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  1. Highschool Memory

    During sophomore year, I took Team Sports. It wasn't my favorite class, but I still made an effort to improve my personal fitness. One afternoon, we began fundamental soccer skills. We warmed up, the popular kids were chosen as captains, the captains picked their teams--my friend and I last, as always--and then we practiced group drills.

    During the practice, the upperclassmen in our group constantly brooded over the fact we were in their group, emphasizing how we were terrible at ...
  2. We don't need anymore albums

    Michael been gone for almost 10 years. Michael said he didn't not want anyone making money off of him after his death. what we are doing is making money off of him when he clearly said not too. the only albums we should be worry about are the ones in the vault and that's it. no more useless albums. MJ would be very upset.
  3. Smooth Criminal Theory: Was Annie ever okay?

    I'm pretty sure a lot people asked this question before. but was she ever okay? did she make it? Michael never told us. she probably was okay because i don't see Michael letting her go like that.


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  4. E

  5. Brad Marchand Haters similar to MJ Haters

    Michael Jackson hater and Brad Marchand haters are very much alike, but mainly similar.

    MJ haters have been hating him for many years still believing all the child m********** allegations which are NOT true and they still believe in all that poison full of crap lies which really angers me so much like everyone else here. Brad Marchand haters however started hating for I don't about the time after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011 which by known as "Little Ball Of ...

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  6. Democracy vs. Ideology

    It's been 8 days since brazilian truck drivers went on strike.

    90% of gas stations in town have run out of fuel.

    People who became Uber drivers because the unemployment rate is 13% can't earn money.

    Supermarkets are running out of food.

    Hospitals are running out of food, medicine and stuff like oxygen. And some of them are full. Surgeries have been canceled.

    Public transportation and waste collection are still operating. ...
  7. A gift to my piano teacher [2]

    Fonts are done. Now it's time to think about the background.
    Hate this.
  8. A gift to my piano teacher [1]

    It's been 3 years since I started taking classes on drawing. Those of you who already saw my posts on facebook may be wondering why I did this because it looks like it wasn't necessary at all, but I can't tell you how much I've improved after these 3 years. My only problem is that I don't draw every day... Shame on me... I should be doing daily sketches but Will Gompertz scratched my itch on modern art and now I feel like devoting some time to get away from what Paris Academy of Art deemed as "the ...
  9. Best & Worst Moments Of 2017


    NaruHina Wedding (Shippuden Finale)- Best moment since NaruHina was official 3 years prior and this year officially married which is the happiest moment as a NaruHina fan/shipper for 10+ years.

    MJ Won/Robson Lost- After 4 hellish long years of lies and deceit from Wade Robson with his sex abuse case against Michael Jackson, the judge recently dismissed the case. Dead. Early Christmas present to us fans.

    Anime Mania once again- ...
  10. P.Y.T. Girls Projected Voices (More characters and updated once again)

    Projected Characters-Voice Actors:

    Me* (Joseph)- JERRY JEWELL (I'm using one of my nicknames for myself as a character)
    MJ- ME*
    Sarah Kiss- ALEXIS TIPTON
    Paula Simmons- BRINA PALENCIA
    Jenna Ryder- JAMIE MARCHI
    Monica Viscom- CAITLIN GLASS
    Terri Viscom- CARRIE SAVAGE
    Tiffany Lee Wensink- COLLEEN CLINKENBEARD
    Su Yung Xhang- MONICA RIAL
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