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  1. Best & Worst Moments Of 2017


    NaruHina Wedding (Shippuden Finale)- Best moment since NaruHina was official 3 years prior and this year officially married which is the happiest moment as a NaruHina fan/shipper for 10+ years.

    MJ Won/Robson Lost- After 4 hellish long years of lies and deceit from Wade Robson with his sex abuse case against Michael Jackson, the judge recently dismissed the case. Dead. Early Christmas present to us fans.

    Anime Mania once again- ...
  2. P.Y.T. Girls Projected Voices (More characters and updated once again)

    Projected Characters-Voice Actors:

    Me* (Joseph)- JERRY JEWELL (I'm using one of my nicknames for myself as a character)
    MJ- ME*
    Sarah Kiss- ALEXIS TIPTON
    Paula Simmons- BRINA PALENCIA
    Jenna Ryder- JAMIE MARCHI
    Monica Viscom- CAITLIN GLASS
    Terri Viscom- CARRIE SAVAGE
    Tiffany Lee Wensink- COLLEEN CLINKENBEARD
    Su Yung Xhang- MONICA RIAL
  3. 2016 Another Bad Year

    I'll be very happy that 2016 will be over since it's another horrible year for me. I've already explained numerous times that I quit with hockey. After the season ended ready for the Free Agent Frenzy, I heard that Milan Lucic got out of Los Angeles Kings knowing a great chance for the Boston Bruins to sign him back which I wanted. On Canada Day which the free agency took place, the hockey gods defied me once again and for the last time as Looch signed to Edmonton Oilers instead of returning to ...
  4. What you Best (is very favourite) & Worst (to hate) song ever?

    What you Best (is very favourite) & Worst (to hate) song ever?
    You will answer the song of Artists & YouTubers
  5. I Was Like Paris

    It seems the whole fanbase is going crazy about Paris and her behaviour. I'm not. I'm not judging her either. She is like me a few years back. Well, maybe even like some traces of mine today.

    Being a child of famous parent and losing that parent in childhood is not nice. I haven't experienced these things, but I can imagine she has been under more pressure than me. After all, she and I are bisexual and pansexual, respectively. She and I are open and honest online. Many people have ...
  6. Leave Janet Alone!

    As Janet's European tour leg was cancelled, a hoard of angry fans took it to social media and demanded explanation or just expressed their anger. At the moment, not a day goes by when someone posts a hateful message on Janet's account. "How dare you cancel European concerts but go to Dubai?! Rot in hell, whatever."

    As far as rumours go, the concerts were cancelled because of bad ticket sales. This is something that upsets me, too, but it's beyond Janet's control. When you ...
  7. Why I Don't Listen to Elvis Presley Anymore

    I've touched the subject here in the forum several times, but I thought it would be better to write it all down under one post.

    I became Elvis's fan when I was eleven years old. I was deeply in love with him and thought he was very generous, kind loving and talented. He indeed sang well, but that was all he could do. At that time, it didn't matter to me that much though.

    Michael "seriously" entered and changed my life in 2005. I still remember a conversation ...
  8. MP3 Player Updated!

    See, it didn't take long, did it? I had a free afternoon, so I decided to update my playlist, because there were lots of songs I didn't listen to anymore and I felt like new ones should be added.

    I started with Lil' Kim and Notorious B.I.G. I used to be a big Lil' Kim's fan, but then my interest blew away. (Thankfully, I wanna add.) Biggie is a respected and talented artist despite being dead for the last twenty years, we know that, so he's there as well although I have reservations ...

    Updated 16-03-2016 at 08:16 PM by FullLipsDotNose

  9. I Discovered My Old MP3 Player

    Ten years ago, I got an mp3 player as a birthday present. For the next four years, it would become my companion on my everyday way to school and back or for longer trips. It was definitely more convenient that disc player, cassette player or even gramophone (God, I'm so old!).

    At some point in 2010, I would stop carrying the player with me. I can't tell the exact reason; I suppose I just had enough music and decided to do something else on my journeys, like reading.

  10. Many reasons why I hate and quit NHL- Part 2

    Again here's my list.

    -Salary caps
    -Montreal Canadiens fans
    -Gary Bettman
    -Rogers owning Hockey Night In Canada
    -Fighting debates (Banning fights NO!)
    -Conspiracies against the Boston Bruins
    -More rules added
    -NHL not taken Don Cherry's suggestions
    -Enforcers being called goons
    -Fan favourites traded away
    -Instigator rule
    -Diving/faking injuries
    -New formats in hockey ...
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