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It's just skillful cropping. :lol: If I wrote it badly, the least I can do is present it skilfully. :lol:

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I am puzzled saying no to Michael :busted:

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I'm glad you like it. :lol: I have updated the first post with another chapter. :P

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I stumbled upon a very very old fic I started to write. It's so hilariously bad. :lmao: I am embarrassed by my 13 year old self. :lol: I never finished it because I just got bored with the story. But anyway, I found it now and I decided to post it for everyone's entertainment. Like any self respecting author, I will only post snippets of it at a time and make people wait for the rest even though it's awful and unlikely to keep anyone up at night. :lol:


I stepped out of the plane into the huge crowded airport. I was in Los Angeles and I was here with a purpose. I was about to star in a movie. It had always been my dream and now it was about to come true. I got into a cab and checked into my hotel. The audition was tomorrow and I needed my rest so I quickly jumped in an old pair of tights and tank top I slept in,and went to bed.
The phone rang, waking me up. I picked up. It was room service, I had asked them to wake me up at 8 am. I jumped out of bed, suddenly overwhelmed by today’s upcoming event. I took a long shower to try and calm myself down but my muscles were locked with tension. I finally gave up, and after breakfast, I hurried to be the first to get to the audition. I didn’t want to have to watch others do it, and potentially see someone who had a better chance than me. I wanted to be the first there. I got there first – even before those who were supposed to evaluate my performance – and I sat on a bench waiting for everyone else. After about 10 minutes, an elegant lady came and opened the doors to let me in. Following her were two men: one tall and one short. This was the jury.
Shortly after they were seated, waves of people kept coming in. it seemed they were never going to stop! People that could be better than me, that could be chosen instead of me. I felt a lump building up in my throat as I heard my name called. “Samantha Grey?” the elegant woman had called. I was unable to move. “Is Samantha Grey here?” I had to move! “Last call, Samantha Grey!”
“Here! I’m here!” I managed to finally say.
“Please come up here Samantha” the lady said. I started walking toward the stage. For the first time, I took time to look at the jury. The lady looked like she was in her fifties. She had short strawberry blonde hair and gray expressionless eyes. She wore a black satin dress and a delicate pair of heels, too delicate for her. The man to her right, the tall one, had light brown hair and electric green eyes, shockingly electric. The last one, the short man, had tawny skin and small brown eyes. The little hair he had left was snow white though he didn’t look older than 40. Both men were wearing black suites.
The moment I stepped on stage, my brain disconnected and became someone else, I became whoever the jury wanted me to be.


It all started like any other day of the boring routine I’ve been living for the past year. I moved to LA about a year ago. I was 19 and I had a dream, but I learned that dreams don’t come true. I ended up working at a café, as a singer. It was about 4:45 pm, 15 minutes until my shift was over, and I could go home. It’s then I noticed people crowding in front of the café…that never happened. Just then, he walked in: he had chocolate colored skin and he was wearing unusual clothes. Four tall men were surrounding him, -bodyguards - I guessed. Then I recognized him, he was Michael Jackson. I’ve always admired his music and dance. He stared talking to Phil, my boss, and I wondered what they could be talking about. It was none of my business though, so I just kept singing,until Phil came to me and told me to come to his office. When I got there, Michael Jackson was sitting at his desk. He stood up when I walked in and came to me.
“Hi, my name is Michael Jackson and I’d like to talk to you” he said
I was confused “Hello…” was all I said.
Guessing the question in my eyes he continued “I heard you singing and I find your voice very beautiful so, I was wondering if you’d like a job” he explained, a warm smile stretching on his lips.
“I already have a job” I answered dully.
He smiled again “I know, but I’d like you to come record for my next album. I talked to Mr. Phil, who is an old friend of mine, and he said it’s fine; he also said you’re welcome back anytime”
I looked at Phil with that same dull expression then I looked back at him. “I find your offer very generous” at this point his smile grew larger “but I’m going to have to say no” I continued in the same dull tone.
Confusion shot across his face. “B…but why?” he asked, his tone betraying his slightly hurt feelings as,well as regret.
I hated myself for having to do this, but I had to. I shot a defying glance at him and then answered wryly “Simply because you are Michael Jackson.”
His face froze in shock. I looked at Phil, and he had the same shocked expression. I felt wretched inside,but my face didn’t even twitch. HA! I was too good an actress. How pathetic I was, to always have to pretend; downright pitiful.
“Well it was nice talking to you” I said, reaching my hand to him “but I have to go now” I continued, as if nothing had happened. Again, pathetic.
“Of course” he said, while shaking my hand in an attempt to seem nonchalant, but I could tell he was deeply shocked and hurt.
I turned on my heels, and I was about to leave the room, when he said shyly “Here…in case you change your mind” Now it was my turn to be surprised…after what I had said, he was still willing to give me a chance. And when I turned, he had a hurt, but warm smile on his face. That disarmed me, and for a moment I wanted to tell him the truth, to tell him I’m sorry and that I’d love to accept his offer, but I quickly composed myself. “Thank you” I said politely, as I took the piece of paper he was handing me, then I turned and walked away.


