thread
  31. janet - the album - appreciation
  32. Janet Jackson
  33. Jj & Mj Fans Join Forces!
  34. All six Jacksons albums (those with MJ) ???digitally remastered??? on April 1, 2008
  35. What does Janet do/have better than MJ?
  36. BLOG - On Austin's upcoming music
  37. Do you knkow M.D.P.?
  38. 'Rock With U' and 'Luv' premiered on Janet's website!!!
  39. Janet's "Rock With You" Featuring Michael?
  40. Austin Brown
  41. Janet talks about 1/2 Sister and Joe
  42. Katherine Jackson
  43. [VIDEO] Little tidbit from Janet about MJ
  44. discipline track by track review.
  45. Janet talks to Touch Magazine
  46. All Things *Discipline* Janet's New CD ~All Threads Merged~
  47. Rebbie
  48. BBC Radio 2 Documentary - Story of the Jackson 5
  49. Austin's official myspace page
  50. La Toya
  51. Was Janet Snubbed At The Grammys
  52. Janet Wins NAACP IMAGE AWARD (pics and clips included)
  53. Janet to be on the worldwide american top 40 radio broadcast.
  54. Preview the entire 'Discipline' album at Amazon.com
  55. Janet talking about Michaels videos
  56. The Gospel of Janet Jackson
  57. Janet dicusses a reunion of the Jacksons! (recent)
  58. Where Are Michael's Ancestors From?
  59. Janet on Perez
  60. Rank the Janet studio albums
  61. Janet's Own Tribute to Her Big Brother Vibe, April 2008
  62. Janet live appearance at Virgin Megastore Hollywood.
  63. Whatever happened to the release of Latoya's new album?(Starting Over)
  64. VH1 Classic-Pop Up Video-Jacksons
  65. J5 or Jacksons
  66. Which is your favourite Jackson album?
  67. Who here has read 'Die Jackson' or The Jacksons
  68. Jermaine jackson is getting so popular on utube
  69. The Jacksons Variety Show - Who Watched These?
  70. Who is your favourite Jackson Brothers.
  71. Janet on Larry King Tonight on CNN
  72. New Tito Picture...
  73. I saw Janet on GMA Tuesday morning
  74. Jermaine Jackson TV Alert (UK)
  75. Does Janet's 'The Meaning' Sound Like Stranger In Moscow?
  76. Marlon Jackson is a twin and doing his thing.
  77. Janet to be on the cover of Ebony Magazine
  78. Jackie Jackson could have been a Bee gee
  79. Janets new video "Rock With U"
  80. UK Janet fans - did you buy Discipline?
  81. Tito Jackson Visits North Devon UK (Update March 7th With PICS!)
  82. Billboard: Janet Sets Sights On Fall Tour
  83. Audio: Janet speaks about the rumors of her child
  84. According tothe guardian newspaper ...
  85. Recent Pics Of Joe & Katherine At Hayvenhurst
  86. Jermaine Jackson's solo career
  87. Latoya Jackson was a household name in the 80's
  88. Rumour Janet is in hospital denied!
  89. Janet's New interview with Essence.com
  90. Janet and other stars in new campaign fpr homophobia and discrimination
  91. Rebbie Jackson (rare performance from 1998)
  92. Janet Jackson: Blackbook Magazine Scans
  93. Jackie Jackson "cruzin"
  94. tito jackson in devon (video footage)
