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  1. Sunflowers or roses? Love when the going gets rough.

    Somehow my heart hurts. I even cried tears feeling the disrespect with which Michael's fans treat another. I'm that melodramatic.

    "And with your pen you torture men, you'd crucify the Lord." Yes, indeed. Because we are all too willing to crucify one another with never ending loads that are firing from our pens.

    So much talk about Love and upholding what all sides in this call "Michael's legacy". What is Michael's legacy? Healing the world with music? ...

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  2. sECOND lIFE . If any of you are creative then spend some time here...

  3. Something interesting happened yesterday

    I attend English classes on mondays and wednesdays. Yesterday I went as usual, and we were talking about vocabulary used in hospitals and that kind of stuff,so the word "heal" came up. Our teacher said that this word can have different meanings, and he suprisingly mentioned MJ and his song "Heal the World". She asked if anyone knew it, of course I said that I knew it and another girl who is mi age knew it too. Nobody else knew it, and there are people in their 20s, 30s and 40s ...
  4. Larry's Reviews: Michael

    Hold My Hand 8/10: This song is a masterpiece and definitely shows that Michael's vocal talent only got better with age, the lyrics and the extra Michael we hear (on top of the 2008 version) are the songs upsides, however, Akon's annoying auto-tuned rapping brings this song down.

    Hollywood Tonight 9/10: The groovy bass and the beatboxing grab you, and the first lines of the song sound like a new Michael that is new and ready for a comeback. The verses, the bridge and the music are ...

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    Larry's Reviews