Later that evening, I was at home, eating some leftover spaghetti, when the phone rang. I picked up, and it was Becca, my best friend.
“Hi Becks! What’s up?”
“Hi! Nothing much…life is SO boring without you! So what have you been up to? Tell me everything!”
“Well my life is kinda’ dull and boring… but there is one thing that happened today” So, I told her the whole episode that happened earlier.
“What?! Are you crazy? You said no to Michael Jackson! She said in disbelief.
“Yeah” was all I said
“You’re insane! And selfish!” she spat at me.
“This could’ve been my chance to meet him! All you think about is that stupid Mark! Just because he was like that doesn’t mean they’re all like that! You knowhow much I’ve always wanted to meet him!”
“I know that but I can’t take any chances.”
“Just do it for me, call him and tell him you’ve changed your mind.” She pleaded.
“No Becks, I’m sorry but I can’t…I just can’t do that.” I murmured
“Not even for your best friend?”
She always used this when she wanted something from me. “This isn’t fair!
“What you did wasn’t fair either!” she retorted
“Why do you care more about someone you haven’t even met than about your best friend?” I snapped at her.
“Why do you only care about yourself?” she snapped back.
“Becks… you know that’s not true” but I was talking to myself…she had hung up.

Suddenly I was full of anger towards Michael…he wasthe reason I just had the worst argument ever with my friend. I wasn’t going to let him do that to me! I had to call Becca. But tell her what? I couldn’t accept his offer and that’s what she wanted. Is it really that selfish of me? Maybe they’re not all like that…but I couldn’t take the chance of finding out if he was…no, my heart had been shattered…my trust betrayed…my friendship despised and my dreams spat at and thrown to the wolves, I couldn’t risk that again. It would destroy me…but she’s my friend, she’s the one who walked in when everyone else walked out…she’s my sister. Surely, I could do this for her…yes…I could. I didn’t have to trust him…I didn’t have to get close, just to give her the chance to meet him, to make her dream come true. I reached out for the phone.

“Becky, hi it’s me…”
“What do you want?” her voice was harsh and full of reproach.
“Look, I just wanted to say I’m sorry…this was stupid…”
“Yeah it was” she cut me off coldly “and I’m sorry too” she said in a softer voice “I should have understood…I know how much you’ve suffered and I shouldn’t have asked you for this when I knew it was so hard and…”
“Do you really want to meet him?” I interrupted the gush of words.
“Well…yeah but if…”
“Fine then” I had made my choice.
“Really? But I thought…” she tried to conceal the excitement in her voice, but I wasn’t fooled. I smiled.
“It’s the least I can do.”
“Oh Sam! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re the best! I love you!”
“Love you too” I tried to sound normal, but she could tell something was off.
“Sam…you don’t have to do this, really it’s fine.”
“No, I want to…I mean I would be pretty stupid to turn down such an offer right?” She probably wasn’t fooled by my weak attempt at humor, but she wanted this too much to contradict me anymore.
“Well okay then...thanks again. Talk to you later?”
“Yeah, sure. Bye”

