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  1. Exclusive - full songs: Bad 25 cd2



    Links removed _no leaks before release[/INDENT]
    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=#800080]*Thanks to the [COLOR=#696969]original poster[/COLOR], I shall keep this as a reference to the tracks for whenever I break my vow of abstinence from listening to 'em :hysterical:[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Updated 12-09-2012 at 08:27 AM by MjsLovelyOne88

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  2. MJ vidéos shot on film.

    [QUOTE=Skizzorpuppy;3682728]Here is a run down of the videos and what format they were shot and edited on. As you can see a great deal of MJ's videos would need remastering and in some cases the entire post process recreated for HD.

    1979 "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" 1980 "Rock with You" 1980 "She's Out of My Life"
    (I think this was shot on video, but it could be film. It could just look like video because of the late 70’s quality video tape.) ...
  3. I'm Back

    [COLOR=#151515]Hey MJ Fam [/COLOR]:ciao:
    Just me telling that I'm back...
    Can you believe me, I got hit by... NO, not a smooth criminal [/COLOR]:cheeky: but the 'summer flue' bug :swoon:
    Anyway, I did follow the news on FB and Twitter Through MJJC... I'm so PROUD of Prince aka Michael Jackson JR and Paris... Michael is indeed the BEST daddy in the world... He taught them so much wisedom...

    It felt good to step back and ...
  4. Dear Conrad Murray

    Why did you do it?

    Every human life is important in your field. As a doctor, you do what's in the best interest of the patient. You treat them with care and compassion. Your Texas patients seem to agree that you treated them like a doctor should. You treated them like the human beings they are. You did your job.

    In this field where each of your patients are supposed to be treated with the respect and care, why did you treat Michael Jackson like a lab rat? Is it because ...

    Updated 20-09-2011 at 07:24 AM by StephluvsMJ

  5. Rain a Poem-by Ms.MJ Fan2007 aka Telia Battle

    Listen to the sound of the falling rain
    the sound like a drum
    As I wonder of what
    I want to stand by my window
    I can listen to the rain all day & all night.
  6. The Hurricane Irene aftermath they got some cleaning up to do

    [CENTER]Hey everyone on mjjc!
    [RIGHT]Here's a update on the Hurricane Irene:
    1. Pres. Obama is going to visted NJ/ the passic county on sun to take the tour of the flood.
    2. In some parts of the NJ area is so flooded!
    3. The gov. was on the radio to tell that everything is doing fine!
    4. There are 45 deaths in the hurricane! :(
    5.The power went out in my house for 2 days & it went back on on early tues morning. :D
    6. The tress (I mean ...
  7. Two years ago.......

    Hi Michael:
    Two years ago,i know a man named Michael Jackson,don't understand your(listen to the media was nonsens) ,you were the sudden departure let i understand you,from now on and then fall in love with you,a moment in the past two years,people say that can dilute all the time,but the thoughts of you is more and more intense,every time i think of you will cry to heartache.......6.25 when i stand in fornt of your statue,tearing.......why should we know in this way?now you must be in at ...
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  8. love is the key

    love is the key
    how we all should be
    sunshine from the heart
    no matter near or apart
    when you need a friend
    my hand i will lend
    to guide your way
    to a better day
    through times so tough
    though the path is rough
    to show you i care
    i am always there
  9. sECOND lIFE . If any of you are creative then spend some time here...

  10. Michael Jackson Tribute Perfumes - Creepy and Shameful Exploitation by Joe Jackson and Julian Rouas

    Outrageous!!! The launch of a new line of perfumes dedicated to the late Michael Jackson took an ugly turn in the Las Vegas Caesars Palace on June 9th, 2011. Joe Jackson and Julian Rouas from Julian Rouas paris got sued by Bravado International for illegally using Michael Jackson's name and likeness. This is a federal lawsuit; copyright infringement. I hope these people got the message; leave Michael rest in peace. Julian Rouas is a shady businessman who is always embroiled in lawsuits and double-dealings. ...

    Updated 26-06-2011 at 12:55 AM by MentalCity

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