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  1. Oceans : Sonny J Moore

    With hearts so cold,
    As the ocean below.
    What do you do in this world we live in
    When you're so alone?
    Let them feel, let them feel me
    I'm not the only one who dreams
    With the skull so coiled
    And so alive

    [Verse 1] (edited, from Sonny's Leopold)
    If you were to gain
    My own black arm
    A priceless picture
    To pay for
    Peer force
    Turned commodity
    For some ...
  2. [Discussion] Wade Robson / James Safechuck file claim of sexual abuse against MJ-Estate

    [QUOTE=Justthefacts;4086927][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Calibri]After Michael died no one forced Roberson to continue to stan for Michael. He did it because he wanted to. No one forced you to help his brother write a book about his innocence. What's his excuse for that? Now that he is admitting that he knew in 05 it was wrong why did you want your abuser at your wedding? Why did you useyour abuser’s home to make short movies? ...
  3. Best & Worst Moments of 2014


    NaruHina Officially Canon- When I found out that on Naruto finale chapter (700) that Naruto & Hinata got kids I was so happy because the couple I wanted to happen really came true and I was the happiest guy today. So I completely forgot about the Soramato (Digimon) behind which bothers me, but not anymore. NARUHINA 4 EVA BABY!!!

    Naruto The Last- The final Naruto film which is about L.O.V.E. which is when NaruHina was about to happen in the ...
  4. Part 2: Adult Lessons from Michael Jackson

    After June 25[SUP]th[/SUP] when I removed myself from all things MJ and the fandom, I saw tasks as tasks, days as days, and nights as nights. The richness of creativity and inspiration – although I cannot deny - it was THERE, and I DID experience it without MJ in my life, but it was dulled somehow. My internal self was really just going through the motions and we became separated in a way.

    On the tennis court today when I decided to suspend not only my belief in any USEFULNESS of bringing ...
  5. Adult Lessons from Michael Jackson (and how he improved my tennis game!)

    Im back again spamming the blog section! lol

    As some backstory, I used to play tennis all the time since I was about 10 years old. I never really “liked” it, as it wasn’t really a passion of mine. It was good enough as a form of exercise, but I always found myself getting bored at practice unless I was playing a game against someone. My parents and coach pushed me to keep with it until adult hood. After college, I naturally stopped playing as often. But this summer, I’ve managed to ...
  6. Being on Team Michael: Part 3

    Finally I read Cascio’s book – and with all the controversy surrounding Cascio – just like the rest, his very detailed portrayal of his time with MJ had aligned with common threads I’ve seen throughout all of them. And after reading his book, it brought one of those threads home really well: MJ’s life and death was COMPLICATED. There was no solution to this puzzle I was desperately searching for. The more I took all these accounts in, the more layers were added to my, at first, simple interpretation ...

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  7. Being on Team Michael: Part 2

    After MJ’s passing, it was easy to go right into tragedy-mode. As with any one who dies so unexpectantly, just like when one loses a big championship game – everyone goes over all the things that could have gone on differently. What had we missed? What could have been done? What were our (his) mistakes? How could this happen?

    For those who have read previous blogs of mine on here, you would know that I personally did not participate in such post-game analysis. In fact, I had checked ...

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  8. What it really means to be on TEAM MICHAEL: Part 1

    After much reflection recently, I’ve realized being a MJ fan or on “Team Michael” is a lot like rooting for your favorite sports team or player. I recently saw a segment on TV about how the brain tricks you into getting a ‘payoff’ when YOUR team wins, or in other words you get a dose of dopamine. That’s why people are so hyped up and pumped about their teams. And I notice even when the team loses ALL the time, fans of that team still get pumped up about the next game. There’s something instinctual ...
  9. CBC is gonna suck deeply without HNIC

    After learning nearly a year ago that Rogers signed a 12 year deal with the NHL for broadcasting rights in both US and Canada. CBC who broadcast the famous "Hockey Night In Canada" for 6 decades now lost the program and hockey revenue and now recently what I've heard was that CBC is now losing sports all together and this years FIFA will be the last sport shown on CBC.

    CBC is owned by the Canadian federal government, unlike TSN (owned by Bell) and SportsNet (owned by Rogers). ...
  10. Regressing...back to Neverland

    So remember that long 3 part essay I did when i first came here?

    Well after feeling very good after I wrote that, I woke up this morning (several weeks later) with this looming sadness. I had a...I guess I would categorize it as horrible?...dream. It was very vivid and it was about reliving through Michael's death. I heard on the news that MJ was hospitalized, and just like on June 25th, they kept saying they were trying to revive him. But that day, it turned out they succeeded. He ...
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