‘Come on Sam, you can do this’ I thought to myself. It took me 15 minutes to make myself dial the number on the small piece of paper. At last, with a deep sigh, I pressed the phone to my ear.
“Hello?” came the answer. It was a deep harsh voice, it couldn’t have been Michael.
“Um my name is Samantha Grey and I would like to talk to Mr. Jackson, if possible.” I said politely.
“I am Mr. Jackson.” He said arrogantly.
“Mr. Michael Jackson?” I said exasperated.
“Right…I’ll go get him”
“Thank you.”


“Michael!” I heard my brother yell from the living room. I was too upset to care to answer him. “Michael!” He yelled again, I still didn’t answer. “MICHAEL!! Are you deaf??”
“What?” I reluctantly yelled back.
“There’s a call for you…again” he mumbled the last word.

Every single day I get call after call from people. They claim we were classmates in kindergarten, or that I used to sleep over and what not. And the girls...oh boy what they make up. I don't even know how they get hold of this number. At first, we kept changing it, but no matter how many times we did, it was always leaked to the media somehow, so eventually we gave up and resigned to receiving dozens of shady calls every day. Often, we don't even bother answering.

“Who is it?” I asked exasperated.
“Some girl who wants to talk to you.” Here we go again!
“What’s her name?” I asked more out of habit than curiosity.
“Um Samantha…something.”

From the moment I heard that name, it took me mere seconds to get to the living room. Jermaine raised his eyebrows but I just rolled my eyes at him while yanking the phone out of his hand. I'm glad he had decided to answer it.

“Hi” I tried to compose my voice, kill some of the enthusiasm. I don’t know if she was fooled.
“Hello!” her voice sounded calm and soft, nothing like the cold, sardonic tone she’d used before. Despite the fact it shouldn’t, that made me very happy.
“How can I help you?”
“Well…uhhh…I…I’ve changed my mind… about your offer.”
“Oh really? That’s great! We could meet tomorrow at Phil’s café and talk to him and discuss…”
“There’s one condition though.” She interrupted, her voice still calm and soft, yet somehow cold.
“What would that be?” I asked politely. There was a pause as if she was struggling for words. That confused me, what could she possibly want?
“Look I’m doing this for my best friend, she really likes you and she really wants to meet you and she’s coming in town this summer and I need you to meet her and sign an autograph and... whatever.”
The words came out in a rush, and for some reason, they amused me. I could imagine her blushing with embarrassment because of her request. I chuckled quietly to myself, but she heard.
“I’m very glad I amuse you, but could you please just give me an answer? I need to know what to tell her.” She pleaded. She sounded like she was surrendering. That made my little chuckle, turn into a laugh. “I’d love to meet your friend” I managed between two giggles, and then continued laughing.
“Great” is all she said, but the tone clearly questioned my sanity, and that made the flow of giggles, that had just stopped, come back.
“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” I finally said
“Yeah I guess.”
“Have a good evening”
“You too, goodbye”

I hung up, still shaking with laughter. Jermaine hadn’t moved an inch and his eyebrows were still raised, in what I thought was impish disbelief mixed with some kind of concern for my mental wellbeing.
“What was that about?” he asked
“Nothing.” I answered, trying to control my laughter. He didn’t give up. “Who was she?” he pressed
“Oh just a girl who’s gonna work with me on my new album.” I said defensively.
“Really?” he asked sarcastically “Then how come you’re suddenly in such a good mood? You’ve been grumpy all day, and two minutes on the phone with her and…poof” he made a hand gesture to accompany his words.
“Well, she has a good sense of humor.” I lied smoothly while displaying an innocent face. In fact, I couldn’t even explain my good mood to myself. The simple fact that she called just made me happy. He looked at me with an expression that, again, questioned my sanity, shrugged and muttered something that sounded like “Whatever man, you’re crazy!”
“See you later!” I told him as I strode to my room, shaking with new waves of laughter. What was wrong with me?


