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05-03-2015, 10:10 AM
"The boy who didn't know MJ"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.


This is the very first story I wrote in 1994.
Sincerely dedicated to the Wonderful Soul, MICHAEL JACKSON,
that the world didn’t want.

It was a hot and sunny day.
A beautiful day that you wished would last forever.
A boy of 11 walked along the dirty streets where cans and
paper were littered everywhere but he didn’t see it anymore.
He got used to living in such a dump since there had been some
difficulties in his city but now everything seemed to clear up.
He was out on the street for some reason though his mother had
forbidden him to do so. He did insist as looking out of the window,
he heard some children play.

He thought about the earlier days when he played with his brother on
the street but his bro’ got killed by the BAD guys -he called ‘m like that- .
Still his mother did warn him for those BAD guys that
luckily did spare his life and there was no trace of them any more now.

The city came to life again although the people of the beleaguered town
were still suspicious, protecting the children that had been saved.
Other mothers still mourned ’cause of the loss of their ‘loved ones’ …

The boy dressed in jeans and shirt walked along those streets.
He heard the joyful noises of children playing and laughing.
He knew there was a orphanage home and it gave him a strange but
happy feeling to hear children play and laugh again.

The closer he got the more he excited he became and
his steps became faster too ’till he arrived at the home.
The place wasn’t very much loved because
it was a dirty old building with children in rags and
locked up from the violence of outside.

“The BAD guys again” the boy thought and
shivered only by the thought of it. But when he came closer,
it was just like some angels had been there.
The place had been cleaned up and an air of peace was surrounding
the building. A bit further there was a playground- totally NEW-
with children around his age playing and laughing, just having plain fun.
The boy looked at it stunned, until
one of the playing boys did notice our strange fellow.

“Hey, you live around here? ” he said with a smiling face.
“Yeah, just a few blocks away” he answered surprised.
“Who build this? Its BEAUTIFUL.”
The boy on the swing replied:
“Do you mean this? ”
and he tugged on the swing now dangling from
his movement.
“Yeah, it has never been so beautiful like this.”
“Oh, HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION build this for us.”
“Gosh, must be a great organisation”.”
“It sure is… Have you never heard of it? ”
“Well, a wonderful American sent his message to build this.
Who was it again? ” he pondered and
another boy overhearing the convo spoke up:
“Come on, Sigmund. It was MICHAEL JACKSON…
How could you forget this? ”

“WHO?” the boy yelled.
“Oh, God, where ‘you coming from? MARS?
Don’t you know MICHAEL, who’s sweet and good for
all the children of the world…
He heard of our problems and his foundation gave us a playground so
we can enjoy the open air again.”
“Yeah, we have a lot of fun here…
Its great that such human being exists and care for us…
It’s not often we welcome visitors and get new clothes…”
the boy on the swing told him.
“…. And NEW toys”
his friend added with a huge smile on his face.

“I don’t quite understand” the boy said puzzled.
“You mean that man, MICHAEL JACKSON, you say.
Did this all for you guys? ”
“Yep, for all the kids. He really cares for us.”
“But how did he raise the money? ”
“First, he’s a wealthy man and of course he had to work hard for it.
He gave up in his own childhood…”
“For what?”

“Wait, I’ll explain… Don’t you know that besides this
he’s a stunning performer and excellent songwriter.
He wrote the song HEAL THE WORLD and
his performances are Magic… I’ve heard.”
His friend was looking at him drowned in thoughts.

“Does he earn that much money to buy all of this?”
“I guess not! Its a charitable organisation. People can donate to it. ”
“Wealthy people, I guess” he claimed.
“No, everyone but mostly fans. They do all sorts of actions and
some even sell their collection to donate…
Say, what’s your name?
Mine is Sigmund and this is my friend Thor.”

“Mine? Jay” he held his hand to his heart.
“Welcome Jay… How come you never play outside anymore.
The BAD times are over. He created a NEW world, see…”
he looked around.
“Well, my mum is afraid she’ll loose me too…”
“Ah, your brother killed hey? ”
“Yeah” he hanged his head down but
Thor wrapped his arm around his shoulder.
“Michael can help you too… We’ll ask the address inside.”

“Can he? ” he hesitatingly asked. He didn't dare to dream any more.
He had seen too much drama.
That changed however when
he received a letter from the MAN written by the nurse at the
orphanage and she even taught him to read and write now.
He had so much fun with his new friends and
was glad he had the courage that day to come out of the wood works…
Life doesn't happen in your closet, you know…

~ Copyright 1994 ~