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  1. Please pray for my mother

    March 25,2012

    It was a regular day at mom's house until she collasped on the kitchen floor. She suffered a major heart attack, The EMTS were able to bring her back, had they not done CPR she would've died right there in the kitchen.

    The doctors told my siblings that my mother wouldn't make it through the night. They had to put her in a coma to reduce the swelling in her brain, Her swelling has gone down. She did open one of her eyes and try to move her head.

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  2. Michael,are you ok?

    Michael,for a long time didn't come here,are you ok?i recently very vexed!working or the emotional aspects are very confusion!you can help me out?

    by the way,you of three babies are very good!but every time i see their photos always felt sorry:why can't you accompany in their side?

    your case has been sentenced to the moment,to tell you the truth i'm not very concerned about what were the results,because no matter how you can't come back!so in the case of the trial i ...
  3. My music

    If there's one song I have to dedicate to you, Mike...


    My music
    Is a laughter
    A presence, a voice
    A silence which means I love you
    My music
    Comes from you

    My light
    Is a gesture
    A caress in the dark
    Called tenderness
    My light
    Is your look

    My prayer
    Is the absence, the anger and the ...

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  4. The moving day

    omg talk about a hassle. ok today we were supposed to move some of the bigger stuff to the house today and it snowed BIG TIME. the house has a few issues like the floors aint all that level but all in all it is a good house. just mother hates it, father hates it, I love it. she says its falling in but i think she does't like it bc dad doesn't like it. the upstairs of the house is my room its like one big room and all these closet spaces and everything. i love it... but...... i have to go where they ...
  5. My Vision (Tribute concert to Michael Jackson Bad Tour version with Naruto)

    I have visioned for 5 long years that I wanted to do a tribute concert to Michael. Bad Tour style that it.

    Titled "Born To Be Bad".

    Plus I wanted to include chracters from Naruto, because I've always said I wanted to share Naruto with Michael. On the first show I was thinking of having 5 characters in the show Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura and Rock Lee as the first leg of the Bad Tour and for the second show I was thinking of doing a secong leg show and add ...
  6. I'm the BRAVE one

    :hiya: to the MJJC Fam

    I just wanted to THANK YOU all from the abyss of my soul...

    To the world, this place isn't REAL and only a FANTASY but can a 'fantasy' give YOU the courage and strength to head out in the BIG BAD world again

    As, this is my BRAVE step again... I'm applying for a job again... Start with Part time and in the ADMIN/ PROMO stuff...

    Otherwise, I'll just be 'labelled' as a VULNERABLE person that NEEDS to be 'controlled' ...
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  7. Michael Jackson's Posthumous Tribute to Whitney - The estate

    [QUOTE=qbee;3600008]Very beautiful and appropriate _ Nice move and tribute from Michael's Estate :wub:[/QUOTE]
  8. Celebrity Grief is REAL! *my Thought on it*

    Celebrity Grief is REAL!

    Celebrity Grief is REAL! Its as REAL as the bond or conecction you felt and feel witthe the artist.
    Its as REAL as a' loss of a' Pet,Parent etc...

    And yes I grieve over a' celebrity,does that make me crazy? No!
    Poeple may not understand why,but its 10000% REAL and would love that people open their eyes and acknowledge it as such,and not see many with me and my feelings as crazy etc...
  9. Screwjobs

    I've seen screwjobs. Unlike the Montreal Screwjob, I've seen way different screwjobs than that.

    Like I've seen one myelf during the Dudley Hewitt Cup my hometown was hosting 5 years ago, it was in overtime and it was Schreiber Diesels (SIJHL) against our Abitibi Eskimos (NOJHL), I don't know what the score is, so it was overtime and one of our players from the Eskis got a penalty and we're outraged by that call we threw litter on the ice I was volunteering for V/A that time, then ...
  10. Hey ya, MJ-fam... missed you all

    Hey y'all!
    Wow, it seems like its been forever since I've been here. Been very busy for the past few years. I missed all of my dear friends on here and on other boards.
    Hopefully, they're all still here, all those I used to run around the world with and all over the internet, camping out in the cold and chanting his name below hotel windows. It's been an incredible journey, hasn't it been?
    Anyways, I missed all the very dear and cherished friends I gained over the years because ...
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