I had called Michael, expecting to have to apologize, but the situation took a weird, unexpected turn. Until I spoke my condition to him, he seemed normal, very nice but normal; the moment I spoke my terms, he started laughing, with no obvious reason at all, and he never stopped through the rest of our conversation. Maybe people are right when they say he’s a bit crazy…anyway it wasn’t very late so I decided to call Becca and tell her the news. When I was done with that, I jumped in bed. Though I was very tired, today’s events kept me up well past midnight. When I finally fell asleep, it was a deep, dreamless sleep, peaceful somehow.

The alarm clock woke me up. It was 8 am. I hadn’t set an hour with Michael, so, I assumed I was supposed to go like I usually went for work. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth, then gave Ginger, my dog, something to eat, while chomping down some cereal, before leaving.
When I got there, Phil greeted me and showed me to his office. Michael was already there. When I walked in he smiled politely. I half smiled back and sat on a chair he had shown me. He sat across from me, staring at me with the same polite expression. I was the first to break the awkward silence.
“So…what are we here for?” I asked.
“Well to talk about what you’re going to have to do and also financial issues” he informed politely.
“Rrrright.” I said holding the r longer than necessary. “I’m listening.”
Then he told me what my work was going to involve and it seemed reasonable, very reasonable given the amount he was paying me. I tried to refuse saying I can’t take that much money but he wouldn’t hear of it so eventually I gave up. About half an hour later, he was done talking and we both headed home. I started work on Monday. It was Friday so I had the weekend to think this whole thing through.


When I got there, Phil greeted me and showed me to his office. Michael was already there. When I walked in he smiled politely. I half smiled back and sat on a chair he had shown me. He sat across from me, staring at me with the same polite expression. I was the first to break the awkward silence.
“So…what are we here for?” I asked.
“Well to talk about what you’re going to have to do and also financial issues” he informed politely.
“Rrrright.” I said holding the r longer than necessary. “I’m listening.”
Then he told me what my work was going to involve and it seemed reasonable, very reasonable given the amount he was paying me. I tried to refuse saying I can’t take that much money but he wouldn’t hear of it so eventually I gave up. About half an hour later, he was done talking and we both headed home. I started work on Monday. It was Friday so I had the weekend to think this whole thing through.

First day of work. I walked into the room. Michael was there to greet me.
“Good morning Samantha. How are you today? ” he asked pleasantly.
“Um, fine thanks.”
“You don’t mind if we call you Samantha right?”
“No…actually I would prefer Sam…Samantha makes me feel like I’m in trouble.” I explained, feeling like an idiot.
He smiled “Sam then.”
We worked until late at night. Michael was very involved in absolutely everything, so I didn’t see him much. However, when he was around, he was outstandingly polite and nice, too nice, despite my cold attitude towards everyone. The rest…weren’t so nice. After the first two days, they stopped trying to talk to me any more than courtesy or work required, and when they had to, they were very cold, for which I was grateful. It was vital that I kept from any form of attachment to them…especially Michael. He wasn’t making it easy at all.
I quickly fell into my new routine and the week passed in a cold, monotone way, with the few interruptions made by Michael’s bright attitude. It was Friday, and everyone seemed in a very good mood. We worked as usual, except that Michael let us go earlier.
“Okay so today’s Friday and, as most of you know, every Friday we wrap it up early and go out somewhere together.” Great! Just great! “Today I thought we should go grab a pizza at Al’s”
Everyone was excited as they were getting ready to go. I retreated to the corner I kept my stuff in, and prayed I would slip unnoticed. But I didn’t have that luck. Michael saw me.
“Are you coming?” he asked.
“Um do I have to?” my voice sounded dull.
“Well no if you don’t want to but…”
“Then I’m sorry, but I’d like to go home.” I said coldly.
“Are you sure?” He sounded sad. It made me feel bad to treat him like that, when he was always so nice. Why did he have to make it so hard?
“Yeah very.”
“Okay then, I’ll…see you on Monday.” His forehead was creased by a few lines. He looked truly sad and upset.
I went home and got something to eat before going to bed.