  95. Rebbie Jackson's 2001 Free Vegas Shows
  96. Belgium Janet fans? Need you help
  97. Have you met any of The Jacksons?
  98. When did Janet become an Icon
  99. Janet's interview on Orlando's XL 106.7
  100. Janet suffers from Insomnia
  101. Micheal Jackson's Daddy will have relaity show?...
  102. What Jackson other than Janet and Michael would you like to hear more music from
  103. The Jackson 5 Audition For Motown
  104. Austin Brown news
  105. Best THE JACKSONS (incl. MJ) album?
  106. The Jackson 5 Thread
  107. Austin Brown's Song On His Myspace!!!
  108. Janet & Jermaine at a Party in London tonight
  109. 3t.com updated w/ teaser for reality show
  110. Miss Janet
  111. Jackson 5 spoof:anyone one from the Uk who watches eastenders???
  112. Ellen DeGeneres to present Janet with GLAAD Award
  113. 3t identity in usa
  114. Who is the jackson with the most interesting personality?
  115. Bobby Brown claims he once dated Janet
  116. Berry Gordy and MJ, does he regret it?
  117. Vote for Janet!!!!!
  118. The Jackson Family
  119. Janet in Japan!
  120. Janet Interview in Japan
  121. Listen to new Yashi song "You Know You Got Me"
  122. Janet No 1
  123. Is there any news on the Jacksons' albums being remastered?
  124. Has Janet worked with her family?
  125. Are the Jacksons the best family act ever?
  126. 1st Sight - Austin Brown reviews
  127. - Janet Talks Tour, Gay Rumors, Broadway and Drag Queens
  128. Driving in the Desert & Jermaine Jackson was in the next car. (Cute lil' story)
  129. Ticketmaster: Janet to play Boston on October 1
  130. Janet at the GLAAD Awards 2008 (Pics)
  131. Janet doing the moonwalk in a very old commercial....
  132. New Message From Austin Brown!
  133. Red Rat says he completed a remix of 'Can't B Good'
  134. What happened to The Jackson new album?
  135. Other people performing J5/Jacksons songs.
  136. Happy Birthday, Katherine & Jackie!
  137. Janet speaks to New York Times
  138. "Lets Dance, Lets Shout! Shake Your Body Down To The Ground"
  139. Jermaine Jackson to appear in 2nd season of Gone Country
  140. New JJ pics-"Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" Gala
  141. "Our Ancestors" by Joe Jackson
  142. New La Toya Pictures (Munich, Germany)
  143. Videos from Janet’s military concert
  144. Jackson family tree?
  145. Encino Address
  146. TV Alert Regarding Janet
  147. Happy Mother's Day, Michael's Mom
  148. Tito Jackson: Live in Devon '08 (Cancelled)
  149. LaToya Jackson getting interviewed on danish tv tonight
  150. Rebbie Jackson-This Love Is Forever
  151. New Comeback Album
  152. LaToya on Dutch tv. Update: with video on page 3!
  153. Happy Birthday Janet
  154. Rare Rebbie Jackson Performance of "Fork In The Road"
  155. bbq at hayvenhurst today
  156. Janet on Ellen May 18th
  157. JD in LA for Janet's Birthday (new video)
  158. Janets new tour is The "Rock With U" Tour
  159. Janet Pushing For Jackson 5 Reunion
  160. Tito Jackson: Live In Devon CANCELLED
  161. YAY for us AUSSIES! Janet JACKSON to TOUR here!
  162. The Jacksons In Bristol
  163. Jacksons Arrive In The UK (Official Statements)
  164. LaToya on Jensen in Holland
  165. Promo for Janet's Rock Witchu Tour (Unofficial)
  166. Tito Jackson
  167. Randy & The Gypsies
  168. Forever came today
  169. Tito Jackson is performing in UK!
  170. Phil Donohue Show w/ jackson family
  171. Happy Birthday La Toya Jackson
  172. Happy Birthday Rebbie Jackson!
  173. Enjoy Yourself -VHI
  174. Listen to Janet call up her fans!
  175. Janet’s Rock Witchu Tour [All threads merged]
  176. The Jacksons - 5 Cd (album) Set / Out 16 Jun ~uk Only~
  177. New La Toya Pics: Celebrating 52nd B-Day! May 30, 2008
  178. ‘the Jacksons Original Album Classics’ Set
  179. Jackson Family Collection of Jackson Five LPs
  180. Could Latoya Have Had A Successful Music Career?
  181. SHerri Shepherd Goes Crazy Over JANET
  182. Jackson Surprises 'View' Host Sherri Shepherd
  183. Janet Jackson offers to open for brother
  184. Mel B To Duet With Janet Jackson
  185. Janet's Interview w/ SOHH
  186. Apparently Janet Is Not Invincible Either
  187. Jermaine and sons
  188. Janet Was On TeenNICK Last Night...
  189. first new Rebbie song in 10 years
  190. Triumph Tour Appreciation!
  191. Janet @ Cartier Charity- PICS+ JD's video
  192. Janet staring in reality show for MTV!
  193. Congrats to Proud Poppa Randy
  194. For 3T fans in or around London (READ NOW)
  195. Taj invitation and meet-up with fans in UK (21 June 2008)
  196. JD posts video of himself with Janet traveling in Milan
  197. J.Dupri: Janet And I Are Ready for Baby..... (Janet surprised)
  198. About the Jackson Family
  199. New Pics: The Jackson's & Claudia Lynx in England
  200. Jackson Designers: Michael & Janet To Issue Fall Collections
  201. Katherine Jackson says Thank You to Devon people!
  202. Pictures Of Janet At Dior Haute Couture Show
  203. The Jacksons - Destiny & Triumph Expanded Editions [threads merged]
  204. Jermaine Jackson Interview
  205. Janet ~ One More Chance
  206. Janet B-Sides
  207. The Music Of Jermaine LaJaune
  208. La Toya Jackson - E! true hollywood story
  209. America Best Dance Crew will do a Janet tribute!!!!
  210. needed 3t song
  211. Cant be good michael jackson (janet singing)
  212. Question about Damita Jo (album)
  213. MTV VMA's - Vote for Janet
  214. The Jacksons dates tours
  215. I know you'd rather forget about this - JJ and the "wardrobe malfunction"...
  216. The Jacksons to get a new Museum in Gary, Indiana? COOL!!
  217. New Jackson 5 Songs To Be Released?
  218. London blue salas
  219. the Jacksons' sports classic.
  220. Different Kind Of Lady
  221. Marlon, what are you doing in this movie?!
  222. Joyful Jukebox Music
  223. Rare clip: The Jacksons Triumph Tour in Atlanta and Los Angeles!
  224. Vote for Janet to be nominated for a VMA
  225. Jackson Family with Vanilla Ice
  226. legal row over tito jacksons debt
  227. Rock witchu tour- setlist leaked
  228. jd sneaking in janets rehearsal video footage
  229. 2300 Jackson Street
  230. Great and funny jackson family interview. Mj related.
  231. Boogie
  232. Janet to Launch Lingerie Line (more pics and video)
  233. help me to find a janet interview
  234. Question about the european dates of her upcoming tour
  235. TV Alert: The Jackson's - An American Dream
  236. looking back to yesterday
  237. Jackson 5 in Africa. Very lovely documentary.
  238. EW.com - Jackson 5 Top Boys Band
  239. Jackson Family Photos
  240. Janet's Interview with Billboard.com
  241. BMI Honors The Jacksons at Urban Awards in Los Angeles
  242. The clip "Torture"
  243. watch Janet Jackson Perform this Sunday :)
  244. What is Margaret Maldonado Doing These Days?
  245. janet jackson VIDEO message to her fans
  246. Exclusive! Janet leaves Island Def Jam
  247. Don't Stand Another Chance...with Michael?
  248. Even Though You're Gone
  249. Lonely won't leave me alone. By jermaine jasckson
  250. *Update* Janet to Resume Tour 2Nite; Publicist Confirms Ailment