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  1. My Theory of what happened , Part (1)

    [COLOR=black][FONT=Calibri]MJ and Murray had known each other since 2007; Murray has records of MJ from 2007. [/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black][FONT=Calibri]MJ contacted Murray through Michael Amir Williams when exactly I donít know but after he signed the the tour contract.[/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black][FONT=Georgia]ď Detective Martinez [/FONT][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black][FONT=Georgia]Prosecution:From that initial meeting to 2006 to the current interview, did you question Dr. ...
  2. R.I.P Yellow iPod

    Weird title... yeah tell me about it.

    Anyway, last week me and my family went to the beach, and on the way there i was all like to MJ's music as usual.
    Once there i gave mum my iPod and went swimming, when i came back i dried off and listened to some more music.
    I then decided to go swimming again once the water reached my stomach i realized the true horror of what had happened... my iPod... Was still in my pocket :bugeyed:

    I now have dad's ...
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  3. Murray & MJ Fan's

    I will start with the wonderful fans that Michael Jackson has. We are a force to be dealt with. We are for one man what he was to us. We are his army of Love. Over the past few weeks really the fans have come together to stop a documentary. Now we have the primary hearing for "The Good Doctor" going on and we are all of one mind. Through out all the tabloid "News" and the updates we are getting we must all remember the man that we are supporting. Michael is a man who can not ...
  4. Can't think of a title

    Flight attendant Cynthia Ann Bell, Redirect by Gordon Auchincloss, 3 30 2005:

    3 Q. So if Mr. Jackson doesnít like something, do
    4 you change it?
    5 A. Absolutely. In regards to catering?
    6 Q. In regards to your level of service,
    7 anything that you do. If he tells you he doesnít
    8 like something, do you take care of it?
    9 A. Yes.
    10 Q. If he wants something, do you take care of
    11 it?
    12 A. Yes.
    13 Q. Have you ever ...
  5. Michael for me.

    The legend of all legends.
    The man who was known everywhere.
    The man who wanted the best for all people.
    The man was Michael Jackson.

    Michael we will never forget you.
    You are missed by all your fans.
    You showed me a lot of things.
    You made me realize a lot of things.
    You made me to a better person.

    I'm proud to call myself,
    A fan of Michael Jackson.
  6. Larry's Reviews: Danger Days, The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys


    It's My Chemical Romance's 4th studio album, and they have most certainly polished their sound, now this album has a few short spoken interludes which i will not count in my final scoring.
    The way i score is simple, i score each song out of 10 and give a percentage by dividing the score i gave with the total score (in this case 120) and then multiplying by 100.

    1. Na Na Na ...
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  7. Larry's Reviews: Michael

    Hold My Hand 8/10: This song is a masterpiece and definitely shows that Michael's vocal talent only got better with age, the lyrics and the extra Michael we hear (on top of the 2008 version) are the songs upsides, however, Akon's annoying auto-tuned rapping brings this song down.

    Hollywood Tonight 9/10: The groovy bass and the beatboxing grab you, and the first lines of the song sound like a new Michael that is new and ready for a comeback. The verses, the bridge and the music are ...

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    Larry's Reviews
  8. Oprah in Australia


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  9. A story from 2 years ago

    Twenty one years ago I was born with cerebal palsy. The horrible stories are not lingering in my head, as I was too young, but getting to an age of nine, I noticed that something wasn't right. It was that I couldn't play on swings, play football or anything like that, but to help me was my very close friends.
    It was hitting me at night time one night time as the normal routine was happening, you know, eating supper, then reading a book, then going to sleep. One night time we couldn't find ...
  10. 'MICHAEL' Review


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