And so my routine continued, day after day, week after week, of being sour and cold. Every Friday, Michael would ask me if I’m coming with them, and every Friday, I said no. The only interruption from it, was that week when Becca was here, but then she left, and everything was back to the way it was before. I was getting depressed. Not only was I hurting everyone around me, but I was hurting myself as well. ‘I chose this.’ I said to myself. ‘I wish I could stop, and be myself’ ‘But no, no you can’t do that!’ a voice in my head argued. ‘But I’m hurting now, and there’s a chance they're alright.’ The other voice pressed. “Don’t be stupid, there’s no chance at all you won’t get hurt!’ the first voice sneered. ‘Maybe you’re right, but I’m hurting now too, so I guess it won’t make a difference.’
So, I argued until I fell into a restless sleep. When I woke up, I had made up my mind. My decision was clear as crystal, and that gave me peace. I got up, and went through all my morning routines. When I was finished, it was still only 5:30 am so I decided to take Ginger out for a walk. We walked for half an hour and then I brought her home and headed for work. I still had plenty of time to get there before anyone else. I got ready, and then sat, waiting for everyone else. Maddy came first.

“Good morning Maddy” I said pleasantly, smiling warmly. She looked at me confused.
“Um morning Sam.” She answered.
“How are you today? I asked, in the same warm voice.
“Uh I’m fine thanks…you?” she answered, disbelief replacing the confusion.
“I’m very well, thank you.” She stared me in complete disbelief, before she finally asked.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I asked.
“Well…I don’t know…you’re being nice”
“Huh” was all I said, and I smiled a sad, mocking smile at myself. It was very, very sad that people wondered if I was okay, just because I greeted them nicely. She must have misinterpreted my expression, because she said:
“Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything but…”
“No, it’s fine…I deserve it.” I interrupted. “I was just thinking, it’s very sad if people start asking me if I’m alright when I greet them nicely.” I continued more for myself. Before she had a chance to say anything, I got up and went to the bathroom.
I got the same confused and full of disbelief looks from each one of them, as they got here except, of course, from Michael. He smiled back hugely. Everyone was here and Michael was getting ready to give some instructions, when I went to him.
“Um before you tell us what to do…” I looked down “Do you mind if I say something?” I murmured, still looking down.
“Of course, is there something wrong?” he asked, worry furrowing his eyebrows.
“No, everything’s fine, thank you.” I finally looked up. Then I turned to everyone and said.
“Okay everyone…I would like to say something…if you would please just sit back for a minute and listen…” I took a deep breath and then continued. “Ever since I got here I’ve been…very rude and cold to you all. You were all very nice from the beginning.” I stopped, chewing on my lip, not being able to look elsewhere but the floor. “I…I’m very sorry for acting like that to all of you…especially to you Michael.” I said, turning around to face him. “I’ve been the most unfair to you and you’ve always shown me nothing but kindness…” I turned back to the others. “I am truly sorry for the way I’ve treated you…I wasn’t acting like myself I...I was…I didn’t…I mean I just…that just…wasn’t me” my voice broke, and then faded into a whisper.
There was a moment when no one dared to say anything…I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, but I couldn’t lift mine from the ground. After a moment, I took another deep breath. “I know I don’t deserve it, but if you’d give me another chance…I promise to be myself and” I looked up “and there is nothing that I would like more than to get to know you. Thank you very much for listening.” My voice broke on the last words. I looked into each of their eyes, and besides Maddy, no one showed any sign of understanding or forgiveness. I didn’t even dare look at Michael. I nearly ran to the restroom. I heard footsteps behind me, but I didn’t turn to see who it was. I started applying make-up, something I didn’t normally do, I didn’t even know who it belonged to, but it was all I could do not to start crying.
“Are you alright?” I heard Michael’s voice behind me.
“I’m okay” I said as composed as I could manage, but he wasn’t fooled.
“Sam…” I didn’t move or answer. “Sam, would you please look at me?” He pleaded softly. I turned towards him; his expression was kind and full of sincere worry. That was just too much, tears exploded.
“It’s okay.” he said soothingly. “It’s alright”
“No it’s not, I’m an idiot! I’ve acted like a jerk and I…” I sobbed.
“It’s okay, come here.” He said opening his arms for me. Before I could stop, I threw myself in his arms. He started soothing me, while I was sobbing in his chest mumbling “I’m sorry” and “I’m such an idiot”. Every time he said “It’s okay, you’re not an idiot.” I don’t know how long I sat there…I felt very safe and comfortable...but it must have been a long time, yet he never stopped rubbing my back and soothing me. When I was finally done sobbing, we went back into the studio and started working. It was Friday so, as usual, we finished early. They were going to a Chinese restaurant today.
“Hey Sam, are you coming?” it was Michael of course, asking his usual question.
“Well…I, I don’t know.”
“Come on, you promised to be yourself, remember?” he teased
“I am being myself and I’m not sure I’m wanted around.” I said sadly, throwing a glance at the others.
“Of course you are.” He encouraged.
“No I’m not…look at them, they hate me.”
“Well, I want you to come.” He said smiling.
“So do I!” another voice said. I turned around to see it was Maddy who had said that. Of course it was her. Maddy was a very interesting person…she had a very unique view of everything. She was constantly in a good mood. She was no taller that 5 feet but she was an energy ball. Her tiny body constantly radiated with excitement and energy. Now, she was looking at me with her playful, gray eyes, smiling her tiny lips. Her dark red hair was frizzing around her face, making her look like a child who had just returned from playing outside.
“Thanks Maddy” I said smiling back.
Then all of a sudden, she came up to me and hugged me. “I’m so glad you’ve decided not to be “Sagrumpha” anymore!”
I raised my eyebrows, while a few giggles escaped my lips. “Me too” I said between giggles.

Michael had reserved the restaurant just for us. I guess that makes sense. I had always wondered how these Friday night outings were even possible.
It was around 11 pm. Everyone, except me, had had quite a few drinks and were very ‘happy’. Michael, who had had fewer drinks than the rest and was still sober, was the only one who took notice of me.
“Don’t you want anything to drink?” he asked at one point. He was sitting next to me.
“No thanks, I don’t drink.”
“At all?” he asked a little surprised.
“No, not really…maybe if there is a very special occasion I’ll have a few sips but…I can’t drink.”
“Why not?” I looked at him confused. The way he asked the question…it seemed like knowing the answer was vitally important to him. “What?” he asked.
“Um nothing…” I muttered.
“So…?” he asked after a moment of silence “why can’t you drink?” I thought he had dropped it, but I answered anyway.
“Well because it just makes my stomach uncomfortable”
“Oh, I see.”

After another fifteen minutes, everyone was getting ready to go. Michael, Anna and I, were the last to leave.
“Are you coming, Michael?” Anna asked, in a honey voice. “It’s really getting late and I should go to sleep.”
“Yeah, hold on, I’m waiting for Sam.” He said, and the added, turning to me “I’ve noticed you don’t drive… Where would you like me to drop you off?”
“Um, that’s very kind of you, but really, it’s not necessary. I can walk home.”
“Are you sure? It’s quite cold and dark…”
“Yeah, absolutely. It’s not very far, and besides… I’ve got night vision goggles.” I joked, putting his sun glasses on. He laughed, and Anna clicked her tongue impatiently.
“Alright then.” He smiled “Goodnight”
“Goodnight” I smiled back. “Goodnight Anna” I said, politely emphasizing each word. She mumbled something that sounded awfully like “It will when you leave” and nodded. I headed for the door.
“And Sam…” I turned around. “Take care of yourself. “ He added, looking slightly worried.
“I will, don’t worry about me. I’ll see you on Monday” I said reassuringly.

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Thank you for sharing! :D

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Awesome :clapping:

Moooorrrreee Please :D

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There isn't that much more. :lol: I think I have one more finished chapters. 2 at most. :lol: I have merged everything into the first post (and added a new chapter) because I don't like them all scattered like this. :lol:

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Ok, I seem to have managed to mess it up. :lmao: Oh well, it is in one post now. :rofl:

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I can't believe you were only 13 when you wrote this. I'm dying to know the real reason for being so icy cold to everybody.


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:lol: Thanks. Maybe I was 14. :lol: I scribbled it over a long period of time in a little notebook and then I took that and turned in into a story. But there is still a lot of material that I did not use. So, while I know her reasons, I never did write the part where they are explained, sorry. :rofl:

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Then now is the time to write that part. :cheeky: ... I'm curious too. :wild:

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I don't think I will. I lost interest with this story a long time ago and I really find the story quite silly and childish. Not to mention unrealistic from every point of view and I don't really feel like spending my time on it. :P Especially that now, I find the original material very very very cringe-worthy and it would take me forever to change it into something decent. :lol:

I added the last of it to my glorious post in the middle of the thread. :lol:

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That is all I have written. :P

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awww, It's beautifully written though. :agree:

I know, Fanfiction can be :blush: but hey that's the very core of what makes fanfiction an 'escape' really!
Life is dull and boring enough, right?

You picture Michael really 'truthful' though. Thanks for that! ;D

Anyway, I loved the stuff you wrote. It offers 'potential' though :D

03-04-2015, 12:34 PM
Nah, I don't think I did. Michael was very one dimensional. :lol: I mean, everyone knows he was nice and polite and a little bit silly at times. :lol: But I'm sure he was more than that and my original writings include more in-depth traits. But I think when I re-assembled everything, I was weary of putting too much of that into him because in reality, I don't know if they are realistic. And of course, in a work of fanific, especially about a real person rather than another fictional character, it can't be expected the the portrayal be 100% accurate, but I am not even sure mine was 30% accurate. :lol:

That's why I only wrote one chapter from Michael's perspective and not a very long one. The rest, we just see him through Sam's eyes and there is only minimal interaction, so there is no depth. I think that's one of the reasons I stopped before Sam got to spend more time with him and I would be forced to go more in-depth.

The story would have had potential had I written it now. But then, now I would not write fan fiction. :lol: Anyway, thanks for reading it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

04-04-2015, 07:35 PM
Well, just wanted to say that I enjoyed it-especially like the little mystery/suspense thing you had going. It kept me wanting to read more and more.

And I didn't really think your "Michael" character was all one-dimensional-I enjoyed that chapter you had with him answering the phone with Jermaine there. I figured more stuff was going to be revealed later on-so I didn't see him as just "all nice". :)

04-04-2015, 07:52 PM
Well, I am glad you liked it. :)

Michael is sufficiently developed for how far the story has come so far, but I know things you don't, so I know he is severely underdeveloped. :lol: And like I said, I didn't really want to go into that, because he's a real person and I just don't like the idea of "making up" my own Michael. I could write this story only if I just made up my own character to replace Michael, but then it would not be fan-fiction. Also, the story is lame. :rofl:

04-04-2015, 08:00 PM
Also, the story is lame. :rofl:Haha!! I'll be honest, I'm not familiar at all with "fan fiction", so I was reading it like characters in a story, not a biography.
But again, I enjoyed it, and think you're very talented. :)

04-04-2015, 08:07 PM
Well, thanks. :flowers: I am not that good at writing stories though. I am much better at writing essays or even short stories. Anything that can be written all at once. :lol: So that is what I mostly write. I'm rubbish at poetry, but I write that too. :lmao: But I have recently started writing a potentially novel-sized story.

Anyway, I post some of my writings on my tumblr. If you are interested, you can find them by clicking on the "sleepless nights" link in my signature. :)